Illegal Aliens and Their Effect on America

Before I get started, this is about all illegal aliens and no one specific group. I will refer allot to Mexico because Mexicans are the majority of our illegal aliens and the majority of all illegal aliens pass through the Mexican boarder. But make no mistake, an illegal alien is anyone from any country crossing the US boarder without permission, a visa, or overstaying their permission or visa and remaining in the US. Since the Mexican boarder is the most violated boarder, we will first take a look to see what Mexican law says about people who illegally cross their boarder.

From the Washington Times “Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to reenter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.” In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, Mexican President says this isn't true but then admits it really is true. As a matter of fact, the Mexican government built a 541 mile fence along the Mexican/
Gaugamela boarder yet this didn't stop Mexico's President from criticizing Arizona immigration law, Senate Bill 1070; can you say hypocrite? One may ask, what does it matter if we have new people coming to the US to make a better life. Lets go through some facts you may not be aware of.

Some people say mass immigration into the US will lower world poverty, but they are wrong; all mass illegal immigration will do is collapse our economical system as Roy Becks presentation, "World Poverty" has shown us. If we don't return the illegal aliens to their countries and reduce our immigration level to a sustainable level, this presentation "Immigration by the Numbers" video is what will happen to our country. You need to ask yourself, is this what you want for your kids and grandkids? We have already started looking like a third world country, according to federal government estimates, illegals each year leave more than 500 tons of trash and more than 100 abandoned vehicles at just one national wildlife refuge along the Arizona border and left over 1000 tons of trash in Arizona alone. What is our government, especially the EPA doing about it, nothing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Aug. 8, 2012 it signed an agreement with Mexico addressing “high priority border environmental issues.” Those issues in the agreement include reducing air pollution, improving access to clean air and water, and to “enhance compliance assurance and environmental stewardship” on both sides of the border but the 43-page document, “Border 2020: U.S-Mexico Environmental Program,” doesn't say a word about human and drug trafficking and other illegal activities of Mexican drug cartels and other people who are illegally entering the country and their environmental impact. Shouldn't one of our prime objectives be to stop human trafficking? The agreement states that “protecting the health and the environment in the border region is essential to ensuring that the U.S. continues to be safe, healthy and economically productive,” but does not address the environmental and safety threat posed in the border region by illegal immigration and other crimes. Now we have the crime with the cartels passing over into the US.

You need to understand that most of the Mexican government is corrupt, most of the Mexican Army work for the drug cartels. Reports obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act show that members of Mexico’s Army have crossed into the U.S. at least 300 times over the past 18 years and this is just when they were caught. In January 2014, soldiers from this lonely outpost of the Mexican Army drew their guns on U.S. Border Patrol agents just 50 yards into the United States. The Mexican soldiers carried G-3 rifles and claimed they’d gotten lost while pursuing a drug smuggler. First we gave them GPSs so how did they get lost? Second, they weren't pursuing drug smugglers; they were clearing a path for them. In March, the Mexican Army on the US side of the boarder, opened fire on Javier Jose Rodriguez, a young Tucson man visiting family in S├ísabe. When he was driving around the town early on a Saturday morning after drinking beer with friends they shot him in the arm and in the side, Rodriguez spent three weeks at the University of Arizona Medical Center. His medical bills are now over $43,000 and he wants justice. He stumbled into the Mexican Army protecting drug smugglers and they shoot first and never ask questions later; he is lucky he survived. You thought you were safe inside your country's boarders from another countries army; guess again.

The cartels are brazen, down on the boarder they leave signs for our law enforcement personnel saying, "Plata O Plomo" translated "Silver or Lead"; you either help us or we kill you in laymen's terms.  The cartels threaten to snipe the Boarder Patrol and Texas Rangers from the Mexican side of the boarder. Two armed Mexican soldiers crossed into the Arizona and drew their guns during a concerning stand off with Border Patrol agents back in January, the Mexican government and U.S. officials have confirmed and this has happened more then 20 times that we know of since 2010. A new report from the State of Texas shows the problems and dangers regular US citizens are in, created by drugs on our side of the border from Mexican organized crime inside the US.

The drug cartels are now in the US being highlighted in Chicago and will do anything they want even within the US. The National Drug Intelligence Center currently the drug cartels operate in at lease 195 US cities because our boarders are not secure. Having a boarder fence and permanent people on the boarder is the best and only way to stop them but our government officials make too much money off them. I was part of a group running Drug Interdiction (DI) out of Porto Rico back in the 1980s. We would have known planes hauling drugs headed toward the US and move to intercept them and would receive a congressional order to "Cease and Desist" which tells me we need to weed out the crooked politicians along with the drug cartels out of the US. But instead of helping, what is our government doing? President Obama has selected an area to become a national monument which would make it virtually impossible to secure the boarder; I wonder if his reasoning is political or monetary. What is sad is that even Senate Democrats recognize they need the boarder secured.

The truth is, foreign people make up 8.6% of our population with illegal aliens make up 6.3% of our population yet commit 26.4% of the crimes according to The Federal Bureau of Prisons. Even though all illegals are criminals, the percentage of hardened criminals of the 6.3% of the illegal aliens is estimated to be between 75-85% who are committing crimes while in the US not counting illegal entry. No one knows for sure due to several state and city governments refusal to track these stats in many sanctuary cities. These crimes include everything from murder and drugs to identity theft and DUIs. We have elected officials telling us want to usurp the American government for the illegal aliens at Atlan and LaRaza rallies within the US as shown in this video, isn't plotting against the United States treason? Where are our law enforcement? The only thing we can be for sure of is that the long term effects of illegal aliens on our country is the destruction of the economically, judicially, and literally of our country. In their words not mine, "It's time to kill every white person." Isn't this hate speech? You got to ask which will destroy America first, the illegal aliens and Islamic terrorist?  By the way, doesn't our president have illegal alien relatives in the country?

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