Drones in America

I have pointed out items in the pass and now I can see them coming true, but why hasn’t the rest of the nation seen it? I will tell you toward the end. The top lawyer in the land is the US Attorney General and when he comes out and says “Drone Strikes to Kill US Citizens Are Legal on American Soil” it scares the hell out of me.

Drone Strikes to Kill US Citizens Are Legal on American Soil Says Eric Holder

Our great nation was founded on freedom and liberty but it is quickly turning to the dark side and the tip of the spear is at our door and it is the Drone over US soil. I was in the military for a very long time and have worked around most everything that can fly including drones; I know what their capabilities are and the news hasn’t even scratched the surface. Let me say it in this way; if we have a satellite which was featured in a magazine that from orbit can read a news paper, hear a mouse, see its infrared signature, listen to all electronic transmissions, and even tell if you have a weapon so what do you think a drone can be programmed to do? With this you have lost all your rights to privacy and unreasonable searches and seizures, for proof just look at what Homeland Security was caught doing; tracking law abiding gun owners, what is the purpose?

Domestic drones to hunt gun carriers in America for Homeland Security. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/mar/6/domestic-drones-hunt-gun-carriers-america-homeland/

Our president has said he has the right to track and kill Americans on American soil.

Barack Obama 'has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil.

Don’t think our beloved congress is going to help; they are the ones approving and funding this act which completely violation of the Constitution.

Congress Approves Domestic Use of Aerial Surveillance Drones

Look, I could care less if they use drones to protect our boarders from illegal aliens but removing all ability of privacy for the law abiding citizen I have a problem with and why are they tracking legal gun owners; the only reason I can think of is for disarming our nation. Currently the government is buying ever piece of ammunition they can even though it would take them 75 years of war in Iraqi and Afghanistan to use this much ammo, why?

The real question is why has it come to this? Why is our nation turning from hard working honest respectable citizens to citizens that refuse to work and think everybody owes them a free ride? It’s completely the fault of the media and we the people. We have so many people that vote for getting and spending other people’s money instead of learning to stand on their own to feet and work; which both parties are a part. The elected officials are only worried about getting reelected as Nancy Pelosi says, “By any means possible” and suppressing the citizens so they can get more power. To all you who are not elderly or disable but are on welfare; what are you going to do when the government finally comes out and says you need to be euthanized because you are not a productive part of our society? I know, it will never happen just like 8 years ago it was said drones would never be used over US soil; oh, I was wrong back then.

The drones are here to control and disarm you, make no mistake about that. The elite of our country know better then we do what is best for us, just ask them. This is not what our nation was founded on.

I need to inform you about me; I am a Libertarian. I am a realist and have told you I am an independent which is true.  I see how news reporters always seem to mark Libertarian as crack pots and nut cases but let me tell you the truth about what comprises a Libertarian.


  1. A person who advocates liberty, especially with regard to thought, conduct, and expression, etc.
  2. A person who believes in and maintains the doctrine of free will.
  3. A group of political philosophies that advocates minimizing coercion and emphasizes freedom, liberty, and voluntary association.

Does this sound crazy to you? If I had it my way we wouldn’t give money to a country run by a terrorist (Egypt), we wouldn’t be a part of the most corrupt organization on earth (UN), and if someone had a tariff on our products going into their country we would have the same tariff on theirs (China, Japan). We would need to take care of our elderly and disable but if you are able to work, you would be working even if it was picking trash off the streets or you would not get your Social Security, Food Stamps, or any other entitlements. The government would leave your business to you and all bills would have to stand on their own merit so we can get rid of all the ear marks. If you don’t know, an ear mark is government code word for wasteful spending. Drones would protect our boarders but not spy on our citizens. Do away with the income tax and put a 5% (never to be raised) federal sales tax on everything except medical and food. And I can’t forget the last item; congress would be limited to 12 years; if the budget isn’t balanced they can’t run for reelection this includes the president. No longer would it be a way to get rich and when the leave office, they do not get a pension other then what they put in their own 401K.

Below are some links that should disturb you like they did me. I know Eric Holder came out and has now reversed his comment on drones saying they won’t be you to attack people in the US but he works for the government; do you trust him, I don’t!

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