Spineless Democrats and Republicans

I am an independent and have a stronger spine then any Democrats or Republicans I have seen in public office or on the street because most don’t care about the country as much as their political party stance. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have the “spine” to stand up against massive over spending by the government.

The Democrats will not stand against the unions which are destroying this country and are big business just like they complain about the Republicans supporting.

The Republicans refuse to stand up to the oil companies whom have snatched up every patent and invention that would make this country energy independent.

Neither political party has the fortitude to do what is right or ethical. How many politicians from both sides haven’t been paying their taxes? You and I would go to jail. We need to stop spending money we don’t have. Our politicians need to be held accountable when they are caught lying, cheating and stealing, what happen to being above reproach. There is a big divide in our country between people who want to keep what they have work for and people who wants to get what they want for free from another’s work without working.

Americans are the most generous people on earth but they shouldn’t be forced to pay for other able body people who refuse to work. Sorry, guess as an independent I don’t have a spine.