Nuclear War Will Soon be at Hand

The two most volatile nations in the world is Iran and North Korea; both have increased their military might by any ways possible and have demonstrated they would use this force by attacking the US; to purposefully and intentionally kill Americans. In late 1970s North Korea begins uranium mining operations and refinement. Under President Reagan, in 1985 US intelligence analysts suspect that North Korea, a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is in the early stages of building an atomic bomb. In 1988, North Korea is added to the "State Sponsors of Terrorism" by President Reagan.

In 1991, George H. Bush withdrew all US nuclear weapons from South Korea and pursued North Korea to become compliant with the NPT. In 1992 for the first time, North Korea allows the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect. Instead of compiling, the inspections were repeatedly block by North Koreans from two suspected nuclear waste sites.

Once President Clinton took office in 1993, in March North Korea threatens to withdraw from the NPT. Robert Gallucci starts a new round of negotiations and after all is said and done, IAEA Director-General Blix states they can no longer provide "any meaningful assurances" North Korea is not producing nuclear weapons. In 1994, the  United States and North Korea signed the "Agreed Framework": to freeze North Korea plutonium production for fuel oil, economic cooperation, and the construction of two modern light-water nuclear power plants. IAEA Chairman Hans Blix is "not very happy" with the Agreed; North Korea has too long a time limit to comply with the inspections regime. Two years later North Korea still has not made known the amount of plutonium they possess, the IAEA is not happy. In 1998 test an ICBM shooting it over Japan claiming it is a satellite.

President George W. Bush in 2002 named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" threatening world peace. The US found that North Korea had ignored the deal with Robert Gallucci and was enriching uranium and North Korea admits having nuclear weapons. On 9 Oct 2006, North Korea test its first nuclear bomb.  In 2008, North Korea destroys its cooling towers for a their main reactor and is removed from the "State Sponsors of Terrorism".

Shortly after President Obama takes office, North Korea expelled nuclear inspectors and informed the IAEA that they would resume their nuclear weapons program. They ignore the UN and on 25 May 2009 it tests its second nuclear bomb and in 2013 its third.

What does this have to do with nuclear war? Everyone in America knows the Democrats usually are view as doing better on domestic issues while disliking anything type of military actions and Republicans are usually viewed as doing better on foreign issues while supporting military action. With North Korea, the Republicans kept them mostly in check but every time a Democrat took office, they advanced their nuclear agenda with only threats and no actions from the US they achieved their goal. They now have nuclear bombs and missiles to deliver them on our allies which has made the area very unstable. The same is happening in Iran, on 4 Nov 1979 with the refusal of President Carter to support our ally the Shah of Iran who was a strong American ally, radical fundamentalist over through the Shah and now instead of an ally we have an enemy. It wasn't until 20 Jan 1981, minutes after Carter's term in office ended, the 52 U.S. captives held at the U.S. embassy in Iran were released, ending the 444-day Iran hostage crisis due to Iran's fear of President Reagan.

Now we have an Iran about to be able to create a nuclear bomb who already has the delivery mechanism and our current paper tiger government will not do what is necessary to stop them. These Iranian radical Islamist will, unlike the North Koreans, use their newly found technology which will cause a trigger response letting the genie out of the bottle. With two nuclear Islamic nations (Iran and Pakistan) wishing to annihilate our strongest ally in the area (Israel), how long do you think it will take to pull that trigger? What do you think our response will be; they fear strong foreign leaders but walk all over weak ones like we currently have in office. This same scenario has just started again in Egypt with President Obama not standing with our long term ally; the only glimmer of hope is the Egyptian military removed the radicals from office but once again a weak foreign policy president has put us and our allies in danger.

The problem in America is the politics; no matter the facts, our political parties will lie about or refuse to acknowledge the truth. Our media who once honestly covered the blunders of our politicians unbiased, now even falsify report stories to help political agendas. How long will it take for one of North Korea's or Iran's nuclear bombs to be brought through our open boarders and set off in the US? What will we do then? Please reply and let me know what you think.

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  1. I think that, particularly with the current administration, there's a lot of soft power being used behind the scenes to undercut our enemies' abilities to harm us without using overt military force. How many computer-setbacks has Iran had in its nuclear development in the last 5 years? How many times have other nations, such as Israel or Russia suddenly been maneuvered into intervening without the US having to raise so much as a finger? A brilliant tactician usually uses his enemies' strengths against themselves or gets allies to do the dirty work, all the while preserving his own strength. I suspect we're not seeing much that the current administration is doing behind the scenes.