What is Wrong in Our Inner Cities?

Let’s start off by telling you a very commonly repeated story from the city. On June 27th, 2012, Natasha Christopher received the worse news in the world, a phone call telling her that her 14-year-old son, Akeal Christopher had been shot. Witnesses say Akeal was running away from two men in hoodies and they fired several shots hitting the teen. The kids at the party Akeal was attending stonewalled the details to Natasha, the police, and the Detectives who believe it was a local gang; without witnesses, there is no case. Akeal died and to this date no one has been charged, he is a victim of the liberal politicians who control most big cities and all ten of the most violent are Democrats.

If you are from a city which has been run by liberals for the last 40 years as are most all the 10 most violent ones you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1.      Is getting free handouts worth watching your children being murdered?
2.      If you don’t teach your children respect for others, who’s going to?
3.      If you don’t teach by example your children to be a working part of the community so they can lift themselves out of poverty, do you understand you are condemning them to be a slave in this Social security and entitlement jail?
4.      Do you understand that less guns in the law abiding people’s citizen’s hands means a higher crime rate in your neighborhood?
5.      Do you realize when you don’t help the police catch a murder like the ones who murdered Natasha’s son that your son or daughter may be the next one murdered?

Liberals (especially politicians) have never helped the impoverished people in the cities, they just use them for votes. They lie about the rate of unemployment with the highest number of unemployed being inner city black men between the ages of 18 to 35 which stands at 25%; this is significantly worse than 6 years ago. As long as you keep voting for entitlements instead of standing on your own two feet, it is only going to get worse and more inner city youth are going to die. If you do not stand help the police take these thugs off the street then you may be the next victim looking for witnesses with no one stepping forward for you. You and your family can bask in the sun and live or hide in the house existing and dying. You may ask, what do I know about this? I grew up watching as many males didn’t graduate High School, they had to work for their fathers or went to run drugs. I watched as girls were getting pregnant at ages well below consent and many having three or four kids by the time they were 18 years old. The murder rate was through the roof with many being ruled a suicide even when the evidence shows it wasn’t but none would help the police and even looked at them as the enemy. Less than 40% of the people made above the poverty rate and most never moved far from where they were raised. This vicious circle just keeps repeating itself generation after generation but all it takes is one to break this cycle. After seeing several of my friends killed I made the choice to find a better way, to break free from the vicious cycle which plagued my community and I made it. You can break free and lift yourself out of poverty but only if you work for it as I did, the choice is yours.

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