The New Black Panthers were caught intimidating voters in front of a polling station which is a federal offense yet nothing was done. If it would have been the KKK all hell would have broken loose. I despise both groups because they are both racist. If you keep looking in the past and never to the future, you will never progress to something better. If you always blame someone else for your failures instead of learning from them and achieving goals despite the failures, you are destine to stay where you are and achieve nothing. If you always depend on someone (a family member, friend, or other) or the government to pay your way instead of working for want you receive, you will be destine to make it no where and blame all but the true cause of your failure, yourself.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt”. The same is true that “No one can make you succeed without your commitment”. Even though I don’t agree with much our President Obama did, when you have a half black, half white man who came from a broken home and becomes president of the greatest nation on earth, you have to admire his drive and this great nation on earth that no matter your circumstances, race or gender, you can become president.

Now if we can silence the race baiters like Al Sharpton who will never let there be harmony because if there is harmony between the races, he will not make any money. If we can remove the Liberal Politicians who through Economic Slavery is holding down groups of minorities and women, getting them hooked like a drug on entitlements for their political votes, much of the racist tensions would go away. If all this happened, there would be nothing that anyone couldn’t succeed at in this great nation, but they need to realize, they must stand on their own to feet to do it.

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