Politics Putting Us in Danger Again (Ebola)

I knew I should have held my praise; just a few days after praising Mayors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo for setting a reasonable Ebola quarantine procedure Andrew Cuomo gives in to presidential pressure; I should have known he was spineless. He did the right thing to protect his citizens but now we see politics is all he will protect. Under pressure from President Obama, Andrew Cuomo loosens his reasonable Ebola quarantine procedure for medical worker Kaci Kickox. So New York City, if Ebola spreads you have two liberals to blame, as I have said in the past, they only care about their agenda and the politics to achieve them. The part that is kind of puzzling is why would a medical worker, Kaci Kickox, who has seen the horrors of Ebola call this quarantine she was under, “inhumane?” After she was allowed to do the quarantine at her house, she complains again that it is too long and will only stay a day or two. The only reason I can think of is she is a liberal as well and thinks that three weeks of discomfort to save possibly thousands of people isn’t worth it; that is some kind of medical worker. The question here is will Chris Christie dither as well; I guess since Kaci Kickox was in his hospital and he let her leave, he already has given in to the President Obama’s idiocy.

We were told by President Obama that we would have no cases of Ebola in the US and we didn’t need any travel restrictions; we have now had five with one going through the new enhanced scanning and not being detected. We were told that by the President and his lying group at the CDC that it couldn’t be transmitted through the air but the World Health Organization doesn’t say that and the doctor who was infected was always wearing a biological suite so how did he get it? He was also told since he came from an Ebola area not to use public transportation for three weeks and he, another medical worker did which has put everyone on the trains and buses he used in danger; why? Maybe it is because he as well is a liberal, they can put rules on the “common people” but it doesn’t apply to them. If this breaks out into an epidemic like the EV-D68 has from all the illegals the liberals directed to cross our borders causing the death of 5 American children, there will be a lot more than 5 dead and its all due to liberal politics. The liberals will try to blame the conservatives but it will be 100% liberals fault from both sides of the isle.

I’m a libertarian and this makes no since to me, we have a president who refuses to protect the country from a vicious disease. President Obama claims we will not see Ebola in the US which was a lie, he claims medical workers have had the proper trained which is a lie by the medical workers statements, the CDC has no procedures set up to handle Ebola after studying it for years. President Obama also says the medical screening processes at the airports are adequate which is another lie, the doctor in New York went through the enhanced screening and wasn’t detected but had Ebola. There is a study that now shows Ebola can survive almost two months on surfaces in a colder environment. I have to ask, does the liberal political politics and agendas mean more then the safety of US citizens to President Obama; his actions would say yes.

The bad part is we have a bunch of people knowing how screwed up his first four years in office was, knowing how divided he has made this country, but yet they still vote him back into office because he was the first “black” president or to follow through with trying to destroy the constitution by pushing the liberal agenda. An ideologue from any side is never good for our country but this has been what we have had for president over the past two terms. We need to remove the liberal politicians, no matter Democrat, Republican, or other, out of office to fix what has been destroyed by President Obama, John McCain, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer, Olympia Snow, Diane Feinstein and others. We need people in office who will protect the American people instead of playing political games; Ebola is one opponent you want to put down quick and permanent or else America will have thousands of deaths. So do you want the liberal politics which has now left us open to Ebola, EV-D68, and even terrorist attacks or do you want something different?

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