Let the Lazy Receive While Cutting the Pay of the Brave

"Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warned Tuesday that troops and their families will be asked to sacrifice on pay and benefits to preserve readiness in an era of tighter budgets." We are giving everything including cell phones to the lazy but now the ones who could give the ultimate sacrifice and die for our country you want to give up their pay and benefits even though most already fall in the poverty level so the massive benefits to the lazy can continue; are you on crack?

"Hagel listed politically-charged changes to compensation and personnel policy as one of his top six priorities in reforming the military following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the department gears up to meet new challenges." Has our government went so far into Kool-Aid arena that it wants to take from the brave so the lazy won't be inconvenienced and renege on its promises to our troops? Why don't we take from the $172K salary of the US Congress instead, lets take their pork spending projects, or even better yet, lets take the entitlements from the ones who are too lazy to work! How about if we take from the $7 billion is foreign aid instead of stabbing our troops in the back.

"This may be the most difficult to achieve among his six priorities, Hagel said of proposals to trim pay increases, overhaul TRICARE and review retirement benefits while adapting to cuts in personnel." So our president and the democrats in congress would rather renege on the promises to the military who have already sacrificed their time, health, sanity, and in many cases their life to buy more votes for the democratic party from the lazy ones who are only for themselves and not helping the nation. This is so un-Patriotic to even suggest it, I have no words.

"Without serious attempts to achieve significant savings in this area, which consumes roughly half of the DoD budget and is increasing every year, we risk becoming an unbalanced force," Hagel said. Why don't you sacrifice the congressional retirements, health care, and budgets; oh yes that is right; you are not for helping the nation or honoring its defenders but for your own back pocket and reelection. You would rather give to the illegal, lazy, and elected then honoring your promises to our brave; just like President Obama's most anti-American statement, "the military should pay their own bills for war injuries, they knew what they were getting into", this statement in an honorable world, should mandate the instant removal of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Hagel then said, "The alternative was to have a military that is well-compensated, but poorly trained and equipped, with limited readiness and capability." No the alternative is to pull the money from the lazy and drug laced to get them off their dead beat ass and make them work for a living. Our military has already paid for what they should receive and this is as un-American and un-Patriotic as I have ever seen; Calvin Coolidge quote is true and enlightening, "The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."

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