Telling the truth about Blacks, Whites, and Cops

I usually try to stay away from racial issues because no matter what the truth is, you will be called a racist if you point it out by many groups. If you have read my blog, I have made statements like, “Not all Muslims are terrorist but their Quran book promotes violence against non-Muslims” then gave the verses from the Quran that showed the proof only to be called a racist. I didn’t right the Quran and I have nothing against peaceful Muslim but I do have something against Islamic terrorist and Muslim who treat women like second class citizens. I was reading all the news from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Google, and many others when I ran across an article that intrigued me, “10 Things Black People Fear That White People Don’t (Or Don’t Nearly as Much)” by Terrell Jermaine Starr (listed below).

  1. Getting fired because we don’t fit into white people norms.
  2. Encountering a police officer who may kill us. 
  3.  Not being able to get a job. 
  4.  Our daughters being expelled from school because of “zero tolerance policies”. 
  5.  We are more likely to be harassed by police than white residents in NYC. 
  6.  Being bullied at work. 
  7.  Being pulled over by the police. 
  8.  Being accused of shoplifting when we’re shopping. 
  9.  Getting sick and not having access to health care. 
  10.  Having white people say we are exaggerating these issues.

      Mr. Starr is very passionate in what he says but he as do most on the Left or Right refuse to see the truth because the truth can be painful and destroy what you thought was a strong foundation. What I am going to say will offend many but political correctness is what is killing America and decimating the minorities who live here. I am a realist, I am very blunt, and even though my intent is not to offend, some people will be because as I said, the truth hurts. 

