To Protect and Serve?

Before I start saying what I see, we need to understand most every Law Enforcement officer out there truly wants to protect and serve. The problem we have comes with the ones who are intoxicated by the power and believe they are above the law. These are the ones causing problems for all, and in many cases are being protected by either the Unions, other Officers, the Mayors, or that area’s Justice System. When you have Civilians accosting Police Officers, breaking the law, getting hurt, or even killed, don't blame the Police or race, blame the parents and community. All Police Officers should be Protecting and Serving the people first before doing the bidding of any political figure or union. There is good and bad on both sides of the issue and before anything can be fixed, both sides must agree on these two points. First, there are bad cops. Second, a protest where you destroy or steal (looting) someone else’s property removes all legitimacy of your protest. Martin Luther King (MLK) would turn over in his grave if he saw how what he died for is being turned into a race-baiting, innocent attacking, community destroying, and reason to rob movement. The Police doing wrong I like to refer to as CRAP-(Civilians Ravaged by Arrogant Police) and the civilians doing wrong as PISS-(Police Interaction with Stupid Subjects).

Let's start with PISS. These people no matter what you have been told were not targeted for their race, they met their ill fate due to their own arrogance, ignorance, and lack of respect for the law and others. Read everything written in this paper, if you are a mindless, unable to think on your own robot, you will not like it because it will be grounded in fact and truth and go against your programming.

Michael Brown, he was a thug shown attacking a man half his size and stole little cigars, drugs were in his system, the Police Officer was physically assaulted, and the autopsies, even by Mr. Brown's family's hired pathologist shows he was running at the cop. The problem with getting justice for someone who is innocent (not Mr. Brown) will be almost impossible because of what followed. When you have witnesses purposely lying about what had happened and the media only covering their account for ratings, not the witnesses who matched the corners reports, your movement and the media lose all credibility. When your automatic default response anytime a minority is shot, no matter if media or civilian, is always it is racist, even when the same race of cop does the shooting, you are the racist. When you burn down all the minority businesses in the town, than shoot at the cops, you lose the rest of your credibility. Mr. Brown never had his hands up, he didn't say don't shoot, and the Liberal political establishment doubled down on the disinformation even after the evidence came was released.  This makes your group and these politicians untruthful and untrustworthy taking away any validity of your cause.

The number one Civil Rights Leader in the United States was MLK and the focal point of his campaigns was for his followers to always be non-violent and all conclusive which means all races living under the same rules. BLM (Black Lives Matter) by their own actions is a racist hate group and spits in the face of MLK. BLM disrupted a 9/11 Commemoration where all races were murdered by Islamic Terrorist; do you think this was the vision MLK had for America and his people? It doesn't matter if it is BLM, KKK, or La Raza, racist is racist so do you really want a group viewed by most of the people in America as racist, being your spokesperson? Do you really want people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are racist accusing everyone of racism without ever confirming the facts and never apologizes when they are proven wrong being your spokesperson. Than you have media outlets never challenging them on their false accusations which both men do just to shake people and businesses down.

Now, what about CRAP. I watched the video of Eric Garner being murdered by Officer Daniel Pantaleo's improper use of an illegal choke hold; by the way, this wasn't the first excessive force infraction by Mr. Pantaleo. After Mr. Garner was down and unresponsive, it took seven minutes to call the paramedics. The CRAP didn't catch Mr. Garner doing anything illegal, they knew he had in the past and just wanted to harass him. They will tell you he died because they wanted to get cigarettes out of kids hands but the truth is the mayor wanted the taxes from each individual cigarettes sold, and for this Mr. Garner lost his life. The complete justice system failed Eric Garner's family and let Americans see the overflowing police and political corruption in Liberal big cities; this is deplorable.

Then you have the case of Officer Stephen Mader, a former Marine who through all his training knew Ronald D. “R.J.” Williams Jr. was trying to commit Suicide by Cop. He refused to shoot Mr. Williams and was in the process of talking him down when two CRAPs show up and shoot Mr. Williams in the back of the head; sounds like an execution to me. Mr. Williams’ weapon was unloaded but Officer Stephen Mader was later fired because he was said to of put the two CRAPs in danger. He recognized the signs which are constantly drilled into your head in the military and didn't just shoot the guy. The two CRAPS just shot Mr. Williams like shooting a dog which leaves me to ask, what happened to protect and serve?

In New York City, Francesco Vincent "Frank" Serpico became a whistle blower on the police and union corruption which kept bad cops on the force. Mr. Serpico showed where police officers who were fired by their commanders for egregious misbehavior, was giving their jobs back by the union, even ones who needlessly killed people; remember Mr. Garner and Mr. Williams? He was later fired for being a whistleblower. There is a lot of corruptness in Liberal big cities which will go as far as to murder people, even prosecutors who cross the “Blue Line.” In the big cities, there is a higher concentration of bad actors and it’s not just the police that leads to mistreatment of good citizens and hands off the bad cops. In many cases the police are forced to do the bidding of Liberal Dictators like Mayors or District Attorneys, this is what happened in Baltimore.

In Baltimore, the Police were following the Liberal State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s request to remove what she deemed as "Undesirables" from her husband's, Baltimore City Council member Nick J. Mosby area. If Nick J. Mosby area had a lower crime rate, this would help him win his run for Baltimore Mayor. Mrs. Mosby wanted the Baltimore Police to “Clean up the Area” and this is when the Freddie Gray incident happened. It is ironic that the Baltimore police were following her orders and she showed how much you can trust a Liberal politician when she tried to railroad the police that were following her orders.

Sometimes the cops and their council are the problem and there is no common since checks and balances to prevent the idiocy they can come up with. An agent from the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) stated Joseph Schwab cut her off and was driving erratic. She pulled Mr. Schwab over and administered a breathalyzer test at the scene which showed a 0.00% alcohol level. There was zero evidence of drug use or being drunk, regardless of the results she booked Mr. Schwab into jail. His blood was screened twice, testing negative for all illegal drugs with the only positive result being caffeine. At this point instead of just letting Mr. Schwab go or booking him on reckless driving, she convinced the Solano County District Attorney to file DUI charges. The Solano County District Attorney's Office filed the single misdemeanor Caffeine DUI charge against Joseph Schwab in June 2016, as indicated by public court records. A forensic toxicologist says he hasn't heard of anyone being charged with DUI for caffeine in his 41 years on the job, and Barrett calls the whole thing "absurd." This is a bad cop, bad DA, and is what causes people not to trust cops and the justice system contaminated with those who are intoxicated by power. The funny thing is I couldn’t find the officer’s name anywhere. When the idiocy of the case was brought up, instead of dropping the charges the ABC and DA doubled down. Can you say crooked system?

What the Liberal media will never tell you is Liberals will never keep you safe. The top ten most dangerous cities in the US are run by liberals. The top ten cities with the most police violence in the US are run by Liberals. The Police Unions in these Liberal cities have a major problem firing bad actors; or I should say "Not Firing" bad actors. The bad actors need to be removed, that being said, 95% of the Police are honorable upstanding servants of the community; but the five percent need to go. All lives matter, even blue ones.

Please let me know what you think.

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