When are We Going to Act Like Americans?

We have learned throughout history that when it comes to the nations of the world, we have wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. The wolves try to take and kill everything it can to feed its insatiable appetite for land, money and power. You need a Super Power (the Sheepdog) who give more in aid than all other nations combined (the US) to protect the sheep, without the Super Power, the wolves (China, Russia, and Terrorist) will destroy and kill all the Sheep and their lands. Let me ask you a couple of questions to help you figure out your desires.

Do you want peace in the world?
Do you want to protect others from terrorist?
Do you want the US to be safe for you, your family, and your friends?

You can only have peace through strength, any time the wolves thinks you are week they will attack. A strong military is a must to hold the wolves at bay. The Liberal policy of gutting our military every chance they get just puts our country, and the ones we protect, at risk. This coupled with Politicians trying to run the military with no military experience, causes a higher casualty rate among the military. We saw this under President Carter, Clinton, and Obama, for you people who don’t believe it was also true under President Obama, look at the Afghanistan casualty rates. Under President Bush for 8 years there was 564 deaths, under President Obama, there was 1729; that is 307% of President Bush. Next I’ll hear, “Trump doesn’t have any military experience!” which is true but here is the difference. Liberals want to control everything, which is why they want a Big Government and refuse to let the Military run the Military, I’m not talking the required oversite. After gutting the military, hands on controlling military operations, and making ROE (Rules of Engagement) which neuter the military putting the military in danger, they wonder why they can’t achieve their goals.

President Trump knows nothing about the military, he does know it must be stronger than the wolves out there so he has started rebuilding it. President Trump knows nothing about military tactics of war, or military operations so give he has given the control of the military to the people who do, the military leaders. This is just common sense 101 and this is what will keep you safe and others safe from terrorist. President Trump has made more progress in annihilating ISIS in 200 days than President Obama did in 8 years.

ISIS was started in 1999 under President Clinton and ignored just like Osama Bin Laden. President Clinton could have prevented 911 and destroyed ISIS before it got any steam except for his inaction and ignored dangers abroad. Some today still say he had a good foreign policy holding their party line, after 911 and the thousands of people ISIS has killed it’s a fact that they are wrong. You will never have peace, protection, or security if you don’t have a strong military and someone who knows when to step back from the helm and let the military do their business. This is the only way for us to be safe in America.

Do you want pollution to be lowered?
Why would anyone lie about Climate Change?

If you want to lower pollution, the first thing you don’t do is force manufacturing to places who don’t care about pollution. Currently our EPA regulations are so out of control that they are doing more to hurt the environment then help it. They are more about controlling the people then helping mother earth and I’ll explain why. Cutting pollution is good but you must give the industry the time to figure out the best way to comply, the most economical way to deal with the new regulations, and time to recoup the cost of the new regulations before you smack them again. If you keep doing what the EPA has been doing which smacking manufacturing one blow after another without giving them a chance to recover, all manufacturing will be sent overseas. At this point you have just cost American people their jobs, cost the American government (local and federal) tax revenue and production profits, and have caused the amount of pollution to massively rise because now it has went to a country like India or China who don’t have the EPA. Your regulations have just caused more harm than good.

What about “Global Warming”, does it or does it not exist? I have a science background and I can’t answer either way. In the scientific world, when you test out a theory, you do it in a sterile environment with all the pure information. If any of the information is contaminated you can’t use it, likewise, if the combined information has any contaminated information, you must start from scratch; this is a science 101 process. In 2007, James Hansen of NASA that 1998 had the hottest temperatures in history, until a reporter actually doing his job forced him to admit that 1934 was the hottest year in history. On 13 May 2011, NASA gets caught faking climate change data again. NASA satellites shows there has been no rise since 2006 in earth’s sea level, so the scientists at the University of Colorado’s NASA-funded Sea Level Research Group did what any other self-respecting cult members would do, they fudged the numbers and were caught. This equals contaminated data! On 5 February 2017, climate scientist John Bates confirms NOAA manipulated data to hide global warming ‘pause’. This equals contaminated data! This means all data prior to this contaminated. Can you say, “Follow the Money?” Billions have been spent and if lying is the only way to keep the money coming in, what are they going to do, LIE! The reason this was able to be pulled off is because everything about Climate Change has been hidden. If you truly want to learn the truth about climate change, start now, have everything completely open to the public including any algorithms so no one can say it is fake or false. Sense the previous data is all contaminated, this is the only way to find the truth. If any scientist out their doesn’t want to follow standards of scientific practice and start from scratch and open to the public, this mean he either just wants the money, doesn’t care about the truth, or does not live in reality and doesn’t none of the above need to be anywhere close to this study.

