Legislating the Destruction of Our Country

Legislation and regulations have gone too far in this country and we are loosing our freedom day by day. A wise man once said, "If you throw a frog into a bucket of boiling water it will jump out, but if you put a frog in a bucket of cold water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will stay there and be cooked alive before it realizes what is happening." The ladder is what is happening to us in the US, when you have the government shutting down the motivation of our youth. When an 11 year old cupcake business because she does not have a separate kitchen in her house. Telling a girl, she can't sell mistletoe to raise money for her braces then directed to beg instead. When you tell a 4-year old, he cannot sell lemonade for 25¢ a cup because he does not have a vender’s license. This is just a few with kids but it goes on with adults as well. When a Pennsylvania town’s fines its citizens a $1,000-a-day for feeding the birds, I think the legislation and regulations have gone excessively far. These may seem like small fries but it gets much worse and the liberals are destroying jobs due to slowly removing our freedoms with their policies.

The Coal Industry when President Clinton took office to the time he left had a drop of 37% of all coal jobs due to regulations his administration implemented. Under G. W. Bush, it rose about 14% but since President Obama has taken over, it has dropped 7% and by his own words, he wants the coal industry gone. This will be a loss of 1.65 million American jobs. Of the top ten coal producing states, three have been in financial trouble and voted for Mr. Obama; your liberal politicians knew he was going to hurt you, the people of your state, your state revenue, and the state’s economy but they did not care, they only care for their agenda; not you. If your state does not produce coal, I am sure these federal regulations are hurting you somewhere else but as for you Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Colorado, you will now have to deal with the 1.65 million jobs lost accounting for $132 billion in taxable revenue and burdened with all the unemployment and welfare add-ons. Illinois, you did not just shoot yourself in the foot but the head; this is what voting liberal does for you; it bankrupts your state, your cities, and your people due to unsustainable spending; just ask California (close to bankruptcy) and Detroit. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says Obamacare will push 2 million workers out of labor market, I wonder why we are not recovering. By the way, if you calculate the unemployment rate with the actual true numbers, our unemployment rate is around 17%; yes, they lied to us again. The timber industry has lost 40, 000 jobs thanks to the mostly liberals Democrats and the liberal regulations. The north east fishing industry have already loss another 40,000 jobs due to these regulations put into place by this administration and these liberal politicians; oh wait, you keep voting for these Democratic and Republican liberals so you have no right to complain. Use your brain and think.

Maybe you should vote for the non-liberal Democrats or Republicans who are trying to create jobs instead of a group of liberal Democrats and Republicans who spend what they don't have, who just want to tax and regulate you more; what a concept. Depending on whose numbers you use (I like the CBO), this administrations implementation of far left liberal policies has cost us over 25 million jobs. According to the CBO, it will cost us 50-70 million more jobs or reduction in working hours. What was these politician’s answers to shorter work hours due to their policies, "Shorter working weeks for all will help to create a fairer economy” or “it will give you more time at home with your family." What they do not see (or do they) is it will make you loose 25% of your pay or you will have to work two jobs to make enough to survive, this will keep you away from home more.

The truth is most politicians, especially liberal politicians, Democrat or Republican are crooks. In the state of California, you have a train project that will not help a soul but bleed $1 Billion dollars from federal taxpayers (Pork Spending) and more from California taxpayers later when it is transferred over in a few years.  Guess what, it just happens Diane Feinstein's husband got the contract; amazing. Is not this at the minimum a conflict of interest? The liberal sponsors of minimum wage hike bill don't pay their own interns; I think we call that being hypocritical. AFSCME reports using thousands in taxpayer money to organize unions; liberals love unions and I know there are good and bad unions but taxpayers should not be footing a bill to organize any unions; I wonder how this got through congress. To top it off, National Security Adviser Susan Rice admitted she has no regrets over misleading the American public about the 2012 Benghazi terror attacks (right before the elections); she lied about the deaths of four American heroes so that President Obama could win the election; in Nancy Pelosi’s words, “By any means necessary”. I ran across a video of Judge Jeanine that should concern you about our power grid. Maybe instead of trains and bridges to nowhere costing Billions, we should fix our aging infrastructure. It would create jobs (just like the Keystone Pipeline) and help our country. Maybe they should relook at the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) signed by a liberal president. We could bring back previous US jobs sent to other countries by President Clinton when he signed it in 1994; you may like him, but this, along with removing tariffs is one thing he did that really hurt our people and the country.

