Political Wiretapping

Most everyone out there looks at wiretapping as done by the NSA, FBI, or CIA but wiretapping can be ordered at virtually every level of government clear down to your local police, many times illegally without a required warrant. Many people state “President Obama didn’t wiretap anyone, no president has” but President Obama changed the rules to open the door for Americans to be wiretapped, so you don’t believe he would use it? They have also forgotten about President Richard Nixon who wasn’t the only president to wiretap someone but was the first to get caught. President Nixon directed Jack Caulfield to conduct various political intelligence operations without being noticed by the CIA, the FBI, or the Republican National Committee. Later he uses the FBI, CIA, and IRS to target political adversaries. Doesn’t that sound familiar, using the FBI, CIA, IRS, and EPA to target your political adversaries. President Nixon later ordered the Secret Service to wiretap not only political targets but also his own brother. So ask yourself, could President Obama had ordered a wiretap or disclosing of information unlawfully? Yes!

I trust few if any politician because most every one of them are lawyers and have no ethical or moral values system other than “What can I do for myself”. If you think there is, give me their name and in 10 minutes on google I’ll have a video of them lying about something. You can tell the criminal politicians in the US Congress by watching the money. Most come into Congress broke, get $174,000 a year for four year and leave a millionaire. I may be bad at math but $696,000, minus probably half at a minimum in expenses which leaves $348,000 and you become a millionaire. This is known as political math and it’s on both sides of the isle. How do you tell when a politician has stopped lying? You read their obituary. I tell you this to show you it happens and I think every president has done it, President Nixon just got caught.

Some political figures can’t keep their mouths shut which is the case of Former President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice, when she talked about “unmasking” President Trumps people in intelligence reports which isn’t uncommon. They are masked back before release to protect privacy which she ordered not to be done then says it wasn’t for political reasons; I know that is a lie. Susan Rice asked for the names of Trump transition officials before the unmasking and only left their names unmasked before making the names public in raw intelligence files according to media reports. This was a move to carry out to harm the incoming Trump administration so yes it was political. Apparently Susan Rice forgot video never lies or leaves the internet because on 22 March 2017 Susan Rice said she knew nothing about anyone unmasking names or sharing surveillance on at the time Mr. Trump. The bigger question is who asked her to unmask those names? Can you say “Caught lying again”? She was the same person who lied about the reason for the Benghazi attack to cover for President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton which killed four Americans. As with most all Liberals, you can’t trust a word they say.

I know that in politics everyone wiretaps or uses any means necessary to get the upper hand, but until now none had put America at risk. When you or your political party and its agenda leads you to put America’s security and safety at risk for political gains, you and your party are traitors to your country. When you or your party uses the IRS, NLRB, EPA, and wiretapping to target American citizens, you and your party needs to be gone. If we as Americans do not protect our country from political hacks, we soon may not have a country to protect. When an administration targets reporter like James Rosen under the Espionage Act of 1917, tap his calls, read his emails, and designate him as a flight risk so you don’t have to tell him; you have violated the US Constitution. Mr. Rosen received information damning to the Obama administration. AG Holder instead of finding who leaked the information went after “The Freedom of the Press” and lost. The ironic thing is only President Obama has ever went after a member of the press like this, yet 95% of the press will always vote Liberal; they are shooting themselves in the foot. If President Obama is going after a News Reporter because he didn’t like a story, do you really think he would think twice about tapping a politician’s phone to get the upper hand?

We had FBI Director James Comey a Liberal and CIA Director John Brennan a Liberal say President Trump hadn’t been wire taped. Then it comes out he had and Mr. Comey and Mr. Brennan knew President Trump had been tapped. This shows why Liberals should never be allowed to hold an intelligence position. This leads to the question, was Hillary let off of her charges because she knew about Mr. Comey and Mr. Brennan illegal wiretaps? Liberals will always use any intelligence garnered for their, or their parties personal gain, even blackmail, instead of what is right for America; this has been seen time and time again. Remember when I say Liberals, you have both Democratic and Republican Liberals. Susan Rice and other Liberals lied about The Benghazi attack to get President Obama four more years in office, do you not think they would wiretap any American needed to get Hillary in office; you know they would. The information actively being leaks to damage President Trump is a Treasonous offense because it puts our whole country at risk. Likewise the people doing the Illegal Wiretapping are committing Treason.

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