Is President Obama For or Against Veterans and the Military?

There is one group of people who sacrifice more then many will ever know. In your family and political groups, no matter what they are, you have had the military and military veterans who have fought in wars, popular or unpopular who ask for very little. The media has a way of using them as pons when it suites their needs pointing out the injuries and deaths suffered every day if they don’t like the president and ignoring the casualties if they do like the president. The politicians always use them as backdrops for photo ops to show they are patriotic. Under President Obama’s watch, over 2/3rd (skip to 1:20) of all casualties in Afghanistan have occurred but the media doesn’t report it, they love him. This is war and President Obama is not guilty of their deaths just as President Bush was not guilty for the other 1/3rd which happened under his watch. This was just to show you the bias of our media.

The real and only question we should have is “Is President Obama for or against our military?” What are the promises he has made to the military and veterans and does his actions match his words?

  1. President Obama promises not to try and balance the budget on the back of the military and veterans says taking care of them is a moral obligation.
The budget, as you seen in the above video he gives his word to veterans that he will not let the budget be balanced on the back of the military and veterans but now President Obama is going to make the troops and retirees pay 300% more for health insurance while unions get a 0% hike (skip to 2:00).

  1. President Obama says the government will pay for war veteran’s collage tuition (skip to 2:30).
It was reported by Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor, “Student veterans hired by the Department of Veterans Affairs to help fellow ex-service members transition into college have routinely waited four to six weeks — and, in one case, four months — for unpaid wages, prompting eviction worries and mounting debt, according to a survey of program members obtained by NBC News.” I guess this one has also slipped by the side.

  1. President Obama promises veterans as he left for vacation, he will shrink the claims backlog and that it has already started shrinking and that his new law won't change their VA coverage.
This site shows an increase from 273 days on average to receive claims to between 316 and 327 days in 2013. I’ll give President Obama an “A” for placing money there but like I have always said, “you can through money at a problem all day but until you fix the problem you have only wasted more money.”

  1. President Obama promises more aid for wounded veterans. I have been around for a while and like the old phrase, “trust be verify”. First we will look and see if President Obama has kept his promises to veterans and then we will look at the state of the military and its advancements sense President Obama has taken the reins. 
Once again I’ll give President Obama an “A” for placing money there but again, you can through money at a problem all day but until you fix the problem you have only wasted more money. The problem is this is the liberal mind set. You can through more money at education, unemployment, welfare, and anything else you want but until you fix the problem, it will remain the same. Once you fix the problem and make it efficient, you will not need as much money. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was President Obama or a republican president; you must first fix the problem.

What about out military preparedness? This is from CNN, "Washington (CNN) -- President Barack Obama unveiled his administration's plan Thursday for a leaner, cheaper military, a reflection of Washington's fiscal belt-tightening and slower national economic growth. The president insisted the new strategy -- which eliminates the military's ability to actively fight two major wars at once -- will allow U.S. armed forces to effectively combat terrorism while confronting any new threats from countries like China and Iran." This is making us weaker and more vulnerable.

  1. President Obama has often stated that he is 100% behind the troops; after the Fort Hood shooting he said he would do all he could; did he?
If this was true, he would have classified the Fort Hood shooting as a terrorist act as it was just like the Pentagon, the Twin Towers, and the crash in the Pennsylvania field were. The troops at Fort Hood were betrayed by the intelligence community and President Obama. The intelligence community new Major Hassan had been radicalized and had been in contact with known terrorist. Major Hasan’s sent 10 to 20 messages to Anwar al-Awlaki, a known Al-Qaida terrorist and once a spiritual leader at a mosque in suburban Virginia where Major Hasan worshiped as reported by the New York Times. They were betrayed by President Obama because the refusal to classify this as a terrorist act due to political correctness which is destroying this great nation. 

  1. Will President Obama ever try and use the military or government branches in an unethical way against the US citizens?
It is being reported by a Boston TV station that President Obama has a new litmus test for all top generals in the military, “Will you fire on US civilians?” If this is true it is frightening. I wonder if this has anything to do with Homeland Security stating that anti-immigration people, Pro-Gun people, Veterans, and Anti Abortionists are Terrorists. If this isn’t trying to shut you opponents up I don’t know what is; yes it is not only unethical but a violation of the US Constitution. You may say, "but this is Homeland Security, not President Obama." Who put the Secretary of Homeland Security into office; President Obama. After this came to light, did he remove them from this position; no, and he has even praised the job they were doing. This is anti_American.

To me I don’t see President Obama for the military or veterans, if he was he wouldn’t be hurting the military and veterans who live, bleed, and die for our country while giving people who refuse to work any benefit they want. Actions speak louder then words and you should never listen to what any politician says (Democrat or Republican) but examine their actions.

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