The problem is no one wants to be truthful about what the cause was and the effect it had. Whenever you tax the devil out of the people with the money, the rich, naturally they are going to go somewhere else. Over the past three years California and New York has lost almost 40% of their millionaires for this reason and when you remove the people with the money, the jobs they supply goes with them. When ever you have +30% of people waiting for a handout because they are too lazy to work, you are going to have a problem. If they accept Welfare and they are able bodied people, put them to work cleaning the trash up in the cities, painting city items that need it, and what ever else you can find needing done; if they don’t want to work; NO CHECK. Make sure if you quote me, you quote me correct. I said any able body person.

I do not think we should have bailed out any private company, if you are doing badly because of mismanagement or because unions are bleeding you dry; you need to fix the problem or bye, bye, birdie. I’m tired of big business from both the Democratic and Republican parties getting bailout every time they screw up but the little business man is never helped. The United States is a capitalistic country and privately owned companies should have to stand or be left to fall on their own merit and all companies should pay the same percentage in taxes big or small. If it fails, something else will always be there to take its place.

The average tax percentage on a small business making $250,000 or less is 8% yet if the business makes $100 million the average tax is 2% from the federal government and in 2010, GE paid no taxes, they were all wavered. If we applied this same plan to the people, the millionaires would pay nothing and the middle and lower class would pay everything. As I said with the companies, we all should pay the same percentage of taxes; rich or poor, with the only deductions being for medical, schooling, mortgage, and money put into a retirement account. One last thing; if you don’t pay into social security, you get nothing out of social security.

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