Are Unions Really Working for You?

As I have said before, I am not Pro or Anti-Union, I believe there is both good and bad unions. What was the purpose of unions when they first started? When unions first started it was to get a safe work environment, fare pay, prevent child labor, and a standard work day. When unions first started they were what the American people needed. They were Christian family men, stood for family values, and didn’t want to get over on anyone, they just wanted a fair shake. If there was too much work for one person, the place must hire another, if someone was treated unfairly that they would have a course of action knowing by themselves, they could not stand up to the company. At the time Unions started, there were no real labor laws on the books and many companies were taking advantage of their workers. Unions helped get labor laws into place to stop the abuse of the workers but when are unions bad?

My brother-in-law is a Coalminer, he is a hard worker, reliable, and is one of the top people in his profession. I have seen the Union help him stay safe while siding with management officials to fire a worker when that worker, due to their own attitude or neglect, was going to get someone hurt. Working in Coalmines is a very dangerous job and if someone is coming in drunk, high, drinking or getting high at work, or just plain not pulling their load they should be fired. His Coal Union is a good Union for doing what is right instead of what they think will get the Union more money but unfortunately all Unions are not that way.

We will start with the Auto industry. I work out of Detroit and the biggest Union here is the UAW (United Auto Workers), unfortunately due to their liberal ties, greed, and company shakedown actions, the UAW is forcing jobs to be moved outside the US. In the 1970s, 100% of the cars sold in America from the Big Three were made in America. Due to the UAW raping the auto companies, Ford currently has 12% of its workers outside the US which equals 14,301 personnel, GM has 39% outside the US which equals 32,159 personnel, and Chrysler I couldn’t find the stats. By 2020 all three companies have stated they wanted 45% of product outside the US which with Ford and GM combined would be 66,359 jobs. As full disclosure, I have family and many friends who work in the Auto industry from worker bee to management and engineering. With all my family and friends working throughout the Big Three, they all eerily convey the same environment which is the reason the Big Three is moving manufacturing outside the US. What is the reason? It is twofold, first, when a bad employee who always comes in drunk, comes in high, or refuses to do their job, other employees must pick up the load because it is almost impossible for the company to fire them. Second, the Union is getting the workers’ pay so high through threats of striking that the companies are getting to the point of not being able to compete. The only way they can compete is to build in Non-Union states like VW did in Tennessee or move out of the country. Combine this with the craziness at the EPA and thanks to both, 66,359 jobs will now be in a third world country by 2020. The EPA is ran by liberals, who are supported by liberal Democrats, who ironically is supported by the UAW and most other Auto Unions. The same Union you pay your dues to is the same Union forcing your jobs to leave the country; think about that.

As bad as this is, most Teacher’s Unions ran schools are worse. Currently, the national average public school teacher’s salary is nearly $50,000 while private school average salary is around $36,000. The public school teachers belong to the Unions and are making 28% more than the private school teachers yet according to the U.S. Department of Education, Private Schools averaged 62.5% better in reading and 71.9% better in Mathematics percentiles. If you do the same comparison with Homeschooled students, reading is 57.8% better and Mathematics is 59.5% better percentiles. Not all people can stay home with their kids but let me see if I get this right, Homeschoolers on average scores 58.7% better than public schools and private schools score 67.2% higher on their test than public schools but get paid 28% less. When public schools rankings are far below private and home school, you have to ask why? Teacher Unions are a big part of the problem along with liberal policies but liberals and Unions always go hand in hand. There are some really good public schools out there, I’ve seen them, but the statistics shows the truth. The biggest problem with public schools was when President Carter made the office of Secretary of Education, anytime the federal government gets involved in something, they screw it up. Unions are the main cause today. When Unions are protecting teachers who have bad performance numbers, physical abusing children, and even child molesters, there is a problem. One teacher who was sexually harassing female students only worked for one year, he was sent to the infamous “Rubber Room”, and for the last 13 plus years he has been raping the citizens by collecting his full salary, why, because of the Teachers Union. This is what liberalism gets you and in many cases. If you are finally fired or leave of your own accord, in many cases the loosing school system can’t tell anyone requesting a reference anything except, they are a good teacher; this because of Union’s lack of ethics; shouldn’t the safety and teaching of the children come first?

