Lying Again to Start Race Riot

Many people especially in the City wonder why people outside the city never believes or helps them when they are minorities and killed by cops, unfortunately it’s because you have no credibility. The Michael Brown shooting started a riot over a thug being shot by a cop after Brown assaulted the cop and tried to take his gun. Michael Brown had two waiting court appearances for previous assaults and had just robbed a store which was captured on tape. The problem started when the outward “witnesses said Michael Brown had his hands up with his back to the cop when the cop just shot him in the back. The other scared witnesses who contradicted this story stayed anonymous in fear of reprisals from the “protesters forting their planned riots. The incoming protesters, most not from Ferguson, set the place on fire at the request of Browns stepfather (on videotape) and looted the stores mostly owned by minorities from Ferguson. The truth is most of them didn’t care about Michael Brown, they just wanted to rob, attack, and destroy like animals. When the facts came out, we found out the lie the race bait professionals like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson keep telling over and over were used here as well. The autopsy on Michael Brown, even from his family’s private pathologist showed Michael Brown was charging the cop and didn’t have his hands up but the race professionals, even some in our congress like Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton who says the evidence doesn’t matter refuses to accept the facts. The only reason this made news at all is because it was a white cop shooting a black teenager who was a thug. A few months later a black cop shot a white kid (Dillon Taylor) and the news didn’t report a thing; I guess white teen lives doesn’t matter.

Next we had Freddie Grays death while in the custody of the police, first Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby says "we will pursue justice by any and all means necessary," does that mean by hiding or tampering with evidence like the liberal AG did in the Duke Lacrosse, or just ignoring the evidence like Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton does? Well it didn’t take long to find out, Marilyn Mosby plans to block the release of Freddie Gray's autopsy report and other "sensitive" documents. Shouldn’t all the evidence be out there for all to see? She a liberal and doesn’t care about the evidence, just using this man’s death for political gain as all liberals do. If this was reversed and it was a white AG doing this every news channel would have it running. Now because of the bias decisions made by Marilyn Mosby and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the Baltimore citizens are suffering with no end in sight. This is what you get with liberals so all you in Baltimore remember this when election time comes around, if you choose another liberal and keep suffering, it’s you own fault for being ignorant.

Fast forward to 3 June 2015, a black man was shot dead by a cop and the first thing out of the mouths of these same race bait gurus is they shot an unarmed man in the back with his hands up, but this time a stores security camera caught the whole event. The man, Usaama Rahim was trying to behead a cop and lunged at the cops with a large knife and he was shot. What would have happened if there wasn’t a video tape; just look at the Michael Brown incident if you want to know. In addition to the above you would hear “the cops planted the knife” or “he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone” both of which are lies but remember Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton, the evidence doesn’t matter. If you have people who want to live like animals, keep following Congresswomen Norton’s example, this is why inner city teens are gunned down at such a high rate, they act like animals. The statistics show 85% of all minority deaths are at the hands of another minority, not the cops or white people. The truth is, if you don’t teach discipline, respect, and integrity to your children, your children will continue to die and unfortunately the liberal school system in America doesn’t allow this. These situation are man made by liberal policies and until we get leaders in offices to take the truth to heart, we will keep having inner city kids killed at an alarming rate, mostly by their own. If you want your children to look like a gangster, dress like a gangster, and act like a gangster they will end up dead like the gangsters.

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