Hillary and the DNC Using Military Death to Cover for Radical Islam

I’m an Independent, I do not like the Liberal Democratic or Republican Establishments because they have done nothing for our country. Through their incompetence and agendas they have only made America weaker and less safe. We are in a war today as is the whole world and it is with Radical Islam. I believe there are good peaceful people of all races and religions just like I know there are the bad ones, Radical Islam is bad and very illusive, figuring out who they are in a crowd is the biggest problem we face today.

I am not for or against Mr. Trump but the DNC, especially Hillary and President Obama has made a legacy out of lying about what anyone says, especially if they disagree or it puts them in a bad light. Hillary and President Obama say Mr. Trump is prejustice because he said “Stop all Muslims from coming into America”, but they left off the rest of the statement, “Until our countries representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Mr. Trump is referring to Muslim refugees wreaking havoc everywhere they have gone. After all the Islamic Terrorist attacks around the world from these refugees, it is a very smart course to take. Muslims in the name of Islam have murdered thousands, not only around the world but also in our own back yard. Donald Trump warns of the Radical Muslim Problem and the truth is he is right, not all Muslims, but the Radical Muslim are a problem and they are here. The Muslim Student Association, or Muslim Student Union is a Muslim Group in American collages who preach hatred against other groups, especially Jewish people. A student, one of their members challenged a Jewish professor, he gets her to points out the truth, make sure you listen to her last comment where she would support rounding up the Jews for genocide. What does the DNC do, they bring the father of a fallen Muslim soldier and uses him to pass false propaganda; this was deplorable and the father unknowingly has just stabbed his son’s troops in the back. His son was one of the good guys who was killed by the Radical Islamist, do you think his son would want to let all unvetted Muslims into America? No.

As I always say, no matter what someone says, look at the facts and their actions to find the truth. Our Liberal Politicians refuse to learn from the past and try to rewrite it so let’s look at a brief review of our history, the two deadliest attacks on US military personnel by US military personnel where both done by US Troops of Muslim Faith.

Sergeant Hasan Karim Akbar killed two soldiers and wounded 14, in Kuwait during wartime. He was the first to be convicted of “Fragging" fellow soldiers overseas since the Vietnam war

Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 and wounded 30 others at Ft Hood.

The two deadliest attacks on US civilians personnel in America where both done by people of Muslim Faith.

September 11 Attacks 19 al-Qaeda terrorists, eighteen of which were on expired VISAs hijacked 4 planes killing 2,996 people and wounding over 6,000 others.

Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 in an Islamic, hatred of gays rampage in Orlando Florida.

Our last three US Ambassadors killed in the line of duty were also killed by people of Muslim Faith.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with 3 others were killed in Benghazi on 11 September by people of Muslim Faith. A footnote here is Ambassador Requested for more security multiple time from Hillary, instead, she took security away.

Ambassador Adolph Dubs was killed in Kabul on 14 February 1979 when he was kidnapped and taken to the Kabul Hotel, room 117. He was shot in the head during a failed rescue attempt by people of Muslim Faith.

Ambassador Francis E. Meloy, Jr.  along with U.S. economic counselor Robert O. Waring were kidnapped by a Palestinian separatist group and shot by people of Muslim Faith.

Four out of seven US Ambassadors killed in the history of the United States were by people of Muslim Faith.

These are the facts about what Radical Muslims of faith have given to America. Everyone in America, especially our Liberal Politicians refuse to see an Islamic Mosque for what the Islamic people say it is, their fortress. In France, Germany, England, Tunisia, Kenya, and every other country who welcomed Muslims into their country, raided Muslim Mosques after the murder of their citizens to find a War Grade Arsenal of Weapons; does this sound like a peaceful religion?

What do you think we would find if we raided Mosques in the US, a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies? Let’s just take a look at the ones the FBI consider as “Radical Mosques”, oh wait, President Obama and Hillary said that would be profiling. The FBI had done profiling before on Omar Mateen. Wait, wasn’t he the one who killed 49 people and wounded 53 in an Islamic, hatred of gays rampage in Orlando Florida. Yes he was so, our Liberal President Obama and Hillary Clinton who refused to let the FBI protect America were responsible for the murdering of 49 Americans, and you want her for president. President Obama should have been impeached when he designate the Fort Hood shooting as Work Place Violence, it was a terrorist attack on our soil. Liberals WILL NOT PROTECT YOU FROM ISLAMIC TERRORIST! The poor man who lost his son doesn’t realize that due to President Obama’s arrogance and ignorance, 75 percent of the all U.S. military deaths and about 90 percent of the injuries of US Military Personnel have occurred under President Obama’s and are linked to his policies, the same ones Hillary plans to maintain. If you really want to see what Hillary thinks about the Military, read Dereliction of Duty by Lieutenant Colonel Patterson.

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