How Do You Stop Crime in America?

I hear all these groups blaming crime, poverty, status, and situation on all these other groups yet not once will they look at the cause or acknowledge the reason (usually not politically correct) when study after study shows the root cause in these communities. You have celebrities from all these groups, most of which forget where they came from because they made it out, who could change the dynamics but they don't. You have politicians speaking about helping these groups but in reality most only want a way to get votes, money, and power. These same politicians who have warped the educational system to keeps these groups uneducated, in poverty, ill-informed, and in a modern day type of slavery do so in the hope they will never figure out the politician who says they are helping are actually the one with their boot on your throat.

I had a letter sent to me by a reader who wanted me to check into the lopsidedness of criminal by race who were in jail and the differences in sentencing. I asked them to get me the resources so I knew where their statistics were coming from, this is so I could confirm or deny their credibility; I didn't here back from them. I figured out the web site the information came from and asked the site for the references so I could confirm the numbers; once again I received nothing. When I research items, people are always ready and willing to give you their resources, even when they are from a hack site because most people don't know how to identify a hack site. When a site doesn't want to give you their resource information, it is usually a hack site and the demographics are propaganda, not factual. In this case, this is why all the references from this site at the bottom of the page was pictures and not links, you would have to hand jam them in and most people won't bother; I'm not most people. Only one link was legit out of the first six and only two had operational links; the second operational link went to a professors paper which isn't legit because a professor can write anything to match their agenda and in this case, the professors numbers didn't match the FBI's data base. The professor was from a hyper left leaning school and their paper showed their bias, I like dealing with fact so lets get started.

Much of the data this site was trying to present was in the ball park but the reasoning behind why it was happening was flawed do to hateful rhetoric which has been taught by their so called leaders. Poverty and crime work together in a vicious circle, the only way to lower it (you will never eliminate it) is to go after the route causes; many of the facts I will state will not be politically correct but they will be accurate. I do not know why the FBI didn't have the Latino stats in with the rest of the stats so I will give you just the Black and White Stats in comparison.

% of POP
% arrested for crimes compared to national Pop.
Arrest % compared to race POP
% Births out of Marriage
% UnEmp. Rate (True Numbers)
% High School Drop-Outs

These numbers are taken strait off the FBI web site so if you have a problem with them, go there and complain; you can complain to me about my commentary. We have politicians lying to people about why there is such a gap between the amount of blacks and whites in jail and on the economic ladder. When you look at these numbers, you need to realize that the difference is not across the nation, but concentrated in the large cities. The politicians in these big cities have created the environment of economic problems and crime; look at Detroit for a good example, it was suppose to be the liberal city example for all to follow and now it is bankrupt; lets see what happened. It has been ran by the same liberal party for forty years, they are responsible and what have they accomplished? Factories left, over half the population left, crime rate increased, house value dropped by over 90%, and it became the biggest city to ever file bankruptcy, good job Democrats.

If every thing in a societal community is the same, then the percentage of crime of any particular group would be the same at 100%; as we look at the numbers above, the Black arrest percentage is 226.1% of their population. This community per capita, using the FBI numbers, has more criminals then the other communities, but why? To me two of the major factors are lack of an adequate education and out of wedlock birth rates. The black community compared to the white community has twice the out of wedlock birth rate and twice the drop-out rate, this to me is what has led to twice the unemployment due to lack of proper education and twice the people behind bars due to no good father role model and lack of adequate parenting; I do not believe it is a coincidences. The only people to blame is the leaders within that community for their problems. When you have a community, no matter white, black, or any other race who will only vote people who look like them, not only are you being racist but you are not judging a book by the content of its character, but the color of their skin.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Martin Luther King

Everyone in Detroit knew Kwame Kilpatrick was a criminal yet they elected him and then reelected him, Martin Luther King would have said, "You Reaped What you Sowed."

Martin Luther King was a very insightful man and a true leader not only within his community but throughout America as has been many other preachers; what do you think Martin Luther King would say about Jeremiah Wright? He would say he's not a preacher of God's word just as he would say about several other prominent people calling themselves preachers, doing nothing but dividing Americans to help fill their pockets; do I need to mention their names?

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.
Martin Luther King

Bill Cosby, Senator Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, and Clarence Thomas are good role model who have tried to make it better and be a role model for the black community, but the "several other prominent people calling themselves role models" keep calling them "Uncle Tom" and worse; isn't this preaching prejudice? Many people have tried to give all in poverty a better chance for their children by doing school vouchers, this is so anyone can send their children to a better school if they are in a failing school. Now who keeps blocking this? The liberal Democrats but again I ask why? The answer is simple, they care more about the Teacher's Unions and their money then they do your kids. Remember what I said earlier that caused the problems in any community, "a lack of an adequate education" which is what vouchers will help change for the good, just look at the results why they were allowed before our current president stopped them.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King

This pretty well lays it out and if you are offended by the truth, I can't help you which is what I am trying to do. Unless you take a truly unbiased look, the gap which is growing between the poverty level and middle class people will continue to grow, as it has under this president. It will continue to grow and we will not only have more people in all communities with a higher out of wedlock birth rate and drop-out rate; we will have more of our children going to jail and being buried. To answer the last questing about longer sentences; on average the black sentences are longer and it looks like a bias. When you look at the stats, more of the black inmates are repeat offenders hence the reason for the longer sentences.

All of this can change but one of the first items needs to be turning in the criminals instead of, "they're not bothering me" or "I'll take care of this my way"; this just ends up with someone dead, it may not be you this time but it will be your time sooner or later. Anonymous calls can save you and maybe one of your kids, but I know what you're thinking, "You're not from the streets, you don't understand!" You would be wrong again and if I could of changed one thing, I wished I had did things differently. I made it out but several of my friends didn't. I was one of the lucky ones, but it's too late to change your mind when your friend is dying in your arms. I am older and hopefully wiser now and realize my hotheaded days weren't that smart, I (along with some others) am surprised I wasn't taken out before I turned 25, but I still have the ghost I can't forget. If what I am telling you upsets you but saves one life, it is worth it. You are the only one who can change your community and yourself, no government handout, no honor among criminals, and especially no politician can help you achieve the American dream; the choice is yours.   

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