We Need To Stop Sending Our Jobs Overseas

For years we our presidents from both parties have been trying to help the world by sending our manufacturing, customer service, and development jobs overseas in an effort to infuse money into these countries’ economies. The intentions were good but the outcome is horrendous. Many of the product we receive from places like China have toxins in them, even our cooking utensils. Many of the products we get are substandard, the customer service reps you are unable to comprehend, and our developmental edge is being stolen. Our politicians like to lie to us or manipulate the data, the current administration has changed the way they calculate the unemployed to make the number look better. In the past, you only counted the part time employed as half a person employed and kept the count of all unemployed people as unemployed even after they couldn’t receive unemployment anymore. This administration has changed it to counting part time employees as a full person employed and removing you as unemployed once your unemployment runs out. If you look at the true numbers, we are at about 10% unemployment, just ask the black community, black males are the highest unemployed with males between 18 and 35 being at 25% unemployment. How many of these people do you think would take a job our politicians have gave away or that illegals are doing; I think most of them.

Our politicians are selling our country piece by piece for their own political and financial gains. As Secretary of State Hilary Clinton made many deals like this but this isn’t a Hilary bashing or Democrat Bashing time, I’m sure that many Democrats and Republicans both have done this even though it is illegal, treasonous, and leaves our country vulnerable. Hilary Clinton sold Russia 20% of the USs uranium production capacity as Secretary of State to which the Russians gave the Clinton Foundation millions is donations; who do you think the Clinton Foundation is going to funnel millions to for their political campaign? We have so much money from foreign governments and companies coming into the US that soon the US won’t be the citizens anymore. Our politicians and US companies have been sending jobs overseas for the last 20 plus years and one reason is because of kickback from these countries but also kickbacks from the US companies. Why do you think our border isn’t secure, the kickbacks from foreign special interest groups including the Drug Cartels and Terrorist Groups who want our borders open is just too much for some politicians to resist. Many illegals workers send their money back to their families, the company owners get cheap labor, they don’t pay taxes on their illegal workers, and they give “Donations” to the politicians to turn their heads the other way or even right legislation to protect this activity. It helps the Company owner, the politician, and the illegal alien but it doesn’t help our country, our citizens, or our National Security from people who want to kill us. They would rather make a dollar then protect their citizens and country; they need to go. Our president along with many other liberals think “Global Warming” is more of a threat to our National Security then the terrorist and gang bangers crossing our borders and coming into our country. Idiots like these crack me up, if you are against “Global Warming” why send our jobs to other counties who refuse to cut their toxic gas emissions instead of leaving them here where we have cut the gasses? A better question to our politicians would be, why do they want us to lessen our carbon footprint but most of them live in massive mansions, drive massive cars, and take private jets to places? No country or citizen from a foreign country should be able to donate to an active politicians, their charities, or own land in our country; it is not in the best interest of the US. If you check throughout the world this is the policy with the only exception being Embassies. We must elect politicians who will secure our borders, stop sending jobs overseas, and quit doing political favors for foreigners at the cost of the US citizen; before we can work on fixing the jobs problem we must end and reverse this cancer.

Another reason we are having problems is the greed of our government, at the Federal, State, and City level, they are taxing businesses to a point they leave the City, State, and even the country because they cannot be competitive in their market. When our politicians knowingly started letting China send anything and everything made with child slave labor, our manufactures couldn’t compete. We found out later that many eating utensils had toxic chemicals in them even though the Chinese ensured us they didn’t. We could have put the same tariffs they and other countries like Japan put on our exports but the politicians again were getting kickbacks. Inside the US we had problems like in Detroit. One reason for the great exit from Detroit in the late 1960s and early 1970s was because the city massively raised the taxes on its citizens, the ones who could afford it moved. They did the same to the companies, many small local business went out of business but the bigger companies just moved. Common Sense 101; if you tax the crap out of the working people and local businesses, they will fail or move. This is why you see the exodus of all the millionaires from California and New York. A man I know who was living in California and is a millionaire told me between the Federal, State, and City taxes, at the most he was getting was 35 cents out of every dollar he made with a flat Federal tax of 9% no matter if you make a dollar or a million. We should set a federal standard that the most, with all taxes and everything else withdrawn that you can take from a person is 30% of his gross pay. The federal tax on companies should be a flat 7%, this is one reason they can’t compete on the world market with another reason being the Unions. My uncle worked for GM and if he hired someone to sweep the floors, he had to pay them 5 times what the normal person would get because of the union. I was a supervisor and had a Union employee refusing to follow any of the safety requirements but I couldn’t do anything about it, I met with him and his Union Steward and the Steward said I was picking on him. When the Steward was shown the security camera video of him being told to follow the Safety Requirement and refusing to multiple times, the Steward just told him not to do it again; he did and we still couldn’t do anything. I had another guy who just wouldn’t do anything and I couldn’t do anything to him even after catching him sleeping in a vehicle in the middle of the flight line where aircraft taxis; Unions were good when they were first started but when you have this as the result today, they show they are worthless and don’t care about the customer which the business must answer to. I have a friend who works at one of the Big Three US car manufactures as a line supervisor, he has had people come in high and drunk but he, because of the Union, couldn’t do anything with his key phase being, “You Can’t Beat the Union.”

The reason our jobs are leaving is because, “We the People”, we keep electing the politician who are anti-American jobs, anti-American worker, anti-American security, and anti-American freedom; in short they are anti-American! When you elect people who want to relinquish our sovereignty to the UN and even vote to make us pay a tax to the UN, do you think our companies are going to stay here or find a friendlier country. If we as Americans keep going down this liberal path, we will end up as the hailed liberal icon of the 1950s and 1960s Detroit did, bankrupt; the only problem is, the wolves at the unsecured door will than attack the wounded nation.

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