Gun Grab Just Like I Said

This is how you lose your US Constitutional rights and freedoms, President Obama has once again violated the US Constitution and it doesn’t seem like our elected officials, especially the Liberal Democrats and Republicans care. Some may say these laws make since but you must read them to see the danger. One part removes your Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that was passed by Congress in 1996 to protect patient doctor privacy. Just as President Obama violates the bond between patient doctor privacy in Obamacare, he has gutted it even more. The HIPAA Laws have now been circumvented showing you once again that liberals don’t care about your rights or the US Constitution. Any part of the government will now be able to invade the privacy between you and your doctor unfettered. As you have seen, the Liberal Democrats use Departments like the IRS, EPA, and BLM to target Americans with whom they disagree, they will now become your worse nemesis and use this information to your detriment. According to the US Constitution only the US Congress can make law. On the second blow, Activist Doctors will be able to remove your gun rights without you ever being able to challenge them; what happened to Due Process of Law? If any medical professional determines you may be a threat using only their personal feelings, you will lose your guns which has already happened in New York. Many liberal doctors think you are a threat for having a gun, since liberals have no integrity and are not trustworthy you can guarantee they will use their position to violate your rights; just like President Obama does to violate the US Constitution. 

President Obama purposely lies to everyone and even the media will not check his “Facts” or “Numbers” to see if they are correct. The president stated guns were used in suicides but never mentioned that under his tenor, suicide has risen steadily and is now 14.2% higher per 100 thousand population then before he took over. The president said suicide by guns is 60% plus but that isn’t what the CDC says, he raised his numbers by 15% so once again even though it is high, he has lied to the American people. Anyone who has been around a person bent on committing suicide will tell you no matter what, especially males, when they choose to end it, will choose the quickest most violent way to do their dirty deed. It doesn’t matter what you try to banned, a determined suicidal person will use a gun, car, or jump, and they will succeed. The other side the president didn’t touch on was 71.1% of mass shootings happen in Liberal Democratic control towns with strict gun control compared to 13.3% in conservative towns, and 15.6% in independent towns and military installations. He states that Gun dealers at Gun Shows don’t do back ground checks, every Dealer at every Gun Show I have went to does a background check and that is an extremely high number of gun shows, so again President Obama lied. Most deaths a year are due to intercity gangs, many of the worse Illegal Aliens like MS-13, which he and the liberals refuse to keep out of America. He doesn’t tell you that gangs are responsible for up to 80% of all US crime according to the FBI. Many of the guns used in street crimes by these gangs in these liberal cities which are bought on the black market were previously confiscated by the police in a different crime. My question is, how the guns got back on the street; it wasn’t through a gun dealer. Maybe we would have less gun violence if the liberals would secure the borders, deport the illegal criminals, and bust any sanctuary city that is protecting them.

The Liberal theology isn’t just about controlling guns, it is also putting all Americans and our country at risk. President Obama has allowed 100,000 Islamic Syrians into our country knowing that ISIS was faking passports and papers. According to estimates from intelligence agencies around the world, this allowed between 15,000 and 35,000 ISIS terrorist into the US while at the same time refusing to allow Syrian Christians into the US. Liberals try to use the logic that if confiscating all guns just saves one life, it is worth it. Well then, if deporting all illegal aliens’ saves just one life, wouldn’t that be worth it? It is well documented that Japan refused to try and invade the US during WWII because even though there is liberals who try and debunk it, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in his personal journal stated after attacking Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” He then stated, "You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass" and he was correct. Liberal, anti-military policies left us weak at the beginning of WWII, they didn’t come after our guns back then but they did take down the military; now they want to do both, the military and ours freedoms. A leader of a country used children in photo ops and manipulated the citizens’ emotions to take guns from his citizens turning them into subjects telling them this would make them safer. He then was the catalyst to over 8,000,000 of his fellow countrymen dying not counting an estimated 85 million worldwide; his name was Adolf Hitler. We need to learn from history or we will be doomed to repeat it.

Just another quick thought, when you have people like Philadelphia liberal Democrat mayor Jim Kenney following our Liberal Democratic President in saying Islamic Terrorist attacks are not Religious in nature when the people doing the attacks and the FBI say they are, do you think they are really out to protect you and your children? I still don’t know why the Liberal Democrats are protecting the violent Islamic terrorists bent on destroying America; not my words but the violent Islamic terrorists’.

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