Dividing America, The Truth About Racism and Discrimination in America

Racism is a subject few will wonder into because of their fear of being branded a “Racist” for pointing out factual events or data. Discrimination though different than racism, is usually racism’s twin brother and in many cases will turn people to become racist because of discriminatory actions against them, a relative, or an ancestor.

Racism-a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. It occurs when a race believes they deserve preferential treatment over another race.

Discrimination- the treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, race, gender, sexual preference, religious ideology, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.

While racism is based solely on their race, discrimination can be based on any one of many factors and help or hurt, it is not solely based on race. Blaming any group for the actions of ancestral offense or for the acts of a few in a particular group, without any data to prove it has merit is the work of the ignorant. If a person of your race murdered my father or was a slave owner in the 1800’, I will not blame you because you nor myself could have changed or prevented what our ancestors did or didn’t do, but we can change what we do today. Blaming every living white person today for slavery, when every race including whites were slaves in America is idiocy. Not one person living today in America experienced being a slave in America. The only people you can call slaves today are the ones within the entitlement programs and for the majority of them, it is by their own choices. I know for a fact that some minority people purposely go out of their way to hurt and victimize white people and vice versa, these individuals do this because they are racists and they are racist by choice. Not all acts against a minority or a white is racist, robbery, rape, police shootings; but if it is racism, you need to call it for what it is on your race just as you should expect another to call it what it is on their race. Is it racist or discriminatory to allow one race to using certain words that may be considered offensive while excluding another race from the same freedom? Yes is the answer but how many times a day do we hear it in certain music? There is no such thing as reverse racism, it is either races or not and the standard must be applied equally to all races.

The University of Louisville posted a job position, (click I am not a robot to read) it read as follows:

“The University of Louisville is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Employer, committed to diversity. In that spirit, the Department of Physics and Astronomy announces a tenure-track Assistant Professor position that will be filled by an African American, a Hispanic American, or a Native American Indian.”

Is this racist and discriminatory, 100% so. If you can do the job and are the best qualified for the job, you should get the job no matter your race, gender, or any other label. If this job posting was reversed with only whites need to apply, it would be plastered all over the National News channels; if the journalist at National News channels were true professionals doing their job it still would be. I look through “Color Blind Glasses”, so when I hired someone, I do not look at their race, gender, or anything else; I look at their qualifications. Affirmative Action (AA) was needed 40 years ago but not anymore. AA does discriminate which is wrong. Everyone apply for a job or even a collage should be a number only with no labels attached, then let the selectors pick the best qualified. Do you agree?

My questions to anyone trying to get a job is:

What have you done to improve your chances of qualifying for this job?

Have you studied in the area required for this job?

Do you have any extra training or management programs to help you perform this job?

What experience do you have that will give you a foot up for this job?

I hate it when someone doesn’t get the job and immediately it is because of their race, gender, sexual preference or something else when it was really because they weren’t the best qualified. Go get all the extras and then if you are the most qualified, I’ll be fighting right beside you for you to get it. If you get into a position to hire, always hire on qualifications, not on race or gender or to get even, it will bite you in the A$$ if you do.

In 1980 there was a request for WET (White Educational TV) in response to the 1979 FCC rule allowing of BET (Black Educational TV); it was denied. This is an example of Corporate Racism, not by the people at BET but by the FCC. If one race is allowed to have their own TV network, then any and all races should be allowed. When BET launched, many prestigious people within the Black Community was against it calling it raciest and stating it would cause the one thing Martin Luther King Jr. fought against, the dividing of the American people by race and they were correct. When Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith boycotted the Oscars for not nominating any black actors in the top acting categories, the first question was, “how many whites have won anything from BET?” As it was pointed out, they are hypocrites, do we need to start a quota? No, that would be raciest. But as most Liberals, they never look at history. When Alex Haley movie Roots came out in 1977, there were 26 black Oscar winners, not to count 9 Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award; Roots dominated everywhere. The Roots movie and the actors were that good; maybe Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith missed that this year, they were not to the required caliber as they were in Roots.

Thanks to the last 24 years of our politicians and race baiters, racism is worse today. It has a lot to do with Liberalism making you a victim who is owed entitlements and teaching you never to take responsibility for your actions; it’s always someone else’s fault. Liberals do this instead of teaching you how to succeed, teaching you discipline, and teaching you to take responsibility for your actions. Here is the catch, they have taught this to all races so sense your failure, according to Liberalism, “is always someone else’s fault” the easiest thing to do is blame another race. Liberals are dividing all of us because it is the only way to keep control and keep us in our chains of political and economic slavery. The only way to fix it is to quit voting them, both Liberal Democrats and Republicans, into office. Have you ever notice small kids never care about someone’s race, only if they can play? Once we get the Liberals out of office, let’s act like kids.

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  1. We know we have problems when the people calling themselves Christian discriminates in how they treat people according to their political affiliation. When churches and church leaders forget their Biblical teachings and instead turn to following Liberalism and politics, they have become anti-Christian and forgotten the Savior. If you are a Christian you should follow the Bible teachings, support, and vote for the candidate who will support those teachings but you are to treat ALL people, friend or foe, as your brother and sister. Hillary loathes the church but she visited a church in Flint in February 2016 and the "Christians" allowed her to do all the political blasting she wanted. I don't know where Trump stands on Christian issues but when Trump visited a church in Flint in September 2016, he wasn't allowed to say one political word. If the Flint "Christian" standard is no politics, great; but to let one presidential candidate who loathes the church to speak politics and not the other is discriminatory at it least. Why you as a "Christian" would allow Hillary or any anti-Christian person to speak to your congregation baffles me but the truth is because you are a complete Liberal trying to check the Christian box. We need to quit teaching discrimination in our churches.