The US Constitution is Gone

Our founding Fathers had the best plan for a government that the world has ever seen, but of course man and his power hungry greed, lack of integrity, and willingness to punish the many for the few has all but voided the US Constitution. All presidents and even congress members as far back as I can remember, from LBJ (from back to Lyndon Baines Johnson to Barack Hussein Obama II, both Democrats and Republicans have tried to pervert or subvert the US Constitution. We have always had a protector who would interpret the law and strike down any attempt at perverting or subverting the US Constitution which was the US Supreme Court. Back for years the US Supreme Court Justices always blocked any attempt by a president or congress member when they over stepped their authority, they were always there for the little guy where he could get treated justly but this is not the case anymore, it has fallen to the people who wish to destroy the US Constitution and our country; and they call themselves Americans..

I knew when we watched the first openly racist and sexist justice (Sonia Sotomayor) get elected, we were in trouble, here for years we have been trying to get racist out of all we could and yet we put one on the highest court in the land. Our Founding Father made one mistake, they never set up a way to get rid of Activist Justices from any side who instead of doing their job and interpreting the law, has set out to make the law. Just as the IRS, BLM, and EPA have violated people’s rights by seizing people’s property with no warrant, evidence, or due process and when found in the wrong they don’t want to give back what they have taken, so has the Supreme Court violated the US Constitution. During the time of the Founding Fathers there was honor and integrity, unfortunately I think as most other Americans, it is now gone in our Justice System. Now we have Supreme Court Justices sitting on cases in which they are directly involved having a Conflict of Interest which requires them to recuse themselves, but they don’t.

When I really started to get worried was when I saw the ruling on the Boumediene v. Bush case in 2008 which gave foreign captured hostiles the same rights as US citizens. These were people captured by the military trying to kill Americans on foreign soil, by the US Constitution they should be tried in Military Court, not in US Civilian court. When you have the Chief Justice John G. Roberts changing the foundation of a case so it can pass as he did with The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), I was baffled because it clearly violated the 4th and 10th Amendment of the US Constitution. This was a violation from the Chief Justice himself, any American can read what the US Constitution says and if anyone has a poorly defined case, it is not the job of the justices to give it the ability to become law which happened here letting you see a Supreme Court Justice violate his oath of office. The Founding Father purposely separated the Federal Powers from the State Powers giving the state total control of all state licensing yet this took it away. Do the states not have any rights now, this is tyranny and what the founding fathers warned us about but all that matters anymore is the activism, not justice.

Now The Supreme Court have just passed Gay Marriage violating the US Constitution once more, see this is also a state affair which is my problem, Hawaii passes Gay Marriage, no problem, Alabama blocks Gay Marriage, no problem. Each state by the US Constitution has the right to govern their own affairs but now the US Supreme Court has opened up Pandora’s Box. The right of marriage, gay or straight is nowhere in the US Constitution because each state controls all licensing which is how our Founding Fathers wanted it. Because of this ruling the next thing we will see an all-out attack on religion. I have said for years that if or when gay marriage passes, the first thing you will see is cases being filed against Pastors, Preachers, Rabbis, and Imams if they will not perform a gay marriage. The US Constitution does protect the Freedom of Religion but that won’t stop these hate filled people from attacking the religious, their worship places, and their places of business. These hateful people have been doing it for a while but now they will try and use this knew founded energy to destroy anyone’s religion which don’t conform to their desires.

The worse is still coming, now the polygamist will come out claiming their Constitutional Rights are being violated, if gays have a Constitutional Right to marriage, we have a Constitutional Right to marry multiple partners. After that you will have people coming out saying, if gays have a Constitutional Right to marriage, we have a Constitutional Right to arranged child marriage which is practiced in the Muslim world. I have no idea where it will end or even if it will, once you have opened Pandora’s Box, it is virtually impossible to close. You need to understand something very important, without our US Constitution you have no rights which will mean the destruction of the US as we know it; I hope you are ready.

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