Muslims Preaching Hate in America, No Problem?

I believe there are good Muslims, I have some Muslim friends who want nothing but peace and a good place to raise their children. Many of my friends are immigrants and the most outspoken against the radical core teachings of Islam by Imams. These Imams promote the destruction of freedom, destruction of free speech, enslavement of women, genital mutilation, the rape of child brides, and honor killings which is mostly women. Islam, both peaceful and radical, is defended by liberals blind to the truth for either personal or political reasons. Hillary Clinton says she is for “Women’s Rights” yet takes $200 million from Sadia Arabia, the worst abuser of women, to try and win an election. Is this protecting women? The Islamic Mosque is the center of both Peaceful and Radical Muslim’s life, so if jihad is being orchestrated by Islamic Extremist, it will be orchestrated from their Mosque.

Many liberals try to force the belief that all Muslims, and refugees in the US are just like us and want to live in peace side by side. Let’s take a look and see what they preach. The largest US Muslim population is Dearborn Michigan but the highest population per state is as follows: Illinois 2.8%, Virginia 2.7%, New York 2.0%, New Jersey, 1.8%, Texas 1.7%, Michigan 1.2%, Florida 0.9%, Delaware 0.8%, and California 0.7% respectively. I think we have a serious problem with Radical Muslims in the US, they endanger not only the original American people, but also the Muslim Americans who want to integrate into our society and live in peace. The Radicals are here but don’t take my word for it, listen to their own words.

In California, the number 1 most liberal state in the US, Imam Ammar Shahin openly in public calls for the annihilation of the Jews, when he is confronted about his anti-Semitic remarks, he defends the remarks. He then went on TV to call for the start of the “Annihilation” of all Americans. In Delaware, Muslims Took Command of Senate Floor to Pray To Allah for the destruction of America until a Veteran stopped them. In Florida
Imam, Dr. Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar from the Husseini Islamic Center says the killing of homosexuals is the compassionate thing to do and called for the death of all gay people just nights before the Pulse night club attack. The Muslims in Dearborn Michigan actually openly celebrated the Orlando Attack. Does this sound like a peaceful teaching they are following. In Chicago Illinois Muslims chant 'DEATH to America, I think every one of them should be deported. In Maryland, Imam Suleiman Anwar Bengharsa works as a prison chaplain and as an imam at mosques in Annapolis and outside Baltimore. Mr. Bengharsa has also openly endorsed the ISIS, posted gruesome videos showing ISIS fighters beheading and burning alive their enemies, and praised terrorist attacks. In Massachusetts, Boston Imam Suhaib Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center spouts anti-Semitic rhetoric. In Michigan Imam Ahmad Musa Jibril is one of the top spiritual leaders of ISIS and like-minded jihadists. In Dearborn Michigan, Muslims attack free speech in America and attempt to silence Pastor Terry Jones. In New Jersey Cleric Mohammad Qatanani, who leads one of the largest mosques in New Jersey, states you can’t have “Free Speech” in America that criticizes Islam because it would be a threat to National Security. He is also a member of Hamas, a terrorist organization. In New York members of the largest Mosque and the Revolution Muslim Brothers state, “Allah commanded us to TERRORIZE the Infidels!” The Liberals in New York say the Muslims are peaceful but here are their own words. In Pennsylvania, Imam Ammar Shahin peaches hate against Jews from the pulpit. In Tennessee, a US Imam Yasir Qadhi preaches theft, rape and murder of Christians and Jews in the US is just following Allah and the Quran. In Texas, another Imam praises Maj Nidal Hasan’s murder of US military at Fort Hood. In Virginia, an Imam, Sheikh Shaker, "ARMS for Jihad", another Imam, Shaker Elsayed said Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) was for women’s own good to prevent hyper sexuality. There are Radical Islamic compounds (Terrorist Training Camps) in the US, one in Red House Virginia, which have been identified by the FBI that attacked a cameraman while filming at Muslims of America compound.

There are thousands of more videos from every state that I could have shown you. This is happening across not only the US but across the world, Canada, Denmark, France, UK, and Sweden just to name a few. The Revolution Muslim, Muslims of America, and yes, even CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) have all been identified as terrorist groups or groups supporting terrorism so why are they still allowed to operate in the US? When asked, the Radical Muslims in the US state they will not follow American laws but only Sharia law, so why are they allowed to stay. We even have Imams like Fethullah Gulen using the US to launch coups against other countries who are our allies and we let them stay here; why? We need to start recognizing the threat we have in our country and deal with it. If you are Muslim and want to follow our laws (not Sharia), if you want to integrate and become part of our great melting pot, and if you want to become a protector of the American way, I welcome you with open arms. If you want to obey Sharia, attack the US from within, preach hate against all people including your own, and continue to lie, deceive, and support terrorism, you need to be gone.

We as Americans need to get rid of these threats and the pansies we have voted into office like Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Lisa Murkowski, and Diane Feinstein just to name a few who do nothing to protect us, but have hindered those who are trying to. The threat is real, so should the response.

What do you think, Please Respond?

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