When Will the World Wake Up to Radical Islam?

The first thing I will hear is “You are an Islamophobe” or your bigot against the religion of Islam which neither are true, but this is what is said when you point out the truth about Islam. We in the US have been battling Radical Islam for almost our whole existence. In March 1786 the new United States sent two ambassadors, Thomas Jefferson, who was the US ambassador in France, and John Adams, the ambassador to Britain, to meet with the ambassador from Tripoli trying to discover why they were attacking American merchant ships without provocation. The Tripoli Ambassador explained that in the Islamic Religion, it considered all non-Muslims as infidels, a lower class of citizen, there for they had the right to plunder American ships. The US started to pay tribute to the pirates until Thomas Jefferson became president. Two months after Thomas Jefferson inauguration, the pasha of Tripoli declaring war on the United States for not paying tribute, becoming the first nation to make the mistake which was known as the 1st Barbary War of 1801.

A few years later in 1815, after the US won the War of 1812 against the British, the Dey of Algiers feeling the US was weakened, declared war on the United States and swiftly lost. The Islamic people DID NOT help build this country like some politicians have you believe, but was a hindrance and extortionist in nature. The politicians as usual were perverting the truth. This being said, the US is not the only country, or even western country to have problems with Radical Islam. Instead of becoming a respectable and upstanding part of our Global Community, the Islamic community still leave nothing but abuse, destruction, and death in their wake. The Islamic Religion as a lead the world in:

Oppression of Women
Hatred of All Other Religions
Human Rights Violations
Kidnapping of Children
Rape of Children
Child Brides
Female Genital Mutilation
Owners of Slaves
Honor Killings
LGBT murders
Murders of All Other Religions

In short, the Islamic Religion is number one in the world at spreading hatred. Ever since Islamic Religion founder, Muhammad murdered his brother, his followers have been murdering everyone else. Many people of a Muslim heritage are peaceful but if they literally follow the Quran, which most do, they will be part of Radical Islam Community.

After Mohammed’s death, the Warriors of Islam struck out against the Christians, attacking Christians and Jews with extreme vigor. The Warriors of Islam succeeded in the Christian held areas of Palestine, Syria, and Egypt. This was the beginnings of the Crusades; the Crusades were the defense of the Christian lands, not the Christians trying to spread their religion. From the beginning of Islam, the religion has claimed to be peaceful but is anything but peaceful. Islam was created by violence and has always expanded its area of control by using violence, oppression, and murder. The Christians and Jews were not paranoid, the Islamic “Religion of Peace” really was coming to destroy their religions in the name of Allah. In today’s world, nothing, except for some tactics, has change the intent and purpose of the Islamic religion. What I don’t understand is why the Western World, the US and Europe included, hasn’t learned the lessons from their past. Winston Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and we can see it today.

For the last 45 plus years, the Liberal Revisionists in the US and Europe have tried to hide and change what Islam preaching and teachings truly say. From 1970 to today, Islam has carried out, not including war zones, more than 5,000 murders of innocent people, 2600 State assassinations, 550 group hostage situations, 159 hijackings, 114 attacks on Embassies and other buildings, not to include the thousands of rapes and assaults hear in the US and abroad. They call themselves the religion of peace but I think their actions show the true story, strict followers of the Islamic faith are the most immoral people on earth, just ahead of politicians. So why is the US and especially Europe inviting them into their countries without ensuring they are not strict followers of the Islamic faith and coming to wage or teach jihad? Why are they allowed into our country to set up subculture, blatantly allowed to discriminate, and not forced to integrate into our societies? In recent history Germany has been attacked 23 times, UK has been attacked 37 times, and France has been attacked 65 times yet they, as well as us in the US have not learned.

Islam, not just the followers but also the state leaders, have used Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) (chemical weapons), not only against people in battle but also against innocent civilians as shown in Syria. Our Liberal politicians promised there was no chemical weapons in Iraq and that they removed all chemical weapons from Syria, but our Liberal politicians once again are incompetent or just plain lied. ISIS has used chemical weapons in Iraq and the Syrian president, who gave his word he had no more chemical weapons has used them against his own people. This shows why we can’t trust Islamic Leaders or our Liberal politicians. Islam Oppresses and murders both Women and people in the LGBT community and is supported by Liberal Leaders inside and outside the US. What baffles me is these same Women and people in the LGBT community being Oppressed and murdered support these same Liberal Leaders. 

The British are allowing Jihadi brides and their children to return home after husbands are killed or preparing to die; why, to train their kids to be Jihadist? If you support terrorist and Radical Islam in any way you need to lose your citizenship and not allowed back into the country. If in the country your citizenship needs to be revoked and sent to an Islamic country. How many more people have to die before the world, especially the Western countries, wake up?

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