They are Above the Law, America’s Elite and Politicians

The American people and the US Constitution have been given another black eye by the liberals in our country. Before we get started, this happens on both sides of the isle, the liberals in both the Democratic and Republican Party can literally get away with murder and the institutions like the FBI, who are supposed to be non-political, let them off time and time again. A good example is Senator Ted Kennedy who in 1969 left the scene of an accident, allowing Mary Jo Kopechnes to suffocate. John Farrar, head of the volunteer search and rescue team reached the scene in 20 minutes the next morning and found Kopechne’s corpse, it indicate she lived for two hours after the crash but he stated, “I was told outright by the D.A.’s office that I would not be allowed to testify on how long Kopechne was alive in the car”. Liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy’s political position was more important than her life.

Let’s talk apples to apples. Naval reservist Brian Nishimura was criminally charged for the “removal and retention” of classified records. Mr. Nishimura violations are identical to Hillary Clinton’s violations as detailed by FBI Director James Comey. Hillary Clinton’s violations are covered by the same regulations as Mr. Nishimura except he never shared the information he obtained with anyone, Mrs. Clinton did. The FBI investigators as with Mrs. Clinton stated, “Brian Nishimura had no criminal intent”, yet he was indited and sentenced to two years’ probation, a $7,500 fine, ordered to surrender his security clearance, and was barred from seeking a future security clearance. The question which needs to be asked is, “What makes her or any other politician above the law?”

When FBI Director James Comey was questioned by congress over Mrs. Clintons violations, his answers were as follow.

Trey Gowdy-“Secretary Clinton said she had never received or sent any classified information over her private email, was that true?”

James Comey-“There was classified materiel emailed.”

Trey Gowdy-“Secretary Clinton said she only used one device, was that true?”

James Comey-“She used multiple devices.”

Trey Gowdy-“Secretary Clinton said all work related emails were returned to the State Department, was that true?”

James Comey-“No, we found work related emails, thousands that weren’t returned.”

Trey Gowdy-“Secretary Clinton said that neither she nor anyone else deleted work related emails from her personal account, was that true?”

James Comey-“Work related emails were removed electronically from the email system.”

Trey Gowdy-“Secretary Clinton said that her lawyers read every one of the emails and were overly inclusive, did her lawyers read the email content individually?”

James Comey-“No.”

Trey Gowdy-“False exculpatory statements, they are used for what?”

James Comey-“Either for the substituent prosecution or for evidence of intent into a criminal prosecution.”

Trey Gowdy-“Exactly, intent and consciousness of guilt, right?”

James Comey-“Right”

What Senator Gowdy did was make FBI Director James Comey admit Mrs. Clinton was guilty on all charges. Then Senator Gowdy asked FBI Director James Comey why there was two different justice systems, one for the common people, and a different one for Mrs. Clinton. Senator Gowdy hit the nail on the head, the next one he needs to get on the stand is Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Why when there is so much evidence of guilt is the sitting US Attorney General not prosecuting? Is it because in 1999, she was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York? Was not indicting Mrs. Clinton paying back Bill for her appointment? Was his visit to the US Attorney General for this reason or because Bill has blackmail information on Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Many people have been indicted on substantially less evidence than Mrs. Clinton. What is more disturbing is not only do we have Loretta Lynch, the top US Law Enforcement Officer in the US not following the law or the US Constitution, we have several of our Supreme Court Justices doing the same. Why, because they are liberals and the law doesn’t matter to them, it is only to be applied to non-Liberal people. Sadly, there are so many not ignorant, but idiotic people who will still vote for Mrs. Clinton. Do you know the difference from an ignorant person to an idiotic person? An ignorant person doesn’t know the truth but once shown will follow the truth. An idiotic person refuses to believe the truth no matter how much evidence and proof there might be, their agenda is all that matters. I don’t care if you vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Jill Stein (Green), Jesse Ventura (I), or even Donald Trump (Republican), but if you vote for a person who consistently puts our National Security at risk, lies at every turn, trades US secretes or interests for foreign donations, and refuses to protect America and its citizens, you are an idiot. I don’t endorse candidates but I will tell you who the most un-American candidate would be, Hillary Clinton!

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