Who is Protecting You from Islamic Terrorist?

Even before 9/11, I have said for years that the liberal idea of Political Correctness (PC) is going to get Americans killed on US soil by Radical Islamic followers. Even after 9/11, the Benghazi Attack, and the Fort Hood shooting, the liberals are still pushing PC which leave us unprotected. Directly following the Benghazi attacks, a panel with American journalist Brigitte Gabriel was asked a question by an Islamic Law Student trying to push the liberal Islamic agenda as more important than America losing its first ambassador in 33 years. Brigitte Gabriel answer was one of the best I have ever heard. Why don’t our politicians have the fortitude and integrity to speak for the truth like Ms. Gabriel?

If we take the facts Ms. Gabriel pointed out and add todays numbers, it is getting worse. She stated, “The radicals are estimated to be between 15% to 25% according to all intelligence services around the world” which does match up with the CIA, FBI, Interpol, SSI, and Mossad but today we have 2.038 billion Muslims in the world and 6.67 million in the US. If you take these percentages and apply them in the World today it gives you a minimum of 305,700,000 Muslim terrorist with a maximum of 509,500,000, the median is 407,600,000, more than the population of the United States. If you take these percentages and apply them to the US today it gives you a minimum of 1,000,500 Muslim terrorist with a maximum of 1,667,500, the median is 1,334,000 within our borders. With our Active Duty Military strength at 1,388,028 and 206,003 stationed on foreign soil, this leaves 1,182,025 military people state side, well below the median of possible Islamic Terrorist in the US. What is unnerving is after looking through the 3-digit websites of our intelligence agencies including the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), I couldn’t find a demographic of what percentage of the Illegal Aliens in our country are Muslim. If we go by the World demographic of the world by religion populations, it would show 22.32% of the world’s population as Muslim. Of the estimated 11-30 million illegals in the US, this would mean we would have between 2,455,200 minimum, 6,696,000 Muslims in our country illegally, with a median of 4,575,600. If we follow all intelligence services estimates from around the world on radicals, this would leave a median of 1,143,900 radical Muslim illegals. When you bring these two together it means we could possibly have up to 3,341,500 terrorist on US soil. The problem is our radical liberal politicians from both sides of the isle who are protecting all Muslims and who were responsible for allowing 9/11 to happen. The Boston Bombers were refugees who were given everything by our liberal politicians and they still murdered 3 and wounded 264 others. Of the legal and illegal Muslims in America who could be Radical Islamist, 3,341,500, if 1% of these Radical Islamist 33,415, decided to blow themselves up in a population area of the US, what do you think the damage would be? If only 1% of Legal Muslims in the US were Radical Islamist 66,700, and only 1% of them, 667, decided to do a Paris Like attack, how many Americans would they leave dead? Don’t we as Americans, even our Muslim Americans have a right to be safe? We hear uproar and flak coming from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), an organization in the US which the FBI has caught funding terrorist. CAIR says we are targeting or profiling Muslims and to protect US citizens I hope that is true. The part I don’t understand is why has CAIR not been banned in America and its employees who were listed in the FBI as supporting terrorism not been thrown in jail or deported? Liberal politicians is the answer. Shouldn’t this be a no brainer?

If you point out the true reason why these Radical Islamic attacks are happening across the globe and here in the US, the first response of the liberals is you are a bigot, a racist, or have islamophobia. No matter what facts you point out to the liberals, they will try and bring something from hundreds of years ago up or flat out lie about it. Of the 10,000 refugees President Obama wants to bring from Syria, they have been classified by him and other liberals as mostly women and children while in actuality, 72% are men. Why would President Obama be lying to the American people? President Obama, you said if Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons that would be it, but President Assad did use chemical weapons and you did nothing accept helped America lose all of its international credibility. Mr. President, you said ISIS is a Jr Varsity Team, and ISIS isn’t gaining strength which are both lies, but what you will not say is that ISIS came to power as a direct result of you (which it did) not listening to your military leaders in Iraq. President Obama, you said there would be no combat troops on the ground in Syria, but now we know there is and due to your ROE (Rules of Engagement), they are not allowed to protect themselves. Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler died because of your liberal politics, you know nothing about fighting a war and won’t listen to the people who do. If you look, this is Vietnam all over again, liberals putting the military in danger and not listening to their military leaders. Have you ever served in the military or even did a “Community Event” to help the military, of course not, they are beneath you. Why are you being this na├»ve or are you? This might be because of the mentoring you received from your half-brother, Malik Obama, who was one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group. Malik Obama has been supporting the terrorist organization like Hamas and working as a fundraiser for the Muslim Brotherhood for years according to bank-account information, is this the reason? You let Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi out of Camp Bucca, he is the man who created ISIS and now they have started killing thousands around the world including Americans. You state, “When I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test-President Obama” while you yourself have been, you have only let 54 Syrian Christians into the US but you have let over 2,000 Muslim Syrians. Which is lease likely to wage Jihad in America? Mr. President, why are you and all the other liberals’ hell bent on getting Americans killed?

The US Constitution says the protection of our country and its legal residents is the job of the president, nothing else should ever come before our countries protection. The President of the United States is sworn to uphold that oath of the US Constitution but even as blatant as President Obama disregards the US Constitution and puts us all in danger no politician will challenge him. Why? They are cowards and fear being called a racist. The intelligence traffic says Islamic Radicals want suicide bombers in America’s big cities to bring the war to the US. Britton have found a “Secret Cell of British Muslim Women” encouraging other Muslims to join ISIS and the Jihadist working out of the local mosque; could this be going on here in the US? A Radical Islamic Cleric in Kuwait suggests dropping anthrax from a sky scraper in a US major cities; didn’t we liberate Kuwait? Is this some kind of thanks? The sad part is a Radical Islamic Cleric in the US has suggested the same scenario to be carried out. The liberal news media have ignored him and the rest of the Radical Islamic Clerics because it doesn’t fit the Medias’ Puppet Master’s, the liberal politician’s agenda; it isn’t politically correct. Thanks to President Obama, liberal politicians, and the bias media, in the very near future unless things change, we will have another 9/11 but it will be worse than the first one. President Obama and his liberal collaborators refuse to secure the boarder, enforce visa laws, and find out who is in our country. When we have agencies who are supposed to be protecting us letting 150 people skip customs, something is gravely wrong. When we get attacked again, and we will, remember it was the liberals, including President Obama, who made it possible. It will be of little consequence while you are burying your loved one. Liberals have never protected our country but if you ignored the truth and vote for them, you are just as responsible and the attacks will become a revolving door.

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