Campaign, Voter, and Election Reform

Politicians who are supposed to be upstanding citizens and honest are anything but upstanding and honest. To prevent politicians from defrauding the people in another election we need to make a few changes to the rules. To show you why this needs to be done here are a couple of examples; I am not for or against any candidate so this is completely observation. The Democratic and Republican Party Establishment shows why the people hate Establishment parties and candidates.

The Republican Party Establishment made Donald Trump sign an agreement that no matter who wins the votes, all Republicans will support that person. Now that Mr. Trump is handily beating every other Republican candidate, they are trying every way they can to derail him to get one of their “Establishment Candidates” to be the nominee. Why are they not following their own edict imposed on Mr. Trump? The Republican Party is supposed to supporting Mr. Trump as they had promised, this shows the American People that they cannot trust the “Republican Party Establishment”. From the civilian citizen side, it looks like Mr. Trump is the Republican Base choice to be the Republican candidate. I’m not for or against Mr. Trump but it seems the “Establishment Republicans” are about to make a grave mistake. If the “Establishment Republicans” torpedo Mr. Trump, they will lose a mass of their core base because there will be no doubt that they are no better than the liberal Democrats.

The Democratic party are even worse, they select a “Democratic Establishment Candidates” who no one trusts. I’m not for or against Mr. Sanders but Mrs. Clinton has put this countries national security at risk by all the classified “Top Secret” emails on her non-secured, unencrypted, server. I work for the government and if I had done what she had done, I would be in jail for 10 years. She has received massive donations from foreign government who hates us, through donations to her charity which is just a money laundering front. She has been implicated in everything from the Benghazi lie and cover up, selling our nuclear material to Russia and this is the best candidate you have. With here violating the law this many times, the question needs to be asked; don’t we all fall under the same justice system and rules? The Democratic Party was once a good party, one of my favorite politicians of all time was Sam Nunn, Democrat from Georgia. The Democratic Party has been taken over by Liberal Elitist and its core base doesn’t like it, this is why so many are bailing from their party. Even though Mr. Sanders has won most of the caucuses in the beginning, Mrs. Clinton, received massively more delegates. This is the Democratic Party telling Democratic voters that their vote doesn’t matter, we the “Establishment” will pick your candidate. This is even worse then what the Republicans are doing; what choice do Americans have?

We need to turn our country back into what our Founding Fathers wanted. Maybe this means it is time for a third party which is for America’s best interest because neither the Democratic or Republican party seems to care about the country, just their own back pockets. The three areas we could start in is Campaign Finance Reform, Voter Fraud, and election Fraud.

Campaign Finance Reform

Do we want to clean up campaign finance, stop all the illegal contributions from foreign countries, and end the bribing of our politicians? Do you want to end the lies told and name calling of politicians and get back to “We the People” and our topics. When you have politicians like Harry Reid who admittedly lied about Mitt Romney and is proud about it, we have a problem. Mr. Reid lied because as with most liberal, no matter how unethical, the means justify the end. You can see this as shown in his snarky last remark about Mr. Romney, “he didn’t win did he.” The other side isn’t much better with the three leaders in the polls acting like playground bullies toward each other instead of discussing the topics that concern the American people. Then again we know everything coming out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a lie just by looking at her track record. These type of politicians from both parties need to be removed! They are removing all respect and dignity (what little is left) from the US government Elected Officials. If we want to end these repugnant and illicit acts, we need to pass a law which incorporates the following:

1.     No companies can contribute to a candidate or party.

2.     No unions can contribute to a candidate or party.

3.     No tax exempt organizations can contribute to a candidate or party.

4.     No charitable foundations can contribute to a candidate or party.

5.     Any political advertisement must be approved by candidate even from independent groups or they cannot be aired.

6.     Any group or candidate shown to give a knowingly false statement will be fined, removing 5% of their campaign funding and giving it to their opponent, on first offense, 10% on second offense, 20% on every offense afterwards. 

7.     Only individual citizens will be able to contribute to a candidate or party with a limited of $2,500. If an individual or company gives their staff or employees money to give to a preselected candidate or party circumventing the law, the will be fined and all involved band from contributing in the next election.

If the above was made into law and enforced, not only would you end the lies but other damaging acts as well. You would end the political money laundering for campaign donations, where the politicians give millions to companies and organizations for a 10-20% return in contributions to the politicians or political parties’ coffers.

