Why do we as Americans keep letting our politicians get away with everything that would put us in jail? They are caught daily lying but it seems like they get a free pass and I’m talking both sides of the house. The politics are getting out of hand and we the true Americans are going to be the ones that pay. From Senator Nancy Pelosi from California saying ”You have to pass the bill to see what is in it” to Senator Harry Reid, senator from Nevada, during last year's knock-down drag-out election battle "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." You have Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska stating who ever the people pick in the primary I will back, that was until she wasn’t picked to Senator John McCain stating water boarding doesn’t work to get information after OBL was killed directly because of it.

People need to start facing the facts and truths instead of the political lies and agendas. Now Senator Boehner wants to cut a deal. Senator Boehner, we have a message for you, we don’t want a deal, we want the spending to stop. We as tax payers want you in congress to stop taxing the hell out of us and live within a reasonable means. We spent $3.5 trillion dollars in 2010 but only brought in $2.2 trillion. This is an overspending of 63% or $1.3 trillion more then we had coming in, STOP THE SPENDINING!!!

Let’s try this; have a 20% flat income tax for everything you make above $20,000 dollars. The only exemptions you get are medical bills, collage, and mortgage deductions. The flip side of this is if you make $20,000 dollars or less, you get what ever federal tax you have paid in but not one penny more. All companies pay the same flat rate of 8%. Currently the rate can very from 1% to 16% with big business on the 1% side.

The only true necessities are our military, infrastructure, and national security. Social Security is not a necessity because you paid for it, congress needs to keep their grubby hands off it, you paid it, and you should get back. If you don’t pay into it, you should get nothing. Let’s give 22% to military, 20% infrastructure, 20% national Security, and 10% savings for a rainy day. I know that is only 72%. The 28% left can go to Medicaid/Medicare and all other social programs. The only change will be if the military or national security needs more funding due to wartime or contingency, it will only be taken from infrastructure and/or Medicaid/Medicare and all other social programs. Once it has resided, the percentages go back to what they were but the military or national security percentage will never be lowered then set standard. I know many may wonder why spend so much on the military and with that I leave you a quote

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten… Calvin Coolidge

The bottom line is our government, Democrats and Republicans alike, needs to be accountable.

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