The Problem with Liberal Cities and It’s People

What is the problem we have in big cities? In short, Liberals and their theology. As I have shown you the statistics, not from a far left or right site, but from the government sites, if you look at every big city with the highest financial and crime problems you will find a liberals in charge. In many cases they have been in charge for five decades and ran the cities into the ground; Detroit and Chicago are good examples. The economic stability is collapsing and crime is rapid. Many of the laws passed in cities remove peoples US Constitutional rights such as not allowing Law Abiding Citizens to get Conceal Carry Licenses (CCL). Two of the top people trying to take your guns is Senator Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, both who in the past and maybe currently have personal CCL from their state. Dianne Feinstein may not currently have one but does have an armed bodyguard; can you say hypocrite? Mrs. Feinstein has the money to afford body guards but the average American has to rely on themselves being able to be the first line of defense. She relied on defending herself in the past but doesn’t want you to have to same freedom she had. All law abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves and their families!

Much of liberal leadership in cities try to work off personal agendas or feeling instead of reality. If you tax the working people and companies into oblivion to pay for those who refuse to work, the workers and companies will leave, just ask Detroit. When you allow leeches to suck a city dry without one once of contributing, your city will attracted more of the same destroying the creditable base and its society. When people shirk their responsibilities like paying their water bills instead of buying cigarettes, you lose infrastructure stability and 50 years later, you have what we see in big liberally ran cities; a disaster. These cities and their leadership needs to come back to reality. When Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby promises to throw cops in jail for doing what she requested, something stinks. We are supposed to follow the law, not our feelings, agenda, or what is Politically Correct (PC). At the time of Freddie Gray’s death, as Legal Top Dog in Baltimore, without even seeing one piece of evidence pointing to wrong doing, she biases the whole city and allows the thugs to destroy it. Ms. Mosby, just like the last two US Attorney Generals don’t care about the law, this should really scare you. She doesn’t care about the people of Baltimore, only saving face and trying to get future votes.

When liberals try to fix a problem, 99% of the time they only look at the symptom instead of the root cause. If you only treat the symptom the problem will remain and fester itself in a different form, sometimes worse than the original. When you have a proper fix to a problem but circumvent it for personal or political desires, you have just re-infected the city. If you want a good example, look at Detroit. Detroit had a road problem, the people of Michigan voted to pass a gas tax to fix and only fix the roads in Michigan and Detroit. The liberal leadership took the 19 cents per gallon and do you know how much went to the Transportation fund to fix the roads; 0%! No wonder the people don’t trust the government. The Detroit leaders promised the Detroit people that they would apply this tax to fix the roads and stabbed them in the back. The leadership spent every last bit of the 19 cents on personal agendas and projects. The same liberals have done the same with the gambling revenue, federal and state grants yet Detroit citizens still vote them in again. In Louisiana and New Orleans specifically, in November 2003, the Federal Government gave grants to sure up the levees well before Hurricane Katrina hit on 29 August 2005. Then Governor Kathleen Blanco redirected the funds along with New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin to their personal projects and when Katrina happened, blamed the President Bush. Even after Katrina, Governor Blanco prevented the military from coming in to help because as most liberals, she despises the military. Mayor Nagin commandeered buses sent by outsiders to help the get the people who couldn’t afford it out of New Orleans. Mayor Nagin used the busses to get his wealthy donors out even though they could have afforded to leave by their own means. Blanco and Nagin neither one followed their FEMA plans which is what caused all the deaths in New Orleans and the rest of the state.

