Who is Protecting Our Children (Statutory Rape and Other Items)?

I was having a discussion with a medical person on line when they made a statement which caught me off guard, that in their state medical workers weren't required to report statutory rape (SR) I went to the US Department of Health & Human Services to see what they had on Statutory Rape and their guidance. I found that no state has age of consent below the age of 16 years old. The age of consent is the age at which a person is considered to be legally competent to consent to sexual acts, and is thus the minimum age of a person with whom another person is legally permitted to engage in sexual activity. Some states have an age gap in place so if one of the parties was 17 years old and the other 15 years old, it wouldn't be considered SR but this isn't true about all states. For instance, in Arizona the age of consent is 18 so if one was 17 years old and the other 18 years old, the 18 years old has just commented SR. The age of consent laws originally were put into place to protect young children from being raped by older people, becoming sex slaves, forced into prostitution, and forced into child marriages.

Forward a 100 plus years since age of consent and SR was established to stop the abuse of our children and what do we have? We have underage girls and boys who have been molested, SR, and raped not being helped by our society at all. Girls who are raped and become pregnant are sent to Plan Parenthood’s (PP) by the schools to get abortions. PP is performing abortion without the parents consent or knowledge and neither PP nor the schools are reporting the rapes to the police which is required by federal law. These school and PP liberal would rather perform more and more abortions on crime victims to feel like they are supporting liberal feminism movement; PP is doing it to make more and more money. What they are telling us is the agenda of abortion means more to them then their duty to protect our children as mandated by law. By doing this, they are breaking the law and are accomplices to the crime of SR.

Our liberal politicians from both parties care more about getting votes and money from the abortions being performed because it is a very lucrative business. The politicians are enabling the same crimes the SR laws were set up to prevent to continue happening today, to American and illegal children alike on American soil. We have illegals coming across the border bringing underage children who are being raped by older people, becoming sex slaves, forced into prostitution, in some cases forced into child marriages, and many times they are being murdered when the human traffickers are through with them. On the other hand, we have illegal males coming across the border raping, kidnapping, and killing many American children, so this is a loose-loose for America yet our politicians do nothing to protect Americans once again for the votes and money. We now have the D68 Enterovirus which we had under 50 cases in 50 years has exploded coinciding with the mass children being allowed to cross our borders and into our schools. These illegal aliens were allowed to enter our schools without the proper medical screening which has resulted in 2000 cases of D68 Enterovirus with at least 5 deaths children dying. This was all preventable and caused by the same politicians who won’t secure our borders.

There is another group who refuse to follow their own doctrine and protect these children due to fear, blasphemy, or the love of money; our churches. If you are a Christian, you are supposed to follow the Bible which tells us to protect our children. If you look at the breakout of the amount of politicians claiming to be Christians in congress it is interesting. The Democrats claiming to be Christian in the house is 164 with 75 claiming to be Catholic and 41 in the Senate with 18 claiming to be Catholic. On the Republicans side we have 232 in the House with 61 claiming to be Catholic and 45 in the Senate with 9 claiming to be Catholic. Of the 433 members of the house, 396 claims to be Christian and of the 100 members of the Senate members, 86 claim to be Christian. Why did I point this out? All of the legislation, which has been pasted or not pasted, endangering our children has not been taken care of by these “Christians” who care more about money and votes then or children or even God. When you have 86% of the Senate and 91% of the House, there should be no problem passing laws to protect our children.

Since Christians are suppose to be protecting the children, against abortion, and against many other liberal agendas, why do we have this problem? You have a total of 163 in Congress which if they go against the Catholic doctrine can be excommunicated. The biggest liberal in the House is a Catholic and even lied about her meeting with the pope and nothing was done; Nancy Pelosi goes against everything Catholics say they value so why hasn’t she been excommunicated? Harry Reid, the most liberal Senate member and goes against everything the Mormon religion teaches so why isn’t he excommunicated? Are these two “Christian” religions hypocrites or just a true representation of John 16:3? The reality of it is most all our politicians claiming to be “Christians” are CINOs; Christians in Name Only, they are fakes. What would they do if it was an average person, would they be excommunicated? You bet, they have but not a politician; why, the money, the prestige of a Congressman in your church; whatever the reason they are hypocrites.

Our liberal politicians’ policies are literally killing our kids, what if one of the five kids who died from D68 Enterovirus was your son, daughter, grandchild, or sibling? What if your son, daughter, grandchild, or sibling was one of the thousands murdered by illegals aliens every year? What if the thousands of young girls who are raped every year, then violated again by the system for not reporting their rapist to police was one of your daughters, granddaughters, sister, or niece?

The politicians violate these children and only pay attention if there is something to gain for them; unless it has a vote or a election contribution attached to it, they don’t care. Many churches (not all) who say they are Christians violate these children again by not excommunicating or disciplining the politicians who contradict the churches policies and beliefs. Last, we the people who violate these children again by electing someone who is liberal to maintain the status quoe and even promote these damaging policies. We should be protecting our children instead of voting in the same liberal Democratic and Republican establishment politicians.

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