How the EPA FDA and IRS are Screwing and Murdering the American People

What could help America with our jobs and energy problem? One thing would be the Keystone XL pipeline, but now we find that the agency who is suppose to be regulating in good faith, the EPA, is in fact sabotaging many programs and companies who could bring us jobs. I believe we need to protect the environment and EPA has often been accused  of listening to the "environmental groups", many who are very radical and are not here to protect but they are here to destroy; the ELF (Earth Liberation Force) group comes to mind, they have destroyed peoples property and murdered people due to their beliefs. I have always tried to believe that the EPA would have nothing to do with these type groups but after emails were obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request from the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, I found I was wrong.

The E-mails obtained under reveal that the EPA had conspired with many environmental groups to kill the Canada to Texas Keystone XL pipeline to ensure it wouldn't materialize no matter how many jobs (in the tens of thousands) it would create or if it was perfectly safe and at current, President Obama has rejected the project. Could this just be a fluke; maybe you should ask the farmers and business owners in San Joaquin Valley California this question. The Valley has to pay a $29 million federal penalty or close enough businesses and farms to meet an law not passed by congress but the EPA. So you can pay money and still stay open even if the EPA says you failed the standard. It sounds more like EPA extortion then environmental protection; if it was an environmental problem and they cared about our safety, wouldn't they just shut them down? California leads the nation on using the EPA to extort money or shut down farms and business; California currently is in a deep depression and leads the nation in unemployment. I think California's crooked liberal politicians and practices and have shown the rest of the nation what not to do; but will we learn from their mistakes?

The FDA is just as bad if not worse because instead of destroying a person's livelihood, they are accurately committing murder for money. Murder-the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. The people in the leadership of the FDA have purposely committed murder on the American public.

For around 30 years life-saving medications for cancer and other ailments are not approved by the FDA. Many of these drugs have been identified by the Life Extension Group as "life-saving medications that languished too long in the FDA’s archaic approval process." The delay in these drugs cause needless human suffering and death; why would this happen for drugs which cure diseases? Many of these drugs have been developed in other countries or by small pharmaceutical, not the big players and the big boys. The drugs developed by the big boys which are approved can exceed an out of pocket cost of $12,000 per month; many patients choose to die instead of bankrupting their loved ones. The FDA says the drugs developed in other countries or by small pharmaceutical may not be safe; so dyeing is safe? Most doctors and people know it is because the big pharmaceutical companied have the FDA in their back pocket and they make trillions of treating people; if they cure them they loose all those profits. If we give them the benefit of doubt we can say this is just a perceived response from people who don't know; I then ask what about RU 468 (The Morning After Pill). It was made by one of the "Big Boys and during a 10-year trial period, the Food and Drug Administration reported 458 deaths and 26,000 hospitalizations from taking RU 468 but the FDA approved it and let it remain on the market; why? If you research it, it is obvious and why I say "the leadership of the FDA have purposely committed murder on the American public", can you disagree?

We have all watched as the IRS has been caught in scandal after scandal yet no one has been fired and none of the witnesses interviewed. President Obama said in words it was reprehensible but his actions and that of his US Attorney General says the opposite. If you look, the groups targeted were conservative and any non-conservative groups against Obama. US Attorney General Eric Holder assigned DOJ trial attorney Barbara Bosserman to run the investigation but there is a problem here, Ms. Bosserman was a major Obama donor and a hardened anti-conservative activist; does anyone see the folly here. Reports show the investigation will likely file no criminal charges; isn't targeting people on race, religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs against federal law? Yes, so why will there not be any charges filed? Of the people poled, 70% believe they need a Special Council to be appointed and according to the standard, this situation has rose to this level; so why hasn't US Attorney General Eric Holder assigned a Special Council; I just ask, who gave them their marching orders? Think about it, these are the same people who will have all your medical information; will they target you?

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