Human Life No Longer a Priority in America

If you knew me, there would be three easily to recognize traits. First, I am a Meritocracy type person, I believe the ones with the best ability and talent should get a position rather than gender, race, class privilege, sexual orientation, or wealth being the determining factor. All scholarships for collages should be based solely on scores and merit. I believe you should have to work for what you get. The biggest problems we have with the Democratic and Republican parties today is nepotism, partisanship, and incompetent. Our Founding Father didn’t want career politicians (which is what we have today) because career politicians and their families have no practical experience in the real world, being a community organizer give you no experience with economics, national security, business, or the health care systems. Just like the Bushs and Clintons, career politicians just keep getting richer and richer at the expense of “We the People.”

Second, I am a Realist, I believe in the truth through evidence void from perception through emotion. If you let emotions weigh your verdict, you will never get to the truth and others will suffer because of it. Many people from all sides refuse to look at reality when a teen gets hurt not knowing the teen was a monster instead of a choir boy. Many people and politicians look through “Rose Color Glasses” refusing to see the truth, they are destroying America but don’t care, they just want to line their pockets. Both political parties refuse to see how their bad and fail policies and agendas are destroying America. When I listened to a US Representative, Eleanor Holmes Norton say that evidence isn’t a concern, I pray everyone in her district realizes she should shouldn’t ever be elected to any office. When the evidence isn’t a concern to a Congress members, you know they have a criminal agenda, in the fine print it says your rights doesn’t matter. When the truth and law doesn’t matter, their intentions are not lawful; to make it worse, Representative Norton is a lawyer. Think about that, the evidence doesn’t matter to this lawyer.

Third, I am a Patriot, I am 100% for America but not beholding to any politician or political party. I am for your right to protest and if I believe in it I will be right there beside you, but what happened in Ferguson was Un-American. My Senator is Lindsey Graham and I can’t stand him, Trey Gowdy is our other Senator and he is awesome; both are in the same party. The problem with both parties as a whole is their Anti-American agenda, the only agenda for America should be making our country stronger and untouchable by all other countries. They want to transform America, take from the working and give to the illegal and lazy; this is Un-American as well. In America you can live the American dream, if you will work for it!

Our politicians care more about an animal’s life and the human life outside of our country then they do the human life within our country; our citizens should come first. “We the People” are destroying our country due to our good hearts, because we are not forcing our politicians to play above board. It is amazing that in the world, if there is a disaster that occurs, the first place every nation in the world turns is to America; like it or not, we are the World’s Leader. The America People donate more support and money than all the rest of the world combined when tragedy strikes and it is why Americans should be proud. The problem is our government isn’t handling our money responsibly or taking care of our people first; our politicians prefer to make under the table deal to fatten their own pockets. We should help all countries during a disaster, but on the other hand, our politicians would rather give billions to a country that hates and kills us then take care of our citizens. We have people who are here illegally, many are just trying to live the American dream, but others are killing Americans on a massive scale. If you want, you can look at some cases, some like the Kate Steinle who was just out right murdered with the Obama administration saying they didn’t take it “particularly seriously”, some like 3-Year-Old Angeles Moreno, or even the one who killed Mesa Police Officer Brandon Mendoza but qualifies for President Obama’s Amnesty plan. When there is more rage over the death of a lion named Cecil than the murders of US citizens by illegals in our country, and the illegal sale of dead baby parts, something is wrong. This shows that the life of American citizens is no longer a priority to our politicians, when thousands of criminal illegal aliens are released within our cities including murders, rapist, and child molesters. When our politicians won’t end these “Sanctuary Cities” where illegal alien criminals can live the dream, our president and politicians have shown us, the illegal aliens lives mean more to them then American’s lives! 

We as the World’s Leader are for the first time since WWII are failing, this will hurt America because other countries will remember our inaction. When America’s president stands by and watches thousands of people being slaughter by ISIS and doesn’t raise a hand, authorizing less combat missions over two months then we did in one day during the Gulf War, the innocent life to him and his party doesn’t matter anymore. Liberals have brought all this bloodshed to our doors.

The true beginning of the Vietnam War started in 1950 with America sending military advisors, this was under the Liberal President, Harry S. Truman. The military had started to be gutted and its equipment was outdated causing mass casualties to the military personnel; just like the beginning of the second Gulf War (more on that later.) The war was escalated from 1961 to 1968 with the tripling of troops in country on more than one occasion; this was under the Liberal JFK and LBJ. One foot note, JFK did try to modernize the military to help during the conflict, but doing during a war isn’t the right way to do it. During this time American casualties soared, this was mainly due to LBJ micromanaging the military and not allowing legitimate supply sites to be targeted. The war ended in 1975 and the military and its equipment was in pretty good shape; that was until Liberal President Carter proceeded to gut the military again.

At lease JFK went to the aid of our allies when the asked, but when the Shaw of Iran ask President Carter, no help was sent and the seed of Radical Islam flowered in to a mess we are still dealing with today. There was 52 Americans being held hostage and President Carter try one rescue attempt, but due to micromanagement of the military and less than perfect equipment, all that happened was 8 troops died; another attempt would not be made. In 1981, after 444 days being captive, they were released the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, the Radicals Islamism who had no fear of America, now feared us. In 1990, the First Gulf War went like clockwork because the military far the past 10 years was again strong, trained, well equipped, and was not micromanaged.