The last group I will talk about will be the Police Unions. I believe that 95% of all cops on the street are good, hard working law enforcement people who hold the proper ethical standard and would be satisfied with never having to shoot a person, the other 5% are the ones who bother me and the Unions who protect them. To start off with, I have family who are in the law enforcement career and I listen to what they say carefully. With my background, I believe in 100% evidence, everyone to me is a number and by making them a number, I never look at age, race, gender, or ethnic background. When I saw the shooting of Michael Brown, my first words were to wait for the evidence and it will tell us the truth. Unfortunately we even have people in Congress who says the evidence doesn’t matter like Eleanor Holmes Norton who says “The Evidence Doesn’t Matter”, well Mrs. Norton, yes it does. This was dealing with our police in a justified shooting of an unarmed 350 pound thug in Ferguson Missouri who beat a 165 pound cop then charged the cop and was shot. I have no problem standing behind this cop, he has a right to go home at night alive. The police officer had no previous problems or complaints and was cleared here. The thug, Michael Brown was already scheduled for two court appearances for assault and had just robbed a store; he caused his own death. In Charleston SC, Officer Michael Slager who shot Walter Scott in the back as he ran away, and was charged with murder; this is how it should be done. The problem we have is the same exact situation has happened multiple times in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey with no charges ever being filed due to pressure from the Police Unions. The Police Unions have a record of protecting 5 out of 6 cops who murder people in cold blood. They kill all races and genders so ALL LIVES MATTER not just black ones. The Unions protects these bad cops because of their greed and thirst for power. Then you have the Eric Garner, he wasn’t a saint by no means, but he was murdered on camera by Officer Daniel Pantaleo using a choke hold. The chock hold, which has been illegal to use for years in New York, can never be used for more than 10 seconds. When Eric Garner was choked out by Officer Pantaleo, the tape shows him holding it for 19 seconds which will cause a fatality. Even though Mr. Garner wasn’t a saint, neither was Officer Pantaleo. Officer Pantaleo has had several excessive force complaints and two civil right complaints in one year. After choking Mr. Garner out to the point he became unresponsive, it took the police 7 minutes to call for paramedics. What was Mr. Garner’s hydrous crime? Selling single cigarettes. New York is a liberal city and selling “loosies”, untaxed cigarettes, was a grievous crime and cost Mr. Garner his life. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide but the Grand Jury and DA refuse to indict him. NY paid the garner family 5.9 million dollars in an out of court settlement, why do you pay if you did nothing wrong? This officer got away with murder.

This shows where unions can be bad. In the case of most every police union, they actually put the officers in danger. What political group supports “Black Lives Matters”, “Occupy Wall Street”, and “The New Black Panthers” who threaten police lives every day? What political group in Boston ordered the police to stakeout a corner than crucified them when they did and things wemt south? What political group sent representatives to the funerals of thugs like Travon Martin and Michael Brown but has never sent a representative to a Police Officer’s funeral? What political group do the Police Unions overwhelmingly support? If you answered liberal Democrats you would be right. Now for the hardest two questions of the night. Why are Police Unions supporting the political groups that put the police in the most danger? Why are you as a police officer supporting the Police Union who could be the reason you never see your family again?

 I have pointed out how the UAW is forcing the Big Three to move their jobs out of the US by strong arm tactics. I have pointed out how the Teacher Unions are depriving our children from a good education and destroying our public school system. I have pointed out how the Police Unions are supporting the same political groups who support the groups wanting to kill you. You can go into denial and say this is all made up even though it is shown everywhere or you can confront your Unions about supporting bad actors and groups who do not support you. The choice is yours.

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