Attacking the American Flag, Where Are the True Americans?

We as Americans should always be proud of our first responders, our military, our country, our National Anthem, and our flag. No country in the world has been able to accomplish what we in America have accomplished in just 240 years. In America, if you work hard, there is no goal out of your reach; the only person stopping you is yourself and no one can make feel inferior without your permission. There is no other place on earth that protects Human Rights, Freedom, or the ability to achieving your Dream, better than America. Every country in the world has pride from within at where they stand today, there is also no country on earth who doesn't have atrocities in their past. Our problem in America today is we have too many people living in the past and because they are living in the past, they condemn themselves to the past and will never seize the rewards offered by their future. The consequence of these actions isn't just being stuck in the past, but they create and condone what they are complaining about. Martin Luther King (MLK) is one of my heroes, he protested to bring about change in a non-violent way and it worked. What Black Lives Matter (BLM) is doing is nothing more than a black KKK style domestic terrorist group by their own actions; MLK would turn over in his grave. BLM's tactics are identical to what the KKK used in the 1920, 30, 40, and 50s; BLM is no different. They are the product of a vicious cycle compounded by politicians who allow common society morals to erode in the name of Political Correctness (PC). Liberal politicians then ignore the damage they have done to these cultural groups and America to blame all but themselves. The people and the politicians need to accept responsibility for their own actions but with Liberals, this will never happen.

If you hate America and refuse to take pride in the best country in the world, than you should leave because even the poorest in America are within the top 5% of the world rich. We have people who do not realize how blessed they are and who in return are ignoramuses, many of which are in Hollywood. We have several celebrities who vow to leave America if the election doesn't go their way; great, leave, America would be a better place without them. I ask these celebrities one favor, please take our Anti-American journalist, Anti-American politicians, and Anti-American educators with you. These people are trying, no, they are succeeding in turning our country into a socialist country and if that happens, kiss your freedom goodbye. I believe in meritocracy, what you receive is directly affected by the amount of effort and work you put out; when able body people refuse to work, neither should they be given money for free to eat; the elderly and truly disabled is the exception. A great country can never pay people to not work, if it does soon the working people will want the same deal. JFK, if he was alive today would ostracism himself from the Democratic Party, he cared about America and today the majority of the Democrats, along with many Republicans, don't give a crap. I love to quote people and one of my favorite quotes is from when JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Today, especially in large Democrat controlled cities where the crime is overwhelming and most are close to fiscal collapse, the only questioned asked is, "What will you give me now?" The questions we need to ask is, where is the respect, where is our American Patriotism, what happened to our Freedom of Speech, and where did this attitude come from?

The politicians have twisted what the Founding Fathers set up to prevent an entity like the Church of England, a state or government founded church which directed political action. Liberal politicians today want to removing all Christian icons and standards from the government and society, with some politicians even saying if you are Christian you are unfit for office. The reason for this is obvious, they want to remove any and all moral standards to allow immoral activities to be considered normal. If you look at our history which many politicians keep trying to change, we have removed all moral standards and discipline out of our schools and we now see the results. In 1962 the US Supreme Court removed the Bible and prayer from public schools, in 1974 we had our first mass school shooting in Olean New York. Many will argue but it is ironic 12 years after removing a moral standard from our schools mass shootings started. It isn't so much of the fact they removed the only moral standard from our schools as it is there was no other moral standard put into place to fill the void. It’s the same with the Military Draft, the draft ended in 1973. These people who were graduating from high school and were mostly poor went into the military and learned a skill, discipline, patriotism, tolerance, composed, and putting something above their own desires. When our Liberal politicians did away with the draft for PC reasons, they never replaced it with any system to help the poor learn a skill as was being done in the military. Worse, they never learned discipline, patriotism, tolerant, composed, and putting something greater above their own desires. You took away the only two areas where many people ever learned a moral standard, right from wrong, and this is one reason violence is outrageous in Liberal controlled areas like Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.

Liberals hate the American Flag and Patriotism, many across the country they have tried to get the American Flag banned because it may offend someone. Did I get that right? If the American Flag offends you, leave! What other country in the world would do this? The US Supreme Court stated that people can burn the US flag because it is a form of "Freedom of Speech; I disagree but they have spoken. When you have Liberal educators telling all of the students we are the worse country in the world, they need to be removed from ever teaching again because they will be the ones bias when they grade. These UN-American, anti-US Constitution educators are the same ones who instead of teaching unity, they teach divisiveness and hatred of their own country. These are the same educators who violate Freedom of Speech on campuses telling students, “This isn’t a free speech area” when all of America is a "Free Speech" area. Even in Tennessee, the Dickinson County School District banned all flags to prevent offending people. Didn't I say earlier the US Supreme Court said the flag was a form of "Freedom of Speech?" Isn't this a violation of the US Constitution? There is no doubt the Liberal poisoning of our country has caused the erosion of Patriotism as well as the removal of our basic US Constitutional rights. If you want to see your children, grandchildren and even yourself loose every US Constitutional right you ever had, keep voting these Liberals in and letting them run your schools. When you have a whole political part against Patriotism, the American Flag, and our Military, how long before our country will cease to exist? How long before our freedoms are gone?

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