The End of Class, Manners, and Respect

Years before I was able to vote, I use to watch my dad and his friends, some Democrat and some Republican, sit and debate politics with each first thinking of angles to support their view and then debating them. They would debate passionately trying to bring the other to their position pointing out factual details that both side recognized as the real truth. Sometimes my dad would win and sometimes he would lose but there was never any hatefulness between them which seems to be the norm today. Many today want to say we are better off than 30 or 40 years ago, but just as you can see the demise of Detroit, I will disagree because I see the demise of our culture. You had reporters like Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, and David Brinkley who reported the news, not twist it to push a political or ideological agenda. The academia world wanted to hear everyone’s view, not exclude anyone because their view differed from yours. Politicians didn’t stoop to the gutters making false accusations against their opponent to sway voters but debated the different sides of a topic to sway voters and our country was much better for it.

The Media outlets today is totally different in America, and in many areas it isn’t for the good. Like everything else today, the world of media outlets, academia, and politicians lie about everything, bullies everybody, and turn everything into a political forum. Media outlets will say and do anything to support their candidate, I thought the media was supposed to be unbiased. They even gave their candidate the questions before a Presidential Debate to help their candidate. They will jump on purpose to conclusions and push news stories pushing their agenda with no proofs or facts. Look at the Pulse gay night club shooting, they stated it was done by a white, Christian, male when it was a devout Muslim whose parents were from Afghanistan. They reported this even though first reports stated the shooter yelling Allah Akbar. The Media outlets still pushed the white, Christian, male angle until they were finally called on it. This is just one example of the media refusing to report the truth on anything that goes against their agenda or talking points.

The academia world has been seized by totalitarians leftist who only want their agenda to be shared. If you are a student and oppose their view, you will have grades lowered, be failed, or even expelled for anything from being disruptive to hate speech even when its not. If you are a teacher, you will be cinctured, suspended, or even in some cases denied tenured and fired. You can watch as these radical professors lead students to destroy their own campus because they don’t want the student to see any other view point. If you the student learns to think for yourself, you can no longer be controlled and you are now the enemy. These radicals in the academia world have constantly violated the US Constitution by trying to enforce “No Freedom of Speech” on campuses or only in certain areas. They have even gone as far as to try and stifle the Freedom of the Press stating, “Freedom of the Press doesn’t exist here, this is a “Press Free Zone.” They do this to mask their extreme radical views, this is what they use to brainwashing our children. They do this to prevent any Americans from seeing the poison, hate, and removal of respect for others. They take the position to allow a foreign flag to be raised in our schools and collages while refusing to allow the American flag to be raised.

Politicians may be the worse of the three, they do not stand for America anymore but for themselves and their pocketbook. When our politicians care more about helping people who are illegally in the country just to get votes in the future then the poor inner city kids and our veterans, something is very wrong. When you have countries donating massive amounts of cash a politician’s personal charity (pay to play), than the same country being rewarded with a government contract, something is wrong. When you have politicians trying to kick Americans off their land so their son can make a fortune with a solar farm, you have something wrong. Our politicians will knowingly make false statements, take illegal money from foreign countries (Pay to Play), and even refuse to prosecute politicians in their party when they put our country at risk. The Media, Academia, and the Politicians will do anything they can to shut down any opposing group; bullying, slandering, directing people to make false statements; they will literally do anything to push their agenda

You ask what does this have to do with Class, Manners, and Respect. When you are taught from your first day in school what it means to have class, to watch your manners, and to respect your neighbor and other people, later on in life it just becomes second habit. Unfortunately sense our schools have turned to indoctrinating of children on Far Left ideology instead of teaching them Class, Manners, and Respect, when they become an adult, they have none of the three. When our Leaders and Role Models from the Media, Academia, and the Political area show zero Class, Manners, or Respect, it is no wonder that our society has turned the same way. The Leftist have tried to remove all religion from our society because it sets a standard of Class they can’t achieve due to their actions. The Leftist have tried to remove all discipline from our schools and society because it teaches the self-control and manners we should all display to each other. The Leftist have tried to remove all good role models who show consideration, meritocracy, and empathy from our schools and society because it teaches us to respect others and show the manners we should all display to each other every day. We need to take back our country and once again teach Class, Manners, and Respect. We would be better off then what you see today.

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