Peaceful Islam Not So Peaceful

As with anything, the beliefs and information that anyone or any group tells you can only be validated by watching and seeing the fruit of their labor, from this you can tell if they are truthful or a deceiver. With religion it, believe it or not, is even easier in many cases, they have written their true beliefs and objectives in their religious books and governing documents. When they tell you what they believe, if it doesn’t match their religious books, governing documents, and actions, you can’t believe anything they say. Every religious groups, as with politicians, you must watch the fruit they bare for their true purpose and Islam is no different. One difference with Islam that you must understand is there is no separating of their Islamic religion from their government; their religion and government are one and the same. The second difference is in the Islamic religion, no other religions has any standing or value in their eyes and should be destroyed at all cost, and this includes people claiming to be Atheist.

Around the world you can see the true Islam, many say that the terrorist including ISIS must be stopped from destroying ancient cities and artifacts but the Islamic religion says to wipe all enemies’ existence from the face of the earth. Here in the US we have two main problems, the first is people who have been radicalized in the Mosques in the US who are leaving to join ISIS and a good example of this is Asher Abid Khan. This Texas man was lured back by his family and arrested after trying to join ISIS, Asher Abid Khan, 20, of Spring Texas and a friend left to travel to Syria and was openly telling others “I wana die as a Shaheed [martyr].” National Intelligence Director James Clapper has said at a minimum 180 Americans have tried to go fight in Syria to join ISIS; this is only the ones they know about but the same thing is starting here as has already in other countries and it goes back to their Islamic teachings. If this is a peaceful religion than why is Pakistan's leader, Maulana Fazlur Rehman calling for military operations to stop a great threat in Pakistan; women wearing jeans. In Antwerp Belgium, the mayor is told to convert to Islam or be executed. In Iraq they are not even given that chance to convert as we have seen, they are just executed. In Singaporean two youths radicalized in their Mosque are arrested for planning a terrorist attacks. The Australian government is in the process of prosecuting the wife of an ISIS fighter who allowed her son to pose with severed head, does this sound like something a peaceful religion would want to teach their kids? This is about all the followers of Islam who believe in these radical teachings and they do get worse, ISIS burned a woman alive for refusing to perform ‘Extreme Sex Act’ according to the UN Envoy. Amnesty International charges Hamas with war crimes in the killing of 11 Palestinian children and two adults with a missile during the Gaza clash and Twenty-Three Palestinians who were shot for being suspected "collaborators", sentenced to death in "revolutionary courts" not to mention the dozens Amnesty International found who were tortured. Does this sound like a peaceful group to you, and by the way, who just took them off the terror watch list?

Our second problem is the terrorist who are coming here, our borders are not secure so we don’t know how many has come across the border. We do know the FBI has identified 35 Islamic Terrorist training camps in the US. We have FBI Director James Comey warning us about the “thousands” of ISIS terrorist and supporters inside the United States.” He briefed the National Association of Attorneys General that the FBI has active investigations of ISIL activity in all 50 states. Because of our liberal politicians we have a real threat here and they are is the same state as they were before 9/11, oblivious to the danger they have put us in. In 2014 and 2015, our politicians have even gone as far as to give 638 people who are terrorist or are supporting terrorism asylum in the US; does this make you fill safe? There is some bright sides and good Muslims out there like Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is a Muslim fighting against the radical Muslims, the genital mutilation, the honor killing, and along with Theo van Gogh who made a movie, “Submission” telling the truth about inside the Islamic religion; Theo van Gogh was later murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri who shot him, shot him again, tried to cut his head off, and then pinned a note to his chest with the knife pushing it clear to his spine; does this sound peaceful. If you listen to the politicians you can hear anything and everything, I don’t like Jeb Bush at all but he is right about one thing, ISIS didn’t exist under President G.W. Bush and like President Bush or not this is true. ISIS is a major threat to the US and has a camp in Mexico across the border from El Paso Texas.but when you have an incompetent president, they will say something like ISIS is like a Junior Varsity (JV) team which we all know was a mistake. A good president will make mistakes but will own up to their mistakes unlike President Obama who doesn’t have enough class to admit when he is wrong. The military pilots are complaining that they are not allowed to kill the enemy because of President Obama’s Rules of Engagement. The facts are during Gulf War there was 1,125 sorties a day, during Iraqi Freedom there was 800 sorties a day, during Kosovo there was 135 sorties a day, and currently in the ISIS conflict there is 15 sorties a day; it is a farce and President Obama is just doing 15 a day to say he is doing something. A good leader would change the strategy to stop ISIS, right? He will not listen to any of the generals on this and thinks he knows he is better at military tactics, it’s probably because of all the time he spent in the military…oh yah, that’s right, he didn’t serve a day. This wouldn’t even be happening if President Obama would have listened to his general’s advice in the first place and left the troops in Iraq. Now the White House says it not responsible for security of Iraq, but didn’t he and Hilary promise that if they had problems? Yes they did.

The ISIS mess is 100% President Obama’s fault, he pulled out when ALL the generals said stay and I don’t even think he is trying to win against ISIS, I think his strategy is no more than dropping a few bombs for show because it isn’t working. The Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, says this whole ordeal with ISIS is even worse than you think. When you match that to President Obama saying “Climate Change” is more of a National Security problem then our open borders and ISIS, there is a problem; do you agree? Wake up people, liberals never protect the people or our country, just their agenda. There are two things Radical Islamist don’t want you to know, first as Ayaan Hirsi Ali so rightly states this about the difference between her and Islam, “I love life more than death, the Shariah Law and its supporters believe in nothing but death.” The second which is what can save the Muslim people, “Education is what will set the Muslim women of the world free, hence the reason Islam refuses Islamic women this gift; it is to keep them in slavery.”

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