Liberals Enabling Radical Muslims to Murder the LGBT Community

I have a question. If you are driving down the road and a car going the wrong way hits and kills you, was it the car’s fault, the car manufacture’s fault, or the driver of the car fault? Of course it is the driver of the car going the wrong way fault. If that driver was drunk, was it the alcohol’s fault, the alcohol manufacture’s fault, or the person doing the drinking and driving fault? Once again, it is the driver of the car going the wrong way, who is drunk fault. If I eat so much I become obese and die of a stroke from being overweight, was it the fork’s fault, the fork manufacture’s fault, or my fault for eating too much? The answers are obvious again, but when you throw Liberalism, Political Correctness (PC), and political agenda into the mix, the truth doesn’t matter anymore. The drunk driver is responsible for his acts, not the car (an inanimate object), not the manufacture (no fault in the manufacturing), not the alcohol, the alcohol manufacture, but the individual drinking and driving. If I am obese, it isn’t the fork’s fault (an inanimate object), the manufacture’s fault (no fault in the manufacturing), but mine for eating too much. This being said, how does the Liberals come up with it being the gun’s fault (an inanimate object) for the Orlando shooting or any other shooting for that matter? The shooting was in a “Gun Free Zone”, the owner forbid his security from having guns, so where did it come from? Did the gun load itself and walk into the club under its own power and start shooting?

Criminals and Radical Islamic Terrorist do not follow the law, guns are banned in France yet Radical Islamic Terrorist hid them in their mosques and then used them to wage jihad. France's politicians failed their citizens just like America's politicians have failed "We The People." France, after realizing the danger it has put its people in is now doing what should have been done in the first place, they are logically look at the threat being produced from the Islamic community; they have figured out "Political Correctness" does nothing but get you killed. France raided and closed 160 Radical Mosques out of 2300 Mosques after finding this "Peaceful Religion" was using these mosques to hide war grade weapons. This is 7% of their mosques they caught with weapons, what the true percentage helping to wage jihad is not known. Is every mosque helping the jihadist? No, but if 7% of the mosques are helping. Criminals get away 50% of the time with their crimes which if this is correct, France would still need to catch the second 160 Radical Mosques to protect their people. Intelligent Agencies from across the world estimate 15-25 % of a Muslim population are jihadist, this would be 950,832 to 1,584,720 jihadist in France alone. The bright side is France has finally wised up, thrown "Political Correctness" out the door to protect their citizens.

If we apply the same numbers in France and apply it to America, with a US Muslim population of 32,334,100, we would have from 4,850,115 to 8,083,525 Muslims jihadist. We already know from the FBI that there are at the minimum 35 Jihadist training camps in America. The FBI had been investigating Omar Mir Siddique Mateen, the Orlando jihadist, and the Mosque he attended but the investigation was shut down by Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State out of fear of offending Muslims, according to recently retired DHS agent Philip Haney. The reason 103 people were shot was due to "Political Correctness", Liberal agendas, and lack of leadership. How many people in America, especially the LGBT community are offended about Americans dying due to "Political Correctness", when it could have been prevented? The sad part is our government has tried to blame an inanimate object, a gun, once again for bad liberal policies and leadership. This is not a Democrat -vs- Republican, fight, I showed you in Islamic Terrorism Spelled Out, how Congressman Steve Lynch, a Democrat, pointed out 72 individuals working at Home Land Security who were on the “Terrorist Watch List”. If Liberal President Obama and his Liberal administration are not even checking the people they are hiring within Home Land Security to protect us, do you really think he and his liberal administration are vetting the Islamic refugees we are receiving? Did you know these same Liberals are gutting our constitution to try and bring Sharia Law into the US? In dealing with Islamic Radicals, from the get go Liberals ideology is helping Islamic Terrorist kill innocent Americans.

If you are in the LGBT community or a women, supporting these Liberals, it is going to get you literally killed, just ask Orlando's LGBT community. I have spelled this out before in "Why Do Most Muslims Hate Everyone Else?" why Islamic theology hates everyone else. Every time we see it come up in the news or a TV show they always say, "Islam is a peaceful religion" and many Muslims are but it isn't the majority. When in Idaho, you have these newly arrived Islamic refugees raping a little girls at knife point, it should show you they don't care about our laws. Then you have 103 people shot in Orlando by an Islamic Extremist and Liberal Attorney General Loretta Lynch orders all references to "Islamic Terrorism" to be removed, it should send shivers down your spine. The final straw should be when you have a video made by ISIS showing an ISIS terrorist, in the US at Time Square, practicing a dry suicide bomber run, you need to think hard. When this video zooms in to show the suicide bomber pulling the ring on his detonator, it should make you realize how unprotected these Liberal policies have made America. All these Liberal policies, especially "Political Correctness", could have once again, like in Orlando, enabled the murder of hundreds of Americans by Islamic Radicals.

There are two movies, "By the Numbers" and "Honor Diaries Part 1 - Honor Diaries Part 2", put out by Muslim women who now have Islamic Fatwas against them. A Fatwa is "a ruling or judgement on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority." In the Fatwas against these women, the Imams have directed them to be murdered for telling the truth about Islam and the violence; I wrote about this in "Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings." Currently in America, Liberals judges are allowing Sharia Law to be illegally practiced in America. Reports of "Honor Killings, Female Genital Mutilation, Wife Beatings, and the literal Defacing (with acid) of Women who do not comply with their theology poor in, all the Liberal Politicians do is cover it up. Within this cover up, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch has even went as far as to suggest penalizing people who offend Muslims; don't we have "Free Speech" in America?" If Sharia Law gets a foot hold in America, it will demand the murder of every LGBT citizen, this is not my words, but the Islamic community's words and their actions. You need to think about this hard because if you don't stop it, it will be your children and grandchildren who will be subjected to it.

One last thought, if Hillary Clinton cares about the LGBT community and women’s rights, why does she accept political donations from the most misogynistic countries? The answer is she doesn’t care about the LGBT community, women, or even America, she only cares about money, power, and whatever she can take from America and its citizens. Do you really think Hillary will keep you, your children, or America safe? If you said yes you are lying to yourself.

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