White, Minority, and Feminine Privilege

There is always two sides to every coin and many today only want to believe what they can see from their side instead of researching to find the truth. I have read through many articles to hear people slamming whites for the color of their skin, this is racism due to ignorance of their own past. Has our country done many horrible thing to many different races in the US; yes, including the white race. Do two wrongs make a right? No, and neither does discriminating against people today to make up for people's treachery from the past. Some see “White Privilege” just as others see “Black or Minority Privilege”, both can be discrimination and is usually political rhetoric to try and keep Americans separated, make a side, which ever it is, feel better or condone a side not accept responsibility for their actions.

The KKK and Arian Nation are two violently racist groups in America just like the New Black Panthers, and La Raza. They are on all sides of all races but when identifying hate groups, you must look at the truth and not a bias opinion based on your own hatred. One group who says they have identify 917 racist groups in America which may be true, but then names the US Border Patrol, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC), 16 music labels (none of who published the record Kill a Cop), and the American Free Press. They mentioned others like Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, Jewish Defense League, and even the National Prayer Network but never mention CAIR (who the FBI says funds terrorism), the New Black Panthers, or La Raza because it doesn’t fit into their agenda. Hate is hate no matter the color of your skin or gender and all races has racist groups within their midst. Do we have the same between the genders?

I’m not going to spend long on “Female Privilege” because with many feminist groups, they not only discriminate against males but other females who don’t support ALL their views. If you look back at the National Organization of Women (NOW), who state they are here to defend ALL women, they are lying. When Michelle Obama was personally attacked for her school lunch program, NOW was all up in arms, rightfully so, to defend her but NOW remained silent when Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter was savagely attacked by many of the same people. I couldn’t find one group who says they are for women rights who doesn’t discriminate against other women based on either their race, religion, or political view. If you are for women you need to be for ALL women’s rights, but now, back to the question. Does women have “Female Privilege?” A friend went to apply for a business loan but put his wife as the business owner, I asked why. He stated because she was a minority women she would get it where he wouldn’t because he’s a white male. He explained the way the rules are written, a women has a better chance to get in the government contract system and if she was a minority women the chances was even better. I was dumbfounded, I thought the government was to be fair and equal to all. I guess I was wrong, “Female Privilege” does exist.

In some ways there is “White Privilege” but you won’t like how I see it. I grew up poor sometimes not knowing if I would have a meal or even a roof over my head. I did have the privilege of having my butt tore up when I was doing something wrong; this doesn’t happen today. I did have the privilege of growing up in a broken home (mom died) where my dad and our community still made sure all four of us kids followed the law and behaved correctly; this doesn’t happen today. I had the privilege of working in the fields from age six so we would have something to eat. I had the privilege of not receiving a scholarship to help the poor get better educated which I scored the highest out of everyone because Affirmative Action said it had to go to a minority, my American Indian heritage didn’t count, that was a separate program. I had the privilege of walking into a government assistance building and being told, “This isn’t the government assistance building for white people.” I had the privilege of trying to offer my skills to help people in the inner city of Detroit (I work in Detroit) just to be turned down three times because my skin is the wrong color. I thought they wanted to help the people. I was privileged to be harassed by the cops but it was because I was doing what I shouldn’t have been; I’ll admit it but most today have no integrity and will play the race card, women card, or the poor card instead of accepting responsibility for their actions. So I guess in many ways I have experienced “White Privilege.”

Today in many inner cities, I don’t see parents and communities setting up kids for success, instead they set them up for failure. In the inner cities many parents encourage their children to break the law, to rob someone, to sell drugs, and to look like a thug, then when they are arrested for their actions, or worse killed, these same parents want to blame the police or a person defending their property. Example, 17-year-old Trevon Johnson was shot and killed while robbing a house. His cousin, Nautika Harris stated, “You have to understand, you have to look at it from a child's point of view that was raised in the hood. How he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?" There is a thing called a job, but in many inner cities communities, robbing others for money is accepted and even promoted, then when they are killed, neither their family or community accept blame for allowing this to become the norm. In these same communities it has become the norm to just kill someone if you feel they disrespected you, the same people are up in arms about the killings but will never help the police solve the crime or find the killer(s). If you’re not going to help, I don’t want to hear your complaining when it is your brother, sister, child, or cousin who is the next victim. To top it off, many in the inner cities and across this nation have been taught that they are entitled to government assistance handouts, it is owed to them and they don’t need to work. I think you need to get a job, work on an education, get out of the ghetto, and make something better for your life

Now let’s talk about “Minority Privilege.” Have you ever heard of BET (Black Educational TV) or Ebony Magazine? A man tried to start a WET (White Educational TV) and Ivory Magazine and was branded a racist which I could agree with, but wouldn’t using the same context make BET and Ebony Magazine racist? Yes it would, so either both are racist or both are not. The 2016 Oscars were boycotted with hashtag #OscarsSoWhite after Jada Pinkett Smith called for a boycott. My question is, Hattie McDaniel became the first black person to win an Academy Award for best supporting actress in 1939, so who was the first white person to win a BET award? No one, so if you are discriminating against anyone because of their race, isn’t that being racist? 

If a white person like idiot George Zimmerman kills his attacker and every news outlet carries it for years, why aren’t they covering all the “Polar Bearing” going on inside minority neighborhoods? This is “Minority Privilege.” Why are collages allowed to discriminate on grounds of race? If you are a minority you get moved higher on the acceptance rating even if you scored lower in all subject matters. This is “Minority Privilege.” If you as a minority uses racially charged words like the N-word, nothing is wrong with it but its racist for anyone else to use it. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the N-word no matter who is saying it but that person, no matter their race should receive the same backlash but don’t. This is “Minority Privilege.” I can go on but you get the point. We need to stop the dividing of our country and get rid of all the "Race Baiters." This divide is from politicians purposely using entitlements to enslave the minority and poor. They purposely hand out entitlements to buy the vote of those receiving them, this is what is known as “Economic Slavery” which is tyranny. Entitlements to the receivers are like drugs and they always need a new fix or more so they keep voting for the ones who are giving them out which are the same ones taking away your rights and holding you down. Think about it.

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