Obamacare, Dereliction of Duty by Our Politicians

What is the duty of our elected officials? At a bare minimum it is to read every bit of legislation presented to them before voting, to do what is best for their constituents, and to be honest, not purposefully lying to them or misspeaking due to lack of reading, research or neglect. This sounds like common since but it defiantly isn't political since for their words will say one thing and their actions seam to be the exact opposite. The two problems we have as Americans are our elected officials are dereliction of their duties and their disingenuous actions. If you are a politician or anyone else you should say what you stand for and stand for what you say.

The Affordable Care Act was passed on party lines with the Democrats for it and the Republicans against it many due to they were not allowed to read it before voting. We all remember the infamous words of Navy Pelosi, "We have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it" which shows the dereliction of duties I am talking about. Everyone of the Congress members who voted on the bill without requiring it be read needs to be fired, I don't care if you replace them with another Democrat or Republican but the get paid $172,000 in their positions and should find the time to read these bills before they go out campaigning.  In the US House you had 34 Democrats with all the Republicans voting against it with 219 Democrats voting for it. In the US Senate, all Democratic and independent Senators voted for Affordable Care Act with only one Republican Sen. Jim Bunning from Kentucky giving them 60 votes. What this means is we had 219 Representatives in the US House and 60 Senators in the US Senate derelict their duties because they never read the Affordable Care Act before passing it.

Now we read "Senate Democrats Haunted By 2010 Vote That Paved The Way For Policy Cancellations Under Obamacare" and they should be; we now know that all these US Senators and Representatives who repeatedly said "You and keep your healthcare plan, doctor, and your premiums will be reduced" lied and new this was not true. We now know the employer mandate was delayed to help maintain the majority in the US Senate which would have been easily lost if the hammering employee took place before the elections. Senator John McCain (R) stabbed his own party in the back when they were trying to do the right thing and now has done a 180; its only because his job is on the line not because he wants to do what is right.

Just as soon as it goes into effect many employers will drop the common people like you and me to 29 hour work weeks to avoid the burdened of massive rise in cost we are seeing now not to mention the current estimate of between 90 and 105 million people will not get to keep their policies and doctors. Rasmussen poll reveals 55% of Americans think Obamacare is bad for the country and wants to repeal it while only 35% think it is good.  This is a train wreck, if you really want to help the people get rid of Obamacare and start to make things better by opening the state boarders for insurance, competition always brings down the price of everything and health insurance won't be any different. Get the federal government out of everything dealing with health care, making useless requirements which only run up the cost of health care does nothing for "We the People."

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