Guns Save Lives and Not All Teens are Alter Boys

I believe our national media is to the point of being pretty well worthless. Gone are the days when you watched the news to get a story and see both sides. Gone is the reporter who tactfully, professionally, and purposeful as to not be bias, showed the struggle between two sides of an issue which enabled a debate with the facts. Today, most everything our national media presents is 100% bias with only one side being told, many times with false information and facts. With the bias media today, other then some local stations you never hear about the positive side of owning a gun and how it can save you, your family, or even a stranger. Below are some local news stories we should have seen on the national news.

A woman kills a rapist.

A 15 year old saves his 12 year old sister and himself from burglars.

Gun Carrying Man Ends Stabbing Spree at Salt Lake Grocery Store.

Woman shoots intruder during 911 call.

Armed 11 year old Girl Defends Home from 3 armed Burglars.

Woman Uses Handgun to Shoot Invade.

Man at ATM Shoots Armed Robber.

Clerk Shoots Robber.

One old man with a pistol bests three teenage robbers.

Teen Burglars Shot By Home Owner.

Gun Owner Kills Burglar.

Concealed carry kills robber at Dollar store. 

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder.

Guns can be used for good, but in the wrong hands they can be bad. Why does our government want only the bad to be armed? I can’t answer that. Why does it want to take law abiding citizens guns? It is to have more power over you and to relieve you of your freedoms. Another problem we need to come to grips with is we do not live in age of teens being innocent anymore. Just because they are a teen, does not mean they are a choir member and non-violent; many of them are very violent. Watch the stories below to see what I mean.

Two Teens try to rob a store with a sawed off shotgun.

An armed teen shot robbing a store.

Two teen shot while robbing a bakery.

Teen shoots and kills 80 year old.

One of two teen robbers shoot Teen student.

Two teens, 14 and 17 shoot 18 month old in the face.

After watching these I hope we can get people to come back to reality, just because they are a teen doesn’t mean they are innocent. We need to understand words better as well. Killing someone and murdering someone is not the same. If you are trying to do bodily damage to me and I extinguish your life, I killed you in self defense. If you are walking for no reason I extinguish your life, this is murder. Not talking about problems in our communities will never lead us to a fix. Throwing the race card up every time a white or black is involved in an altercation causes people to be desensitized; then when the KKK, New Black Panthers, or anybody else does do something that is racist everybody thinks its just another ruse. Our national media makes everything they can into a race issue; their reasoning, to get ratings. This is deplorable; they are all ninnyhammers.

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