Voter Fraud

We do have voter fraud going on in the US and voting to me is our most sacred right bestowed on us from the US Constitution. I don’t care if you lean left or right, voter fraud can hurt all sides and shouldn’t it be up to the people to decide; not some left or right crony? Some people say we don’t have voter fraud but let’s check the facts.

1.     In North Carolina, Jim Turner posted on his Facebook page that he has voted FOUR times during the 2012 election which is voter fraud; he later recants saying it was a joke.

2.     There are 66 voting districts in Philadelphia with 1,553,000 people. This makes it an average of 23,530 people per district. During the last election, Philadelphia had 59 districts without one vote for Mitt Romney which means not one of the 1,388,270 people cast a vote for Mr. Romney, this is a statistical impossibility.

3.     In Ohio, Longtime Election Day poll worker, Melowese Richardson was convicted on Multiple Counts of Voter Fraud. It makes me wonder how long did she get away with it before she was caught?

4.     In St. Lucie County, Florida, during the 2012 election, over 141% of the county residence voted; did you catch the turnout?

5.     In Florida, a vast number of Illegal Aliens and Non-Citizens were caught voting in 2012; maybe that is why there was 141% in St. Lucie County.

6.     A national poll shows 13% of Illegal Aliens admit to voting in US elections. If you ask why we need IDs to vote, these are good examples of why.

7.     If anyone caught voting who is not a US citizen will be automatically deported even if they are in the US legally.

8.     Mandate voter ID in all 50 states.

9.     Return to the old way of counting votes, where you have one Democrat and Republican hand count every paper vote. You will have people say this is impossible but it isn’t and the true vote of the people will be more accurate.

If any group out there detests this then you know who is committing the voter fraud. There is a voter fraud problem and if you refuse to open your eyes and see the truth, you are part of the problem and are not worthy to be called an American. Illegal Aliens and Foreigners are not US citizens and do not have the same rights especially the right to vote. It is ironic when an American group named Crooks and Liars, who is supposable pointing out “Crooks and Liars”, don’t even know the US Constitution, but think they know Constitutional Right violations. They accuse Ben Carson of stripping “Illegal Aliens” of their US citizenship. They haven’t figured out yet that Illegal Aliens ARE NOT US citizens and have no US rights. I think “Crooks and Liars” may actually be the “Crooks and Liars”.

Election Fraud

The fraud is even worse than this to the point of rigging the election machines. In 2012, a candidate who was trailing the day before the election by double digits magically won by double digits. A friend of mine said the candidate’s name was already selected when he went to pick his vote. He changed it and selected his candidate but when he finished all his picks and went to finalize his votes and cast them, this candidates name was once again selected. The group managing the voting machines was a strong supporter of this politician. In this state, this was a rigged election. It doesn’t matter if the candidate was a Democrat or Republican, what matters is that they could pull it off. This candidate robbed the people of their US Constitutional rights; this needs to stop! We can put an end to this by doing the following:

1.     Make it so all states divide by percentage of delegates equal to the percentage of votes they get.

2.     Remove all separate delegates who are able to cast their vote separate from the voting process.

3.     Mandate that all primary voting in a states have the same voting day for both Democrats and Republicans to save the state money and prevent cross voting.

4.     We could even take the popular vote from each state, give each state one vote to cast for the winner of the popular vote, and mandate 50% plus 1 to be elected president.

The best thing we can do to straighten out much of the politician mess we have is as follows:

1.     Set term limits for congress at 12 years.

2.     Allow 401K if they contribute, but only under the exact same provisioning as GS employees.

3.     No retirement!

4.     Fall under the same medical plan as our Military unless they pay out of pocket.

5.     Make the max amount of staff for any congressional member 50.

6.     Mandate that no congressional member can vote on any bill they haven’t read.

7.     Mandate there is a minimum of 2 days per one hundred pages for congress to read a bill; if two bills are released the same day the time will be sequential starting with the one designated first.

8.     Mandate all bills must be in layman’s language and when a bill is released it be posted on a public website for all to view.

9.     All bills stand on their own, no joining bills.

10.  Set the Military yearly budget at 20% of federal budget so it can’t be used for political gain anymore. It would also allow the military to by the best piece of equipment without political pressure. Political favors cost us at least 128 lives in Afghanistan.

I am sure there is much more which can be done but first we need to get our politicians to be more honest, or at the lease set law up to punish them when they aren’t. Second we must end Congress from being a lifelong job. Congress was set up by our Founding Fathers to be a duty for the most honorable people in our nation, not the money cow it has turned into.

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