Stoking Racism in America

There has been racism since the beginning of time and to some degree always will be, the problem is when our politicians purposely stokes its flames for political benefit. We can choose to force racism’s ugly head to the outside fringe of our society or choose to cultivate it, unfortunately many liberal political figures today choose the latter. Some like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have even made a business out of stoking racism. As Eric Garner’s kids said about Al Sharpton, “He is all about the money”, Erik Garner was murdered by the police (on video tape). Al’s biggest problem was Erik’s daughter was she didn’t have Al’s National Action Network emblem on the fliers she was passing out about her father’s death. The biggest problem with Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and many other race baiters like them is when everything is called racism you lose your soap box because people, even of the same race, see you for what you really are, a racist. It causes the “Cry Wolf” effect so when a real racist incident happens the people have heard you “Cry Wolf” so much, they figure it’s just another farce. The reason they do it is because it is their business, they have made millions by purposely hurting race relations because it is their way of life and income. If you take racism away from these fake men of the cloth, you take away their status and most important to them, their money.

From the time I understood racism, I had watched racism dramatically drop for about 20 years. This changed 20 years ago when the liberal political figures began supporting the stoking of the racism flame for political gain. The sad part is I had watched racism decline in this country but now I have watched racism revitalized from all races and start to rear its ugly head especially in inner city communities. What is worse is when our political leaders condone it and even participate in it trying to garner political points. When the heads of our political parties attend the funeral or sends representation for a thug who was killed committing a crime, they are condoning the criminal acts. When these same political leaders likewise refuse to send representation for a police officer who dies in the line of duty, they are condoning the murders of these brave men and women. This is not the priorities of a True American Patriot, this stokes the flames, adds insult to injury, or even leads to deaths as shown in Dallas. When these liberal politicians support known hate groups like New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, CAIR, and La Raza instead of giving them the deserved scrutiny and treatment they do for the KKK and Arian Nation, you have protection of prejudice hate groups that will fester.

When you have The US Attorney General Eric Holder stating, “Whites Can't Be Victims of Racial Injustice Because They Haven't Suffered Enough”, it shows just how out of touch these racist politicians are with reality and American History. When they are the highest cop in the land and make these kinds of racist statements, it majorly damages race relations in the US. The second problem with race relations is the liberal news media will never cover these type of stories because it is all about their agenda, not the truth. Mica Johnson the shooter in Dallas, a Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther supporter stated, “I want to kill white people, especially white officer.” This is the same words coming from the New Black Panthers leaders so why aren’t they lambasted by the liberal politicians and media? President Obama had a chance to be presidential for once after the Dallas shooting yet once again during a time of grief in America, he used the death of the innocent to try and gain political points and push his gun agenda. Hears a heads up, guns didn’t kill these cops, taught racial hatred did. These murders in Dallas and the incitement for the murder done in the past by the New Black Panthers shows how the liberal agenda is not uniting but dividing our country. I don’t care what race you are, murdering the innocent is always evil and when you murder someone just because of their race, the evil has just been compounded. The US Attorney General Loretta Lynch made an empty statement after the Dallas Shooting, “Turn to each other, not against each other.” How can anyone “Turn to each other” when the liberal agenda is driving a race wedge between the American people?

We as Americans have watched the liberals in our government of all races refuse to prosecute specific races and political affiliations while targeting ones with whom they disagree; do you really think this will make us “turn to each other?” The New Black Panthers were caught on video threatening people at the voting booth, President Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute even though the evidence was overwhelming. Ask yourself, would they have acted the same if it would have been the KKK threatening minorities? The Dallas shooting is no different, why has the US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, opening a civil rights violations investigation in Louisiana but not in Dallas? In my opinion you need to follow the evidence. This may be a bad cop in Louisiana which may or may not be race related, yet there is no doubt the people were targeted for their race in Dallas. Where’s the civil rights violations investigation Mrs. Lynch? It has been the Obama Administrations policy throughout his tenure as his record shows, that whites do not deserve the same protection, in other words the Dallas cops are the wrong race? Black Lives Matter’s movement has from the beginning been a violent group yet the liberals will never hold them accountable for their criminal acts and now we have five dead police officers and the president wants to again blame guns.

There are several reasons why our country is becoming more violent and they all come from liberal policies. Liberals policies say the schools can’t discipline there students anymore, in many cases that is the only place they will learn wrong from right. Liberal policies say you can’t tell the truth because it must be politically correct, this one item is causing major damage to our society than any other. Liberal policies says schools must teach our country is a bad colonial country, why don’t they take pride in our country? Liberal policies is what is sending all our jobs to other countries and members of the unions who are losing these jobs still vote for the liberals. Liberal policies is what has doubled our national debt in eight years. Liberal policies is what has decimated our military to the point only 67% is functional. Liberal policies says to truth about criminal identities must be covered up, you can’t profile a criminal because you may offend them. Liberal policies gives us gun free zones so the criminals know where to hunt their next victim without danger. Liberal policies says lets blame the gun in Orlando and Dallas instead of a Murderous Religion or hateful teaching which call for jihad and/or the murder of whites. Liberal policies is what allows illegal alien gangs in our country causing 60% of the crime according to the FBI, raping and murdering thousands of Americans every year. Liberal policies allow child rapist to operate due to Plan Parenthood not reporting, as required by law, and under the of consent pregnancy. Liberal policies is what lets Hillary Clinton get away with a criminal act which has landed others, who has done much less, in jail. Liberal policies which tell minorities to hate white people because whites are raised with a silver spoon in their hands. And of course my favorite, liberal policies teach everything is the white man’s fault even if you are the one who knowingly broke the law.

The truth is anyone can make it out of poverty if they work, Ben Carson made it out of the Detroit ghettos and I grew up with nothing and made it out of one of the poorest areas in America. But the liberals have for several decades told minorities they are “OWED” entitlements for their abuse and enslavement. What the liberals don’t tell them is there were slaves from all races even white and most African slaves were sold by Africans. It is sad they won’t teach students the truth about slavery, that in 1651, the first slave owner Anthony Johnson had four white slaves and one black, Mr. Johnson was black. The reason they don’t tell you this is because the truth doesn’t matter to liberals, only their agenda. They want to make every minority hate them, “White Slave Master” which hasn’t existed in over 150 years. Martin Luther King didn’t want his people collecting entitlements, he wanted them to be treated equal in the work community. Liberals just want to divide Americans which is what they have been doing ever since President Lyndon B. Johnson made a nasty statement I won’t repeat. Why does anyone want liberals running anything?


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