American Teachers Teaching Our Children Islam Supporting Jihad and ISIS

We have a problem in our country when we know our enemy, the radical Islamist and terrorist, are allowed to teach and preach their hate in our schools and colleges. When the hate isn’t checked by school officials and no other religion is allowed to express their view, why can Muslims? When people are giving special accommodations for one religion over another, this is as anti-American as you can get, yet our teachers and teaching facilitators throughout America are doing exactly this. Many like to quote the “Separation of Church and State” which isn’t even in the US Constitution, what it states is there will be no “State Founded Church” like the Church of England. That being said, if you say you can’t preach religion in the schools, how can you preach Islam? An elementary school in San Diego created an extra recess period for Muslim pupils to pray, but Jews and Christians will not receive the same respect and treatment; remind you this is in a public school. The University of Michigan at Dearborn plans to build foot baths for Muslim students but will they build a chapel for Christians? No! At George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Muslim students have been given a "meditation space" for their prayers; they segregate the men and women to pray. The Jews and Christians can’t get an area set aside for prayer so isn’t this religious discrimination? Yes! Does the separating of man and women due to women being considered a lesser being then men go along with all of us being created equally? No! If you are going to try and force all Christian items out of the academic system, how can you allow another without being a hypocrite? You can’t! Across America this along with many other discriminatory actions are taking place which favors the Islamic Religion, this type of discrimination is un-American and illegal.

In regular K-12 schools you have Maury County Tennessee is where 7th graders at Spring Hill Middle School were forced to declare, “There is no God but Allah” in their Social Studies Class. School official refuse any part of teaching Christianity due to the Separation of Church and State but defends the lessons on Islam. The Georgia Department of Education has placed a curriculum into place that teaches the overview of religions of the world, this doesn’t sound bad until you look closer and see that all are just a glancing view until you come to Islam. This is where the students are forced to learn the Five Pillars of Islam. They are not allowed to learn the Ten Commandments, Tora, or the Five Moral Precepts of Buddhism but they must learn the Five Pillars of Islam. The students are also taught that Allah is the same God worshipped by Christians which offends many Christians. In Los Angeles California, 7th graders are taught a brief overview of religions including Christianity (mostly about crusades and not the religion) and Judaism which combined has 16 pages, but when it comes to Islam, the California School System gives 55 pages to Islam and the students must recite the Five Pillars of Islam. Even though California was one of the leaders trying to keep public funding out of “Christian Schools” due to the Separation of Church and State they have funded Madrasas which are Islamic only schools with American taxes; isn’t this discrimination? Yes, and it is also against federal law. If you go to the universities, you have Kent State professor, Julio Pino who is under investigation by the FBI for using his position to recruit students from Kent State for ISIS. He has been supporting jihadist all the way back to 2002. In his Face Book posts he praises Osama Bin Laden as the greatest, he even writes training manuals for an Al Qaeda web site. He talks about the oath of the 19 terrorist who carried out the 911 attacks is the “glorious oath, among the most Nobel oaths”. Kent State Universities’ leadership response is he has free speech, what if someone was making terroristic statements toward Muslim or another minority group; would it still be free speech? The Texas Tarrant County College in Fort Worth Professor Paul Derengowski World Religions class was disrupted by two Muslim students because they didn’t like how he was teaching the Islamic portion even though he was quoting directly from the Quran. They repeatedly got into the professors face in an aggressive manner. Professor Derengowski was following the curriculum but was feeling threatened and with the students in class scared, Professor Derengowski reported it to the college administration and filed a police report. The Texas Tarrant County College refused to do anything do anything to stop the threats from the students so feeling in danger for his life, Professor Derengowski resigned. Since when is the one threatening violence, a criminal act, left to roam the campus and threaten others? 

One of the biggest idiocies we have seen in our country is politicians and judges not standing for the constitution, but for Islam and/or Sharia Law which is not compatible with Constitutional Law. When American politicians are supporting Madrassa schools which preach hatred toward all others religions who are not Islamic, we have a major problem. When American politicians support radical Wahabi (Sharia Law) teachings which make a women have 4 witnesses if she was raped otherwise she will be stoned for adultery, we have a problem. When you have Hilary Clinton’s aid, Huma Abedin three family members, her late father, mother and her brother knowingly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, a Terrorist Group, do you really think Hilary is trying to protect you? Some want to say it’s a Democratic failure but John McCain is a republican and refuses to defend America over the Muslim Brotherhood, he defended Huma Abedin so we have problems from both parties. When you have politicians like Representative Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, who is a Muslim and demands public schools follow Islamic teachings and methods stating, “There are over 7 million Muslims in this country, and while we are under attack, we cannot retreat” when asked about his proposal. When you have President Obama who refuses to acknowledge the last two terrorist attacks on our country as terrorist attacks even after being classified as terror attacks by the FBI, you can tell he isn’t out for our countries best interest. When are we going to get some politicians who actually want to protect America? All the establishment candidates from both parties need to be gone. 

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