Police Brutality

I constantly travel with my job so I have been in 48 states and too many towns to mention and have always looked at the police as people there to serve and protect. I have many friends and relatives who are or were in law enforcement and have heard how bad and sadistic the criminal element can be and the nightmares many officers are haunted with from what they have seen. I am and always will be an advocate for the good honest police out on the beat and was irritated every time I would here someone say how they were corrupt. I decided to do so research and have been digging through cases across the nation and the following is what I have found.

First let’s talk about Police Brutality, it definitely does exist. I believe there are many more good cops then bad but many times even the good cops will not break the “Blue Line” when injustices are committed. No matter how honest and good of an officer you are if you do this in the eyes of the citizens you are a bad cop not to mention the law calls this “being an accessory” to the crime. When I was watching videos I saw cops break people’s legs, body slam them while handcuffed, and even shoot them on while on the ground not moving, it made me angry that these are what many citizens think is the norm for Law Enforcement; just look at the attached videos. If you want to get the community behind you as it use to be, you need to stop these actions and testify against those who commit them. If a cop is on the take or abusing their authority in any way you need to take them down; then the community would get back behind you because they will see you are for them, not "the man". If you take one rotten apple and put into an apple basket, it will turn them all rotten very quickly.  

As I said above I believe there are far more good cops then bad cops and below are some very good examples. The two officers question a man about the situation. The one officer not from the town tackles and abused the guy when he walks away and starts shouting “he was resisting arrest”. The second officers from the town points out he’s not the perpetrator and moves in and protects the man. This is why she has the respect and her back is covered by the town’s people. The second video the officer checks something out he was called about in a very disarming friendly way and it was a perfect encounter. I know not all encounters will be this friendly and many times the stern persona has to come out but unfortunately it rears its head by many officers in ever situation; this doesn’t help the public trust you.

Before I get to the biggest hindrance to the police this is for the citizen. You need to quit with the silence treatment to the police. The “we will take care of it on our own” makes you no better then them. You blame the police for not solving crimes in your neighborhoods but do not give them the vital information they need to catch the criminals; you can’t have your cake and eat it both! The next time you see your friend, brother, mother, sister, or child killed and you do not help the police, YOU are responsible for letting the perpetrator get away so don’t blame the police. The police will protect you but they need you on their side, they have enough problems fighting the politicians and lawyers who bring me to the last section.

What is the biggest hindrance to the police? The biggest hindrance and detracting factor to the police is politics. When you have a police department demanding an apology from an elected official you can be sure it’s not about the law but about politics. A model for all police to follow was called everything in the book including a racist because he, rightfully so, arrested a man acting erratic who was also drunk. The man turned out to be a former professor of the President. The president went out of his way to have a meeting between the two which latter became known as the “Beer Summit” but the fact of the matter was; the officer did everything by the book. This should never happen; everyone is subject to the law even a Harvard Law Professor.

This is why Law Enforcement doesn’t trust the politicians. If Officer Crowley hadn’t been the model officer he would have been skewered by the press, the NAACP, and every politician trying to get some points and you politicians wonder why Law Enforcement personnel don’t trust you!

It is even worse when Law Enforcement leaders become more of a politician, lying and forgetting about the truth to tow some political party line such as the Chicago Lead Law Enforcement officer, Garry McCarthy. It makes it even worse when Mr. McCarthy puts his officers and citizens in danger due to being a puppet of politicians instead of standing up and doing his job. It is a good feeling when you see them called out for their lies as Judge Jeanine Pirro did on her show.

There are many other causes for the high crime rate in some of our major cities but many refuse to face the facts. Of the ten most violent cities for several years running, the leadership has been liberal democrats; it’s not me trying to bash democrats, look it up it is the facts. So you as voters need to make a choice, follow and vote for who the political establishments picks and watch your children die or  if it was me and I wanted to make my town safe I would elect a Libertarian but you can elect a Democrat or Republican that is of the conservative nature too. The ten lowest violent crime towns have these characteristics and again don’t take my word for it, look it up.

In conclusion Officers of the Law are everyday people like you and me but carry a lot more responsibility every day at work then most can fathom. The need the citizens support just as the citizens needs their support to get rid of bad officers on the police forces. If this happens, both parties evolved will prosper, if not the killings and brutality will continue; it’s up to both sides.


  1. have a look at these cops !!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPRH3awosijJTVEnomCRMlU6wSw77aqG8

    1. The Pennsylvania State Trooper have just went to the top of my list for bad cops, even though I am sickened by what I saw on the video, the fact that the Pennsylvania State Trooper Internal Affairs (IA) turned a blind eye to it is even worse. This is why when you have a legitimate cop protecting himself as in Ferguson MO, many of the people lie just to try and even the score. Darrin Wilson wasn’t in the wrong, Michael Brown was, but as I have said before Eric Greene wasn’t in the wrong, NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo was and murdered him. I don’t blame all the cops, it is a few rotten apples, but what happens when you don’t remove the rotten apples from a basket of good apples; they all start turning rotten. If you watch the video of Robert Leone, you can tell three things: 1. The State Troopers Fear no reprisals and will silence them when they happen by any means necessary. 2. The union will block any attempt to remove any Officer of the Law no matter the severity of their offence. 3. The justice system in Pennsylvania is as corrupt as any in the US and will cover up all related matters. I wonder how many innocent people have been murdered at the hands of a Pennsylvania State Trooper just to be covered up by the “Pennsylvania Justice Department”. I back the police almost every time but this is just plain sickening. If the US Attorney General wants to go after a legitimate cop like Darrin Wilson in which they found nothing, why are they not going after Corporal Stiffhack (it sounds like), is it because Mr. Leone is white? It shouldn’t matter the race of someone, because unlike some liberals believe, all lives matter.