This is one cause of the aggression in big cities, but why is there so much aggression in big cities? When the liberal breakup of the family unit was introduced, it had a devastating effect on the standing and makeup of the culture within big cities which were mostly minorities. When you stop teaching females that out of wedlock birth is bad and teach males that you don’t need to take care of your kids, the government will, you condemn these people to poverty. When the family unit is no longer there, the family then becomes the gangs because everyone wants to belong. Gang violence and crime are then accepted as part of the fabric of the community. These people now fall into the liberal trap of believing the government must pay for you cradle to grave because you are owed it simply for being an American. This mentality reinforces that the law doesn’t matter because you must enforce your own law to survive. If you want something, take it because you deserve it. Now violence has been allowed for so long in these communities that they have to be violent to survive thanks to the liberal theology. They must break the law to get guns to protect themselves because this same liberal leadership won’t let them get guns legally to protect themselves. Do you think a criminals are going to attack someone if they may be armed? Liberals have established and encourage certain behaviors which isn’t accepted by the majority culture. This limits or even prevents the inner city communities from breaking out of their poverty, yet they will still vote in the exact ones holding them down. Instead of being a worker ran community, it has turned into a thug ran community with highly violent tendencies. The community and culture that has become uninterested in following the path of dress or work ethics which leads you to succeed, will never succeed but be doomed to poverty. Their only chance is to change the culture but it will take time, it took 50 years to get to this point, it may take longer to get back. When you watch liberal cities like Seattle raise the minimum wage so the inner city people could have a “Living Wage”, only to have the workers wanting to work less hours so not to lose entitlements, the only thing you have accomplished is kicking the business owner in the teeth. What happened to wanting to work for what you get?

These leaders have even changed the culture of the police, cops are no longer peace officers but tax collectors. Most cities run off the revenue the police pull in, they are used by liberal leadership to bring in revenue instead of protect the people because that is what is more important to them. The police and the community should be joined to help each other, due to many bad cops getting away with abuse of power, the inner city communities don’t trust the police anymore. The reasoning behind this is what I like to call the “Blue Blood Code of Ethics” kicking in. When a cop writes a ticket and the receiver sees the cop doing the same thing later they were ticked for, this causes resentment and divisions in the communities. The inner city cops have become more aggressive instead of tactical at the direction of the city leadership which enhances the distrust from the community. When liberals set it up so you are given a felony for Jay-Walking or issue a Bench Warrant for a missed misdemeanor court date, this causes the rift to divide even more. No, you shouldn’t miss a court date but you shouldn’t be arrested for missing a misdemeanor court date either. Most cops are good, but bad cops are allowed to stay on the force because of agreements with the city leadership and the Union contracts. The liberal city leadership follows the liberal theology, “by any means necessary” which means do what you want and is why Eric Green was murdered. This is also the reason Daniel Pantaleo was allowed to choke a man to death and get away with it. If the cops did nothing wrong, then why did the city pay $5.9 million to his family? These city leaders are draining the city coffers by paying out millions for bad police wrong doings. The police are irritated because they can’t get rid of these “Bad Actors” because of the Union contracts, they are not allowed to fire these bad cops. When it comes to a head like in Baltimore, you have the liberal leadership turning their backs on the cops who were just followed the leadership’s orders. Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby, stabbed every cop in the back. She has left the police in a Kobayashi Maru or an unwinnable position. She put her political agenda to get elected as mayor over the truth which put all the Baltimore cops into a dangerous position. Now, not only does the citizens not trust the city leadership but neither does the police. When the police enforce the law or what has been directed by the liberal city leaders, and the leadership blame the cops for the result, the cops become passive and crime skyrockets like what is happening in Baltimore. The Cops won’t enforce the laws or procedures because if they any mistake, they are persecuted by the same liberal leadership that mandated they do it. This also makes cops not want to lend a helping hand or take an extra step to help in the community because if something goes sideways, they fear being charged. These city leaders have now effectively stifled the police from doing their job due to political correctness and political desires. Now the street thugs are using PC to bully the liberal city leaders and the liberal city leaders do not have the balls to do what is right.

The sad part is, many who live in the city still vote for the liberals holding them down because they listen to the liberal ones propaganda instead of checking the facts. Liberals have brainwashed these communities while stabbing them in the back relying on the premise these communities are not smart enough to figure it out, so far they are correct. Here is a good example. The inner city unemployment rate for black men is around 50%, why? It is what I pointed out above but another major factor is all the illegals taking their jobs for less pay. Jobs should be given to Americans before any illegal. Who is the champion of the Illegals in America? It’s the liberal Democratic establishment, the same ones who are running these cities. These same unemployed Americans are voting for the same politicians putting them into poverty; kind of an oxy-moron don’t you think? It is up to these same community citizens to turn a new leaf if they want their kids and grandkids to have a chance. They have the ability, but will they do it?

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