Do you want the US to help impoverished countries to give them a better quality of life?
Do you want women to have equal rights throughout the world?
Do you want freedom?
Do you want to be a socialist state and get everything for free?

To help other countries America must first be strong itself, this is hard to accomplish with policies which is destroying our economy, military, and patriotism. When you let millions of into the US, many who just come to get entitlements without contributing anything to the US, it hinders our ability to help impoverished countries. When politicians and people make our country weaker for their own political or personal greed, this weakens our ability to protect these impoverished countries from the wolves and a chance at a better life.

At the same time we lose our ability to apply pressure on countries like Saudi Arabia to stop the abuse of women and children; especially when American politicians and people are in Saudi Arabia back pocket. When it comes to the abuse of women and children, we need to also look at our Legal and Illegal Immigrants. Many illegal women and female children are sold into sex slavery and it is allowed to remain in place due to politicians refusing to obey and apply the immigration laws and Sanctuary Cities. You have Legal Immigrants committing atrocities like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as we have seen coming out of Dearborn Michigan. What this truly tells you is these Legal Immigrants don’t believe in American’s law, but Sharia Law and need to be deported. The doctors and the parents both need to be deported, these people will be the same ones who believe in jihad and will wage it from inside the US against the US, you must root out these people.

If you want freedom and others to have freedom, slavery must end. In the US we don’t just have illegals in slavery but we have many American Citizens in Economic Slavery. They have been told for years that you don’t have to work, the government will take care of you. By accepting this Blood Money (entitlements), you have sold not only yourself, but your family into poverty and placed them and yourself in the rolls of the Economically Enslaved. You sell your soul, as well as your children’s soul, every day you don’t stand on your own two feet. If you want freedom, you will never find it there. And for you that think Socialism is better, maybe you should go to some of these Socialistic Nations so you can discover the truth. I have been in several and the one common thread that is always present is, all the people are suffering and enslaved to the government.

Everyone should want peace, believe it or not, the military is the ones who want it the most. The military, not the politicians are the ones who are put in harm’s way. The military, not the politicians are the ones who have to live with what they have seen. And the military, not the politicians are the ones who come back broken both physically and mentally, yet the politicians are the ones who are on the Cadillac Plan while the military system is a farce. If you want to fix the VA hospitals, make it mandatory for every Senator and Representative to use and only use a military hospital. I bet it would be fixed very quickly. You need to also look at who will protect our War Fighters when they are in battle and who will put them in danger for a personal political agenda. When you look at the parties, only 29 (12%) Democrats out of 240 ever served in the military while 100 (34%) out of 292 Republicans have served in the military; that is over a 300% more than the Democrats. Remember the over 300% more military killed under President Obama then President Bush, so who is protecting our brave men and women?

The last two time China had attacked the innocent or took land was in 1979, the invasion of Vietnam, under President Jimmy Carter. The second was in 2013, South China Sea, under President Barrack Obama.

The last two time Russia had attacked the innocent or took land was in 1979, the invasion of Afghanistan, under President Jimmy Carter. The second was in 2014, the invasion of Ukraine, under President Barrack Obama.

The last two times any militant group took over a US embassy was 1979, Iran’s Embassy, under President Carter due to his refusal of him to honor a US treaty with the Shaw of Iran. The second was 2012, the Benghazi Embassy, under President Obama whose administration refused to provide adequate defenses after being told it was in dire need; in fact President Obama’s administration took away security to not offend the local hostile people.

The last two times any militant group assassination a US ambassador was similar. In 1976, under President Carter, the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Francis E. Meloy, Jr. was shot and killed by Palestinians. The second time was 2012, under President Obama, U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens died of severe asphyxia after his building was set on fire by insurgents who overran the US Embassy due to inadequate security.

In the world we have, wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs, being a wolf is not a choice so between a sheep, and sheepdogs, which do you want to be?

Let me know what you think.

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