The Most Deadly Attack on American Soil, Thanks Liberals

I hate it when I predict something like the attack in Orlando Florida and I am right. I don’t want to be right when it comes to Americans dying on American soil but with all the Liberals, and their policies embedded in the American government, it is an inevitable fact that Americans are going to die. The problem with Liberal theology is when it is tested and fails, liberals still double down on it and fabricate data (Lie) to try and make it plausible. If you still disagree they try to bully you into submission or in some cases, make laws stifling your US Constitutional Rights for their agenda.

Several months back I wrote, “Terrorist Have Easy Access to the US People” explaining that the open borders and Radical Muslims inside the US are going to get us killed and it has in many occasions, but the Liberals Politicians and Media refuse to accept this fact. They will ignore the facts and lie until something so big happens that they can’t cover it up. Just like the 50 murdered and 53 wounded in a Florida Gay Night Club which ISIS claimed responsibility, the Liberals Politicians who could have prevented it will blame everyone else and never blame the real culprit, themselves. You can’t have your cake and eat it both which unfortunately the gay community by backing the Liberals Politicians has just found out.

When you are an American, you should be doing what is best for the country. If you back a group like Liberals who back people who want to kill you, you are a fool.This is what the gay community has done, they have stanchly backed Liberal politicians who back open borders and bringing unvetted Islamic refugees into the US who they know have terrorist hiding within this group. The first thing out of the father of Omar Mateen, the gunman was, “This has nothing to do with religion”, but his Facebook page and Law-enforcement sources told CBS News the gunman was a U.S. citizen from Port St. Lucie, a city approximately 120 miles southeast of Orlando and was born to Afghan parents in 1986. They further stated the gunman was believed to have “leanings toward radical Islamic terrorism.” His father states the same thing our Liberal politicians do every time a non-religious Islamic Religious zealot kills or attacks an American. It doesn’t matter how many times you lie about it, Radical Islam is a Muslim Islamic Religious Group who wants all other non-Muslims dead or under their control but they do want every gay person dead.

Liberal Theology besides telling you to put out disinformation, tells you that you can reason with these radicals but you can’t. It is like having a pond you like to swim in with a Nile crocodile in it, you can try to reason with the crocodile, it may humor you for a short time food (money) you give it that is right before it kills you. You can either kill the croc, inflict enough psychological or physical pain that it fears you, or you can die. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack and we have more and more ISIS terrorist crossing our southern border every day according to the US Border Control. This does not count the Islamic Refugees our Liberal president is bringing in every day so we will have more of these attacks. Liberals in Florida following Liberal Theology have made it so every club is a “Gun Free Zone” so no one in the club could defend themselves. The sad part is, if one person would have had a gun, they could have stopped this, but then following Liberal Theology, they would have been prosecuted to the fullest extent; tell me how stupid is this?

The bottom line is, neither Liberal Democrats or Republicans will admit when their unproven Liberal Theology is proven to be wrong and in this case deadly, they will just double down. Neither Liberal Democrats nor Republicans have secured our southern borders or move to disband the 35 plus terrorist training camps the FBI identified within the US. And just like the Unions who keep voting in the same Liberal Politicians who keep sending their jobs overseas, the gay community keeps voting in the same Liberal Politicians who prevent the gay and all other communities from protecting themselves. This is all common since but when you involve Liberalism, common since goes out the door. My condolences to all the victims’ families, I just wish they could see that Liberal politicians are the ones who enabled this atrocity to happen.


  1. Is this why with the highest violence also have the strictest gun laws? (rhetorical)

  2. Southern Gent16 June, 2016 06:20

    I think you meant to say if you look, all the cities with the strictest gun control have the highest violence and are controlled by liberals; you would be right. In Chicago 70% of all gun crime happens in gun-free zones; it's kind of ironic.