  1. Getting fired because we don’t fit into white people norms: Mr. Starr starts off by stating two cases where people were fired, the first lady could have still had her job except she refused to conform to the image her employer wanted. Does she have a right to dress, wear her makeup, wear her hair, and wear her clothes like she wants? Yes. Does her employer have the right to fire her when she doesn’t present the image the company demands? Yes. I was told at one place I was working to shave my beard or find another job so what did I do, shaved my beard. The second lady told basically to conform to the dress code but refused and was terminated. I was told I must conform to a specific dress code where I work now. I travel a lot and noticed most rental car places have a strict dress code to be employed. If you get fired because you refuse to conform to the dress code it isn’t because you’re not conforming to “White Peoples Norms” (which this statement if you want to go down that road has racist overtones), it’s because your arrogance and ignorance leads you to believe you can impose your will on your boss, didn’t work, did it. 
  2. Encountering a police officer who may kill us: According to the U.S. Department of Justice, of all violent crimes committed in the US in 2014, 56.8% are by blacks and 47.8% are by whites. When you combine that with the population in the US, the US Census Bureau says blacks make up 13.2% and whites make up 77.4% of the population. What this tells you is your violent crimes compared to your population, black’s violent crimes is 430.3% of their population while white’s violent crime is only 61.8% of the white’s population. In the 1960s it was almost dead even with black’s violent crimes being at 94% of their population and whites at 86% of white’s population; what changed (I will answer at the end)? If you compare to the population in police deaths, whites account for 77.2% of cops being killed by their population (43 cops killed) while blacks account for 305.1% to you of cops being killed by their population (29 cops killed). I wonder why so many blacks are being shot by the police; if you check the stats they aren’t, whites are shot 1.7 times more than blacks by cops. Once again Mr. Starr is letting his passion get in the way of facts. 
  3. Not being able to get a job: Much of this was covered in “1.” but I will expound. A lot of it has to do with the entitlement attitude which has been purposely told over and over to the poor by the liberal politicians so they can put the poor and minorities into what I call “Economic Slavery”. If you read your history you will find that the liberals like Senator Byrd, LBJ, and George Wallace weren’t the ones who stood up for the minorities but it was the conservatives who wanted to give minorities the tools and training to succeed in America. Many liberals try to cover up history because what they don’t want minorities to know is many conservative politicians where lynched by the Democrat’s formed KKK as where the minorities. Now many of the poor and minorities believe they are owed something without ever lifting a hand to work. They believe they should have corvette pay while doing a chevette job. I grew up working in the fields ever since I can remember, I wanted something better so I worked and went to school till I made it out of that field. I made it, the government didn’t make it for me even though they want you to think so, I made it by hard work but today many poor and minorities just want their handouts. The other side of the coin is all these Liberal Democrats and Liberal Republicans that the poor and minorities keep putting back into office are the same ones signing the trade deals sending your jobs overseas, passing regulations and taxes removing the incentives for companies to hire people here, and allowing all the illegals into our country taking all the starter jobs from the poor and minorities. Do you still think they care about you? 
  4.  Our daughters being expelled from school because of “zero tolerance policies”: When you look into the background of what Mr. Starr stated, part is true and part is false. He is correct about 12% of black girls being expelled compared to 2% of white girls but it is only 84%. He then states “black girls aren’t being suspended simply because they aren’t as well-behaved as the white children”, statistics show you are wrong. This like saying “black girls (who have a 75% out of wedlock birth rate) aren’t getting pregnant more often than white girls because they are having unprotected sex.” The rules are there to protect all our children and if anyone white, black, or other violates them, they should be expelled if that is the punishment. Go on YouTube and type in “Teen Girls Fight” and count the number of each race represented and remember, blacks make up 13.2% of the population and whites make up 77.4% so you should see 1 black fight to 5 white fights; but you won’t. 
  5.  We are more likely to be harassed by police than white residents in NTC: This one may be true but again I ask why this is happening. Most cops in the inner cities are minorities so it isn’t a racism deal, so let’s find out why. In New York they had “Stop and Frisk” which many didn’t like. It targeted people who seemed to be in known areas of violent crimes and gang activity but didn’t seem to have a purpose and most were minorities. After “Stop and Frisk” was implemented, violent crime went from 685,724 in 2011 to 38,456 when it was stopped, a drop of 79%. Since it has now been neutered, violent crime has spiked by 19.5% so “Stop and Frisk” did work. Political liberal correctness has caused this spike, New Yorkers are less safe but will vote the same idiots back into office. 
  6.  Being bullied at work: The claim is that 54% of blacks are bullied at work but only 44% of whites are, first any bullying no matter the race is wrong. Does his link lead back to a government site or known non-partisan sight? No, it goes straight to a far left site. Everything I can find from places like Academia.Edu and the FamilyDesignResource.Org all say that bullying in the workplace is about 35% across the board and I checked about 20 studies which had references. I can only assume the 54% and 44% was fabricated as are most statistics from the far left and right. I have seen bullying going in all directions just as I have seen racist from all races, until all races stop racism within their own races, no matter if internal or external, neither bullying nor racism will stop. 
  7.  Being pulled over by the police: This one may be true but I have been pulled over by the police dozens if not a hundred time, mainly due to my lead foot. They walk up, check me out, tell me to slow down or write me a ticket, and I am on my way. I don’t get made or throw an attitude at them because they are only doing their job. I will give you that maybe 5% of the cops are bad but 95% are there to protect you. I have watched as all sorts of attitude goes toward a cop for doing his job even when the person knows they were in the wrong. This happens with all races but I ask you, which race is the first to yell racism or say the cop is harassing them even if the cop has a legit reason? I couldn’t find any stats on this from a government or reputable web site so I can’t definitively say this doesn’t happen, but I bet in 95% of the cases the cop has a legitimate reason. 
  8.  Being accused of shoplifting when we’re shopping: The FBI statistics show 55% of all robberies are committed by blacks while only 43.3% are committed by whites. Don’t forget to use the population factor where blacks make up 13.2% and whites make up 77.4% of the US population. What this means is blacks commit 416.7% more robberies compared to their population, whites commit 55.9% compared to their population. As unfortunate as this fact is, why do you think blacks might be targeted by cops for shoplifting? 
  9.  Getting sick and not having access to health care: This is across the board for all who are in poverty no matter their race. In many cases people choose to indulge in something else instead of buying health insurance. I met one guy who said he couldn’t afford health care yet he had $200 worth of cable TV subscription and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day (which equals $300 a month), I had another who couldn’t afford it but had a $1,000 auto payment every month, and my favorite was a lady I knew who couldn’t afford health care but she could blow $200 every weekend clubbing. I will be the first person to stand up for these people and say they have the right to choose their priorities; I will also be the first to say you made your bed now you need to sleep in it. I work out of Detroit and in a neighborhood where the houses are only worth a couple of thousand dollars, it is amazing how many Mercedes, Lexus, and HMMWV are in the driveways. Many people can afford health care, it’s just not top on their priority list. 
  10.  Having white people say we are exaggerating these issues: You do, our current president is the worse I’ve seen but if I say that immediately I am a racist. It doesn’t matter how much evidence I have, I am a racist for even challenging him. The problem is when you have a thugs like Travon Martin (kicked out of school three times for fighting, drugs, and having stolen property) or Michael Brown (who had two schedule court appearances for theft and assault) and you try to say they were angels, you discredit yourself. Then when you have an Eric Gardner happen and you do have a bad cop, the people ignore it and the cop gets away with murder; it is yelling wolf syndrome.

There are a lot of issues out there that need to be worked to help the black community but you keep voting back into office the same politicians who are holding you down by your throat and giving your jobs to illegal aliens. One of the reasons I say President Obama is the worse president ever is because black unemployment rate has tripled under him as well as the average black family loosing 2% of their annual income under him. Blacks and women have suffered more under President Obama and the liberals than any other recent president yet you will still vote for these same liberals who are holding you down back into office. These liberals have knocked blacks and other minorities down and placed them in a disastrous circle. You must remember that the profile of a true American is to get up, dust your pants off, break with the status quo, correct your course, and strive to be the best you can be. If you do this you will succeed; otherwise it is going to get much worse.

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