My Predictions on Terrorist in America Coming True

Unfortunately my predictions of Terrorist coming to America has come to fruition. I have been saying for years that we in America are vulnerable to terrorist, we need to start protecting our citizens, and country from terrorist infiltration. We are a country founded on the core principle of 100% freedom but yet many of our politicians try and succeed in taking them away one by one every day. We have a bias politically correct side which refuses to see or classify terrorism for what it is because the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. We need to remove all and any foreign terrorist elements from our country but instead we are letting them in and letting them stay. We need to secure our borders but instead we open them up to try and get more votes for our party. We don’t deport illegals whose sole purpose in this country is to bring in drugs, market sex slaves, and murder like MS-13 and others, are politicians are protecting them just like they are protecting the terrorist. You have our politicians and the news media protecting these terrorist because they are Muslim and being bias in their reporting but why? The best example I can give you is do you remember all the Christian and Jewish businesses being attacked because they wouldn’t service gay weddings? The funny thing is (not really) the National news slams these other religious businesses for what they perceive to be the prejudice acts. When a man filmed himself going into a Muslim businesses asking for the same thing the Christians were slammed for and being refused service, the news media wouldn’t even touch it; isn’t this being prejudice or is it plain bias?

If you are going to bring down the strongest nation on earth, how do you do it, you do it by a two prong method of infiltrating the government and education system. First you want to infiltrate the government to bring support for your cause, you get small changes passed to make it easier to bring what you truly want later. Second you want to brain wash people into thinking it is a just cause which is easier done by using time and teaching them from kindergarten till they graduate college. By the time anyone realizes what has happened it will be too late and almost impossible to remove this cancer from your country; ask England. If you look, this is exactly what is going on today in America.

On the FBI’s website they had a list of 35 Jihad Terrorist Training Camps within the United States but has our government moved on any of these camps; NO. You have the FBI Director James Comey saying that ISIS/ISIL influence is growing in America yet our elected officials leave the border unsecured. Mr. Comey calls it a "chaotic spider web" in the US, with young Muslim men being radicalized in all 50 states. ISIS/ISIL has just threatened our military (ABC News, Fox News) supplying names and addresses within our country of the military they are targeting. This is probably a ruse to get the ones they really want but it shows their threat is real to which the Pentagon has elevated the alert level. What has our elected officials done; NOTHING!

We have a big problem in America when Christian, Jewish, and all other religious studies are banned from public school but Islamic studies are mandatory. The Islamic group ISIS has just claims responsibility for the Texas attack and we are forcing our students to study the Muslim religion but ban all others; does anyone else see something wrong with this? After every Islamic attack in America, our current president still will not use the word terrorist to describe the attackers even though that is how they describe themselves; why? President Obama along with our elected officials do nothing about the violent illegals who are here (from all ethnic backgrounds) because of political correctness which is going to get Americans killed. In New York City, school officials gave in to Islamic pressure and closed the schools for 2 Muslim holidays to appease the Muslims but they won’t do the same for other religions such as Christians, Jews, or Buddhist.

I have showed you The Truth about Terrorist Attacks on American Soil and because of political correctness neither President Obama nor any previous president has moved against it. Now President Obama has taken it a step further than any previous presidents calling terrorist attacks on US soil “Work Place Violence” to protect the murders. In the world you have over 5,000 “Honor Killings” every year with most all being against women yet the liberals who are supposed to be for “Women’s Rights” are the ones blocking all effects to stop Muslim abuse of women in the US. You say it can’t happen here but each year in the US we have hundreds of honor killings, maimings, and forced kid marriages committed within the United States, local news cover it but national news usually avoids it because it goes against their agenda.

You need to ask yourself do you want to be governed by Sharia Law because that is coming next and already is being used in America. If you disagree you will end up just like all the ones who refuse in Iraq and Syria, beheaded or burned. You will not have any more freedom nor will you have any justice because the Muslim system of justice is more corrupt than anything I’ve ever seen in the 50 countries I have been in. It makes the North Koreans almost look civilized and we know they are not even close to being civilized. The choice is all of ours but we must protect our citizens and country or you will see the next civil war like happening in Iraq and Syria happening right here in the United States; mark my words.

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