The Truth About Hate Groups

Hate groups are groups who show distain, contempt, and hatred for another group do to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political party, personal choice of living, and I’m sure others I have not mentioned. They will try to destroy any group or person with whom they disagree by any means, illegal or legal actions available to them; they look at you as an enemy. What are not hate groups are group who disagree with your views but do not try to destroy you, your beliefs, or your freedom through illegal or legal actions. They may disagree and produce items, and try to educate you why they believe what they do saying why they disagree with your view but they do not look at you as an enemy.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), La Raza, New Black Panthers (NBP), or the National Action Network (NAN), hate groups are hate groups. Many hate groups like the ones mentioned above are about a person’s skin color, many others deal with theology. When you have the Arian Nation saying “Kill all non-Whites”, the NBP saying “kill all whites”, or La Raza saying, “kill all non-Spanish in our land”, they are all equally hateful and prejudice. When they use their race to extort money from companies by threatening unrest and violence or they threaten people to try and shut their view or voice down, they are a hate group. If you have a pedophile group and there is a group trying to stop them, they are not a hate group, but hate can be present in people do to this hideous crime. If you have a group trying to protect the US Constitution and have it enforced or lobbying to enforce written law, these are not hate groups but Patriots. If you have a person or group who are US citizens and hate the US, just leave and go to where you think there is a better country, you are not a Patriot and don’t deserve with what you have been blessed.

Many groups who go out to destroy any person or group who think different than them are also hate groups even if saying this isn’t politically correct. Groups like the Human Rights Campaign, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and Black Lives Matter (BLM), will do anything they can to destroy anyone who disagrees with their views. If your sole purpose is to destroy a person or group just because they think differently than you even though nothing they do directly affects you, you are a hate group. If you look at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a government entity which is a hate group, it was caught targeting group because of their political views. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is another government entity which is a hate group, it targets people who don’t blindly by into the “Climate Change” scenario and has also been caught targeting group because of their political views; both the IRS and EPA are politically motivated hate groups.

There are many religious groups said to be hate group just because they do not accept your life style, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT), as one they believe from their standard as moral; they are not a hate group. You do have churches like Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), who are nothing but a hate group claiming to follow the Bible yet not following anything it teaches. You do have Pastor Fred Phelps Jr, along with Al Sharpton and many others who are all haters but one try to use political correctness, the other the shock factor to justify what can never be justified using the Bible; they are haters.

But if you really want to see a hateful religion, not all but enough, look to Islam. No group in Islam accepts the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community or lifestyle and directs its followers, especially the Radical Islamist, to openly target and murder people within the LGBT community to satisfy their god. Liberal politicians are bringing these radicals into America and their kids who are 1st generation Americans but still following the same beliefs, are openly targeting for murder people within the LGBT community as we just saw in the Jacksonville. The Islamic community 100% refuses to bake cake, take pictures, or provide flowers for any LGBT event; the majority of this religion is a hate group, not because of the refusal is service for the LGBT community but because of their targeting and murdering of people within the LGBT community. With President Obama orchestrating the Afghan surge of “refugees” into the America, Breitbart points out 99% support Sharia Law which condones the murdering of people within the LGBT community. This is not politically correct to say but it is the truth.

The sad part is many within the LGBT community are haters themselves, just look at how they are purposely targeting the Christian community. If any Christian business refuses the LGBT community service due to religious convictions, the LGBT community viciously attacks that business and tries to destroy it and the people. LGBT, where is the tolerance you once asked for and preached about? The LGBT community are also hypocrites, they will go after Christian businesses for denying service but they never go after an Islamic business with the same fervor. The fact is from my research I couldn’t find one story where the LGBT community have ever gone after the Islamic business for denial of service. No matter how hateful certain members of the LGBT community are, no one should be denied the ability to protect themselves as the Liberals have done in Jacksonville with the “Gun Free Zone” policy. With this Liberal’s theology in place, if someone would have stood up and shot this murder saving dozens from death with a legal concealed weapon, they would have been arrested and charged. FBI statistics show crime rate raises in “Gun Free Zone” yet Liberals ignore this because it doesn’t fit their theology or agenda and now it just cost the LGBT community 50 members.

I predicted this was going to happen and I was called an Islamophobic which is strange since I have many Muslim friends. My prediction wasn’t politically correct but it was the truth and sadly came to be. Noor Salman, a Muslim, drove her ex-husband Omar Mateen, a Muslim, to buy the guns, to buy ammo, to the spot where he killed 50 Americans, and knew he was going to do it. Omar Mateen had contact with Radical Islamic Clerics, called 911 to tell them what he was doing, while he was doing it three times or more, and said he was a member of ISIS. Our president than comes out and tells us there is no evidence he was it was a faith related attack; are you kidding me? The Obama administration told the FBI to back off checking out Mosques they thought were radical, and President Obama ignored evidence of Baltimore mosque's ties to terror. After the Orlando Massacre he meets the press and is mad because the Republicans have pointed out that even after the Orlando Massacre, he being a Liberal will never use the word “Radical Islam” to describe the terrorist. Then he has the audacity to defend Islam who religion, who’s Quran, and who’s Sharia Law calls for the murder of all in the LGBT community which succeeded with 50 Americans deaths in Orlando; next he will be calling the Orlando Massacre “Work Place Violence” like he did at Fort Hood. The kicker is when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she blocked the FBI’s Investigation into Omar Mateen, the Orlando Killer’s Mosque. This is what happens when Liberals get in charge of protecting anything. Look at Benghazi, more security was requested by Ambassador Stevens because the threat was elevated. What did Mrs. Clinton do; she took security away. I still can’t believe people want her as the president.

The LGBT community should be free to live however they choose without the president and Mrs. Clinton enabling their Massacre. The LGBT Community as all Americans should be forwarded the opportunity and ability to protect themselves as well; if one person would have had a gun, many could have been saved but this goes against Liberal Theology, after all, they were in a “Gun Free Zone.” Guns didn’t kill these people, the being raised from birth, indoctrinated into the hateful Islamic Sharia beliefs, and being enabled by Liberal doctrine is what killed these people. I have different beliefs than the LGBT community but this is America and what makes us strong is our different beliefs. But when you find a group carrying out murders due to their beliefs and hatred, who believe all others are beneath them; they need to be removed from America. I hate to point out the obvious truth to the LGBT community but the Liberals will never protect you, they only use you to get your votes. If they were going to protect you, they wouldn’t have stopped the FBI from investigating people who openly state they want to murder you as the Imam at Omar Mateen Mosque has done. My condolences go out to the LGBT community victims, family, and their friends.

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