The Establishment Needs to GO!

The Establishment is what is destroying America and I’m talking about both Democrats and Republicans establishments. We need a term limit on Congress just like the president. Too many of the members in the US Congress use it as their own private fund to get rich. They don’t care about America or its citizens, they only care about their power for getting themselves more money. No honest good caretaker of anything, which congress is the caretaker of America, would let the crap we see going on keep happening. Let me ask you some common sense questions.

  • Would you leave your door wide open so any stranger can come into your house, who you know will do anything they want, defying your rules of your house?

No, but that is what is going on with our borders and Visa programs. Liberal Establishment Democrats and Republicans (LEDR)in congress refuse to protect our borders, vet people coming into our country, and deport those who overstay their Visa’s or not as with the student Visa, not doing the purpose stated on their Visa. Many of the LEDR say they want no wall to protect America yet they have a wall at their own houses protecting them.

We know the Liberal Establishment Democrats don’t want a fence or wall, but the loudest voices from the Democrats are all hypocrites. Sen. Chuck Schumer has a wall around his house, Rep. Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her house, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a wall around her house, and yes, even former President Obama has a wall around his house, but they are not alone.

Liberal Establishment Republicans don’t want a fence or wall either, but Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Bob Corker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Will Hurd, and Rep. Martha McSally stay in the shadows hoping no one will notice their hypocrisy and failure to support the demands of the people; the Liberal Establishment Republicans are no different than the Liberal Establishment Democrats.

  • Would you let the only defense of your house hold fall into such disarray that you could no longer defend your house? No!

But this is what happens every time with Liberal Establishment Democrat, they move to dismantle our military. We are facing the biggest threat of our Nation’s History from not only Radical Muslims, but also the Russians, and Chinese. The LEDR in our government for the last eight years gutted our military effectively making 1/3 of our military inoperable and out dated. The only advantage we have over our enemies today is our more advanced military technology equipment; with LEDR from both parties, our advantage is dwindling away.

  • Would you purposely let a stranger come in your house, who you know will poison your family with drugs? No!

Then why are we letting Drug Cartels free access to our country? All Illegal Immigrants are criminals for illegally crossing our border. Illegal Aliens make up around 3.5% of the US population but according to the FBI, are responsible for up to 40% of the crime in areas in the US. The FBI point outs that 13.6 percent of those sentenced for all committed crimes in the US are Illegal Aliens, 389% higher than their population. That being said, many just want to make a living for their families, but many others are convicted robbers, rapist, murders, gang members, cartel members, and even hitmen. The cartel members are the suppliers of 90% of the drugs into the US so why wouldn’t you want to stop them? ICE points out that 75% of Illegal Aliens arrested and detained are because they have just committed a crime.

  • Would you purposely let a stranger come in your house, who you know will call for the death of you and your household? No!

Many of the illegals crossing our borders are from countries like Iran, Syria, and belong to terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others. Why would you want to give known terrorist who have called for the destruction of all you believe in, including your country access to your home? The FBI has ISIS investigations in all 50 states, wouldn’t that be enough to let you know this is real and we need to secure our borders? In Michigan, they just sentenced a man in Dearborn for helping ISIS. Khalil Abu Rayyan, born to immigrants from Jordan, identified as Palestinian and Muslim on social media. He talked about shooting people at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit and killing a police officer. Radical Muslims allowed into the US are still teaching their radical beliefs to their children in the US! Can’t you see the danger in that?

  • Would you purposely let a stranger come in your house, who you know will rape your mother, wife, daughter, and son because they can, or just because women shouldn’t be out without a male relative? No!

Not only do you have mass number of rapes committed by Central and South American people, but we also have it from Muslim groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, and Al Qaeda. These groups believe in everything from “Honor Killings” to “Genital Mutilation” of women and children not to leave out the murdering of any from the LGBT community. Two doctors and one of their wives were arrested in Michigan for performing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Not only were they doing this barbaric action in Dearborn, but they were performing it for Muslims across America. Some Muslims refuse to integrate, they are the dangerous ones. You either protect the LEGAL Americans people or the Illegal Aliens, but you can’t do both. You either enforce our laws or you let FGM and honor killings happen. Many in this community refuses to join the American mixing bowl or even pay attention to our laws when they are here legally. You are either for all Americans, LGBT and Legal Immigrants who follow our laws alike, or you are against a free and safe America. You can’t serve two masters, but this is the actions being taken by the Liberal Democrats and Republicans establishments. It is just like you can’t help an alcoholic become clean by offering them a drink, it’s an oxymoron.

  • Would you purposely let a stranger come in your house, who you know will sell women and children as sex slaves? No!

This is exactly what the Illegal Criminals are doing, bringing kidnapped and forced sex slaves into the US. The FBI points out 16 percent of all US trafficking sentences, which is the people running these illegal brothel in the US, are Illegal Aliens. That is 450% higher than their Illegal Alien population. They are doing it because of perverts in our society (many of which may be in the political system), wanting them but also because it is so easy to smuggle them across the border. By leaving the border completely open, we are enabling this action to happen.

  • Would you purposely let a stranger come in your house, who you know will kill a family member? No!

It is happening every day, 12 percent of all murders sentences in the US are Illegal Aliens, 343% higher than their Illegal Alien population. This isn’t including all the massive amount of DUI/DWI fatalities by Illegal Aliens Drunk Driving.

Billy Wayne and Natalee Jean Funderburgh were killed Rodolfo Campuzano who was with a BAC of over .15 and this was his 10th DUI.

Brandon Mendoza killed in a head-on collision with Raul Silva-Corona who was high on meth and with a BAC of over .24 triple the legal limit. He had been previously charged with burglary, assault, DUI, and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 23 percent of all traffic violations are by Illegal Aliens which is 657% more than their race. It is estimated that 13 people are killed by Drunk Illegal Aliens in the US every day that is 4,745 people. This is over 46% of the 10,265 people who died in 2015 according to MADD.

You will have LEDR Imbeciles who will try and say, “Illegal Immigrants cause no more damage than every day Americans”, but as you can see by the statistics, they are lying. How many more Americans, Legal Aliens, and yes, even Illegal Aliens have to be assaulted, prostituted, raped, or murdered at the hands of Criminal Illegal Aliens before something is done. How many more women, children, and people in the LGBT have to withstand and be subjected to a Stone Age theology that require you to perform Female Genital Mutilation, Honor Killings, and the Murder of LGBT people because you don’t agree with their life style. All of this goes on in the US and the Media and Liberal Establishment Democrats and Republicans don’t want to talk about it, let alone fix the problem because it may offend their donors. Shouldn’t they be for the American people instead of their own pocketbook; yes, but they have become too comfortable. This is why they need removed and to prevent future problems, term limit set.

People who don’t live in the real world are the ones who cause the problems for the people living in the real world and themselves. In the recent past France is under attack by radical Islamic foreign entities who don’t mind killing Frenchmen. Instead of looking at the reality and gravity of their situation, they elect a Liberal Establishment person. I’m afraid they are in pain and death in the streets because liberals never look at the truth, or it may even escalate ending in the fall of the French nation as we know it to Radical Islamic Ideology, only time will tell. It will be the fault of the Liberal Establishment in France but what good will that do if your country falls?

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