Taking Guns and Client List Any Way Possible

Many people say the government isn't coming for your guns, they wouldn't do illegal searches, and law enforcement always abide by the US Constitution; if you believe that, you are an ostrich and really need to get your head out of the sand. If you know much about gun laws, you know running illegal guns are against federal law and according to federal law, no one, elected official, military personnel, or even law enforcement is allowed to break this law. We all remember the "Fast and the Furious", where Attorney General Eric Holder illegally gave the Mexican drug lords illegal weapons which ended up in the death of three Peace Officers. Eric Holder denied knowing anything about it, testifying to Congress, until emails were found linking him to it. The real reason for the Fast and Furious was to make it seem as if we had an "Illegal Arms" problem so after John Kerry stabbed to American Citizens in the back (explained further in the reading), the UN could come in and take our guns. Even though the illegal assailant, Eric Holder, lied to congress and orchestrated this criminal act, he was never raided, faced any charges, or removed from office. I wonder if our federal and state government would give us the same courtesy or would they do illegal searches?

The first story starts out in San Diego California, the ATF came into Ares Armor and asked about some gun parts and the client list. The Ares Armor Executive Officer, Dimitrios Karras told them they could search (without a warrant) any item or building they owned, offering to give them the equipment in question to the ATF for their own testing; the Agent in Charge turned to Mr. Karras and said they only wanted the clients list which again Mr. Karras refused to give them. Sensing something awry, Mr. Karras went requesting a restraining order against the ATF from searching the stores and receiving his client list without probable cause which was granted by the judge, the ATF had no reason for their client list and served the restraining order on the ATF. Three days later the ATF violated the restraining order and raided the establishment taking their client list. My question is, what would happen to us if we violated a restraining order and who do you call when the one violating the law is the one who the one charged with upholding the law. It gets better, after Mr. Karras went public with this illegal raid, the ATF Threaten this Gun Parts Dealer for telling the public the truth; I think that is a crime too. I know what your thinking, its probably an isolated incident; the same thing happened to an Oregon Gun Store which was  Illegally Raided by Feds, and here is yet another instance of the Police Caught On Tape Raid Business without a warrant because someone over dosed not in the business, but three floors up in the building. I'm beginning to believe this is the norm for our law enforcement. I know what you are thinking; We can trust our elected officials to be honest and do what is right.

We have Liberal Senator Dianne Feinstein caught in a lie, she does want everyone's guns and this tape shows you the depth of which lying liberals will go to in order to get what they want, currently it's your gun. Here is Liberal Representative Jan Schakowsky saying Assault Weapons ban 'Just the Beginning, hand gun bands are next.' You also have Liberal California State Senator Leland Yee trying to ban more guns in California but wants no debate or discussion; only his opinion matters. Don't forget, Liberal State senator Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal wants to mandate parents to tell schools if they own guns. We do have some like Liberal New York Governor Cuomo who will tell you they want to confiscate and band all guns, he says confiscation could be an option, anyone, especially conservatives who disagree, Governor Cuomo says, "are not welcome in New York." Many of these law makers don't tell you the truth, they want to own guns but they do not want the "common citizens" to. They are hypocrites and elitist like Liberal Democratic Senator R.C. Soles from North Carolina, a long time Anti-Gun advocate who shoots Kyle Blackburn, an intruder breaking into his house, or Liberal Democratic Senator Donne Trotter, a stanch Anti-Gun advocate who was arrested for trying to carry a gun onto a plane. When you have our president trying to install Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy as US Surgeon General, an Anti-Gun zealot, you ask "what could go wrong. Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy wants all doctors and dentist to grill you on if you own a gun to find a ways to disqualify you as a gun owner and make it a mandatory part of your health records. I see something wrong with this, don't you? Last we have John Kerry signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty which if you read, gives the UN the right to seize your weapons. Did you notice few of the prime time news channels covered this?

I ask you again, do you trust your government? If you do maybe you should read the story about Randy Weaver, it will show you just how far some will go to get what they want; as Nancy Pelosi said, "By any means necessary". Please leave a comment.

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  1. sounds about right chip away at the truth so the newborns believe the lies