Military Taking It On The Chin Again; Anti Military, the Democrat's Way

As I have said before, if you look at history and the military, every time Democrats become president they belittle, berate, diminish, and gut the military mostly to get to those who would never stand and defend our country because in all honesty I don't think most democrats would ever defend our country mainly because in the Senate, the House, and the Presidency they don't. Of the last few presidents, the only two who refused to even give two or three years in the military was President Obama and President Clinton, president Clinton managed to stay in college for nine years to avoid the draft; I'm not a real fan of President G. W. Bush but at lease he went into the Guard.

Under Republican presidents, our military decent pay raises to keep up with the cost of living which they don't receive from Democrats. At the end of 2008, military commissaries reported military personnel qualified, applied for, and received $31.1 M in food stamps; at the end of 2013 the amount has raised to $103.6 M in food stamps, a 333% raise; does this sound like the right way to go? And now the Obama administration is wanting to close all Military Commissaries

The Military commissary isn't the only benefit targeted, retired military pay for TriCare and receive appointments and treatment at military TriCare Service Centers, well that was until our president cut TriCare Service Centers so on 1 April, the retire military who's contract with the military promised this medical care are out on their butts; Thanks Mr. President for holding up the promises to our retired and wounded veterans. Do you think it can get worse; with our bias media, of course it can.

One thing that is burnt into my mind is the daily body counts the news (agree or disagree) plastered on the TV every night. I didn't have a problem even when President Bush left office and they pointed out that we had lost 575 troops under his tenor. Where are the reports now? Under President Obama's Rules of Engagement (rule set by the Commander and Chief) our military has been set up to die and enabled by the press. In 7 years President Bush lost and average of 82.1 troops a year; under President Obama we have lost 1540 troops, an average of 308 troops a year and we hear nothing from the news. President Obama has a 267.8% higher death rate then President Bush due to his Rules of Engagement and you hear nothing from the media; why? This shows two things; the news doesn't care about reporting the news unless it matches their politics. The main stream media is using what our Founding Fathers set up to be a Tool to Expose the Truth, as a political weapon for pushing the liberal agenda through; the truth, ethics, and integrity doesn't matter to the media anymore. Liberals hate the military so now that a liberal president is in office; who cares how many military dies! Its just like when a politician gets in trouble, if it's a Republican politician the media will repeat the story over and over ensuing you know they were a Republican referring to it many time during the story but when a Democratic politician is in trouble the won't say their party and will kill it as soon as possible. Freedom of press doesn't mean the freedom to mislead and use disinformation for political gains.

Our military should be honored and lifted up; not have their benefits and pay cut every chance the liberals get, especially not when you turn around and give it to people, who most of which wouldn't sacrifice anything for this country.  Calvin Coolidge said it best.

"The nation which forgets its defenders will  be itself forgotten." Calvin Coolidge

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