Liberal Protecting Our Enemy

What is it going to take before our liberal politicians from both parties realize that our country is at war with Radical Islam (Radical Muslim Religion), another 9/11? I wrote about how the Muslim Community believes it is justified to kill any in the LGBT community in “Liberals Enabling Radical Muslims to Murder the LGBT Community” and once again an attack has been carried out by a LGBT hating Muslim Extremist. Once again an unvetted Muslim Extremist, Ahmad Khan Rahami, who would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home, in Afghanistan, that there weren't homosexuals, has carried out attacks in America. Once again the FBI was investigating this man and was told to stop. In 2011, Ahmad Khan Rahami was in a shootout with New Jersey police and later he and his family filed a lawsuit charging they were harassed over their faith. How many lives did two homeless men just save in Elizabeth New Jersey because they were looking through the trash for something to eat? Don’t forget, this is all happening because President Obama’s policies will not let the FBI investigate any in the Muslim religion because it is “Racist”, and Mrs. Clinton has public said she will maintain President Obama’s policies on immigration and refugees which is getting Americans killed. This is right after Dahir Adan, a Muslim Somali ‘ISIS fanatic, went around and asked people if they were Muslim, if they said no he yelled Ala Akbar and stabbed them. We need to wake up.

I have been to quite a few Muslim countries and I spoke the Arabic; they do not think anything like a civilized Western Society person. Just to prove my point, compare your beliefs against the core beliefs of the Islamic Religion.

Do you believe in Slavery? They do!

Do you believe all Women are Second Class Citizens? They do!

Do you believe People from other countries are Second Class Citizens? They do!

Do you believe a Religion should control the Government? They do!

Do you believe the entire LGBT Community should be Exterminated? They do!

Do you believe All People of a Different Faith should be Exterminated? They do!

Do you believe in Honor Killings? They do!

This is just a few ways their theology differs from ours; that being said, there are many from the Islamic faith who have come here and integrated into our society. There are many Muslims here who just like Ahmad Khan Rahami, long to turn America into the authoritarian country they fled. Others like Omar Mateen who was born in America, was taught to be a radical Islamic hatred by his parents and Mosque; both just want to kill all non-Muslims. After Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 others because they were in the LGBT community, President Obama said, “We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for the massacre.” Are you kidding me? But it gets worse, Attorney General Loretta Lynch directed the FBI to only release a "Partial Transcript" Of Orlando 911 Calls which will have all References to Islamic Terrorism Removed. We have all these Radical Islamic people attacking us from inside our country with the last one being Ahmad Khan Rahami, right after which President Obama talks about the bombings but refuses to mention the word terror or terrorist in his remarks.

Which one of the presidential candidates would keep us safer and which one supports the terrorist who try and kill us, a good indicator is who they support. Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” If you believe Mrs. Clinton, to show you how wrong she is, all you need to do is read “Muslim’s Peaceful Religion, Atrocities, and Honor Killings.” If this wasn’t bad enough, Mrs. Clinton turns around and authorizes and supports an award from “The Clinton Foundation to honor a terrorist’s wife, do you need any more proof? Mrs. Clinton’s statement on twitter and support for a terrorist wife shows complete lack of good judgment and doltishness; she isn’t living in reality. Even when showing evidence of her mercurialness, there will be many people who will vote for her only because she is a woman, a Democrat, or because they are just that ignorant. She even gets better, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, a Hillary Clinton presidency will result in nearly one million immigrants from the Muslim world under one presidential term into America. This by a conservative standard would bring in close to 150,000 terrorist (15%) into the United States. If we want to protect our country I don’t think we want a possible 150,000 terrorist in America. Do you? ISIS has used chemical agents against US and Iraqi troops in Iraq with these known insurgents purposely being allowed into America, they will now be able to use chemical against us here. I ask again, “Which one of the presidential candidates would keep us safer and which one supports the terrorist who try and kill us?”

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