Under Liberal President Clinton, the gutting of the military began again, and during his reign over 7500 military personnel died mostly because they were not allowed to protect themselves, and we were not at war. This included the Khobar Towers bombing, the USS Cole bombing, Kenya Embassy attack, Tanzania Embassy attack, and the Battle of Mogadishu were troops dies because they were forced to work under the UN Command (never done before) and the UN wouldn’t send in backup. President Clinton set up walls between the agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, NDA TO NAME A FEW) which Led to the 9/11 attacks. We again went to war ill equipped and ill trained due to the 8 years of gutting the military. President Bush and both the Democrat and Republican politicians passed bills to protect the troops, get them state of the art equipment (like MRAPS), and trained the soldiers; the casualties dropped massively.

After Liberal President Obama took over, the military during war time is being gutted; this also while our two greatest advisories, China and Russia, massively build theirs. In Afghanistan, from the time President Obama has taken over, military casualties has went up 275%; President Bush in 8 years had 630 military deaths in Afghanistan and President Obama in 6 ½ years has 1730 deaths; ask yourself why. This is mostly due to his gutting of the military and its equipment, changes in rules of engagement, and micromanaging the military; won’t liberals ever learn from our history?

When you take out the military deaths, the deaths from illegal aliens, you are still left with the deaths in our own streets caused by our politicians either directly and indirectly by our government. Before we get started, you must know I hate the news media because they are no longer reporting the news but promoting an agenda to the point of falsifying data to support their agenda. A good example of this is the Dan Rather report on President Bush where Mr. Rather falsified data about President Bush’s military service. I hate our politicians because it’s hard to find one from either side who is not a crook, to find a politician who took the job to help the country instead of their own back pocket. If you look at Hilary deals while Secretary of State, almost every large loss for the American people was a gain for her charity which donates money directly to her; and remember, when donated to a politician, after the election is over anything left goes to their personal account.

Direct killing by certain groups within our government on our own citizens happens more then we think because except for the military, our government is way too big. Many of these groups are literally making it impossible to live; just ask Randy Weaver who lost a wife and son. Even though Randy Weaver had done nothing wrong, the FBI, ATF, USMS, and the US Attorneys General’s office tried to force him to become an informant on some acquaintances but he refused. They then falsified statement saying he was selling guns illegally, what happened next was the Ruby Ridge massacre. When the government gets too big, it starts trying to force people to do what the government wants; having a government who forces people to do their bidding isn’t freedom but tyranny.

Indirect killings; I saw a sign which read “Black Lives Matter” which I agree, then I saw a politician say that “All Lives Matter” which I agree with more. The politician who said “All Lives Matter” was attacked because even though his statement was the best for America, it didn’t go along with the liberal agenda. If you do not learn from, you are doomed to repeat it, this type of liberal are the first sign of designed segregation. Of course this politician stood up for his statement which is more correct then the first sign, NO, he was spineless and caved in a heartbeat to Political Correctness (PC). In the 1940s whites said their lives was worth more than a blacks, so are we back to saying one group of people are worth more than another? Saying “Black Lives Matter” wasn’t offensive or prejudice until the PC police said the politician was wrong for saying, “All Lives Matter”, you can’t get more racist. When we have a minority killed by a cop or Caucasian in the US, the news media rush to exploit the tragedy, the race baiters rush to exploit the tragedy, and yes the politicians rush to exploit the tragedy. No matter if the person killed was an angel or a demon, these three groups must exploit the tragedy; without having any evidence they will be grandstanding, otherwise they have no value. These lives really don’t matter to these groups, the only thing that does is getting their 5 minutes of glory, news ratings, or better yet, money for themselves or their organization, or their next campaign. We have come full circle with racism, it still exists in all races but now it is on a different foot and institutionalized. When will we start teach “We all mater?”

To accompany this, much of the government, through its mazes of bureaucracy, is preventing us from seeing the gravity of the damage being done to our nation. The beginning of the downward spiral came when being on welfare or subsistence was no longer an embarrassment, but turned to being a way of life. When people do not work, they lose their identity, they will have to identify with something else (gang, race, organization) to become whole. One of the main reasons we have so many deaths in the inner cities is because money, street creds, and gang affiliation has become more desirable then honesty, integrity, restraint, and working hard for what you get. The liberal politicians vote for more entitlements, not to help, but to keep control of this group of citizens and their votes as predicted by LBJ. The liberals are counting on the ignorance of inner city people to follow LBJ’s plan and it is working. Economically Enslaving the American people started the moment people were no longer ashamed of taking free handout and money without working for it. Nothing is owed to no one except the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. As a country we need to take care of our elderly, truly disabled, mentally challenged, and disaster sickened, but not freeloaders. Other than helping the elderly, truly disabled, mentally challenged, and disaster sickened, you need to earn what you get. We need to teach our citizens to fend for themselves; not give them free handouts with no expiration date, this just locks them into Economic Slavery. Teach them how to fend and defend themselves; not give them free handouts with no expiration date, this just locks them into Economic Slavery. This is the true reason you have so many inner city kids being killed, they have no way to unlock their potential because for decades, their families have been locked into LBJ’s Economic Slavery.

I blame the news media the most because the race baiters and politicians wouldn’t have any platform to tell their lies, disinformation, and propaganda on air if it wasn’t for the news media putting them out there unvetted or challenged. When you have a political party (Democrats), it politicians, and its president fighting against every minorities’ and women’s rights legislation in the 1960s and stating years later they have always been for it, that is a lie. When you have the president stating, "I’ll have those n*****s voting Democratic for the next 200 years" –LBJ, it is disgusting; what is worse is it has come true. The entitlement system was developed to keep mainly minorities and women down under the control of the government by means of economic slavery and it is working like a charm. We need to get honesty back in the news and into our politicians, currently we watch whichever news media matches our agenda even if void from the truth and vote for whichever politician is the most convincing liar. America, we are better than this.

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