What do you want from your country? As for those who have put their lives on the line for our defense, we now find out that while China and Russia is building up their militaries, President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is bringing ours down to below WWII levels. These cuts make up 50% of the Sequester, which the military currently only makes up 17% of the federal budget. Entitlements from both appropriated and non-appropriated funds make up over 65% of our expenditures and now we see these cuts to the military are to give out more entitlements according to the CBO. Which should they be cutting? It is the liberal Democrats attacking the military again, what a surprise; the only cuts being made in this time of massive spending by President Obama and the Democrats has been to the military, not one dollar has been reduced from entitlements. Ever since President Obama has taken over you have seen a very disturbing pattern of targeting. The military as shown above is always a target of the liberals but so are any military leaders who disagree with President Obama’s military objectives. President Obama is forcing out military leaders who refuse to promise to fire on US civilians; does this make you feel safe?

A filmmaker is targeted (who also directed Schindler’s List) for making an anti-Obama film “Obama 2016” (link to film on my site). Dinesh D'Souza donated more money then allowed to a candidate; it wouldn’t bother me so much except a large list of Democratic donors who have done the same thing with higher donations amounts are easily found but the government and Attorney General’s Office has refused to prosecute them (Can you say double standard?) Many conservative groups are still targeted by the IRS because they disagree with President Obama. I do not care if you are filing for non-profit from the left or the right but no administration, Democrat or Republican should be able to use the IRS, NSA, EPA, or any other government group to target their political enemies. This has been going on in the Obama Administration from day one, not only this but the president and Attorney General from day one have ignored the US Constitution; when Attorney General Eric Holder was questioned on how the president had the constitutional basis authority to use executive orders over the legislative branch (Congress), he could not explain. For your information and Eric Holder’s, executive orders only have authority in the executive branch, in other words, President Obama and Eric Holder know they are violating the US Constitution. The Democrats and Republicans in the legislative branch are either knowingly violating the US Constitution in unison with President Obama and Eric Holder or are too cowardly to stand up to them, maybe being afraid of being targeted. Eric Holder even told the state Attorney Generals that they did not have to follow the laws or Constitution in which they disagree. While we cut our military daily under this president, over a $100 Billion dollars was given to green energy companies. These companies donated $100 of million dollars to President Obama and the Democrats then immediately 80% of them went bankrupt; sounds like money laundering. I am sure all administrations are guilt of assigning people to “Ambassador” positions for their donations, but I have never seen such an open pay off and embezzlement of taxpayer’s money in my entire life so what oath did the president and attorney general take.

The Presidential Oath of Office

The oath to be taken by the president on first entering office is specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Attorney General’s Oath of Office

I (Name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic that I will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and I well and faithfully perform the duty of the office on which I am about to enter so help me God.

No matter Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Liberal, President Obama and Eric Holder have not abided by their oath of office and have split this country into like no other two people in history. They are purposely letting Islamic terrorist threats into the US, and refusing to enforce laws on political and racial grounds, and we wonder why our nation is so divided. VP Joe Biden referring to voter ID requirements to stop voter fraud as hatred and racially motivated is a flat out lie. My state has voter ID and every race, ethnic group, gender, and sexual orientation is there voting; what it does stop is voter fraud. Why would the liberals not want to stop voter fraud (Nancy Pelosi again said, “Win by any means necessary”)? I think you should also have your fingerprint scanned with all the polling places linked so you can tell when someone when people vote several times and charge them with voter fraud. So what can be done?

You have Congressman Dave Camp trying to pass a bill that if anyone in the IRS or other agencies target and take official actions against people for political reasons, they will be terminated. This is a good first step, watch the vote and you will see the elected officials from both parties who don’t care for America or “We the People”, they will vote no. These are the ones you need to get rid of by voting them out of office. If you don't, soon we will have no rights.

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